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PRINCE ~ CHAPTER 3 - White Queen

"My name is Eris. You are currently in one of my many crafting rooms. Like your beloved Father, I am also a rival doll maker to that wretched Rozen."

Barasuishou stood there with a purple crystal held in her hand aimed at the fair-haired woman. She was silent for a while as the words sank in.

Eris observed the purple doll as she lowered the crystal and looked at the woman confusingly.

"What do you mean 'like my father'?"

Eris placed both her hands on on her knees and tilted her head to one side smiling. "Your Father is very much like me. I've noticed that for a long time now. Even the time he made you. It's too bad that-"

It was then that Barasuishou dropped the crystal she was holding wich fell to the wooden floor with a clatter, and went up to the smiling woman and yelled, "Where is my father?! How do you know about him?!"

Eris gave Barasuishou a mischevious smile. "Do not worry little one". Without warning she gently caressed Barasuishou's hair. "Your father is safe. Although, I do not know how long he will remain here until 'he' finds him".

Barasuishou's eyes went wide. "What do you mean 'he'? is my father in danger?!". Eris nodded her head.

Eris stood from her chair. "Unfortunately, I cannot tell you who, but in the future you will. Nevertheless, your father is safe for the time being, although...there is a problem..."

"What now?! what happened to him?!" Barasuishou asked quickly, worried of the well-being for her father. Eris saw the deep concern in Barasuishou's eyes as her father's well-being is questioned before her.

"This doll..."

"Well?! are you going to tell me?!", her thoughts were inturrupted by Barasuishou's worried shouts. Eris smiled and turned her back to Barasuishou silently uttering.

She walked to the door at the very end of the craft room and opened it, revealing a long stairway.

"If you want to see your father, then follow me".

Eris lead the purple doll down a flight of marble white stairs eventually leading to a black door at the very bottom. Eris gestured Barasuishou to stop and gently placed her palm on the door which silently opened to her touch.

From within the room, it was a black darkness. But, Barasuishou felt a presence somewhere from within. The room was strangely cold. Eris looked into the folds of her dress and foundd a little candle which she lit from an unknown source of fire from the air. Barasuishou looked on as Eris then held the flame and blew it into the room, instantly lighting the entire room and lighting the candles on the marble pillars that can now be seen.

Barasuishou gasped. The room was entirely made of ice. The door silently closed behind them as the two silently walked in. There were numerous ice and marble pillars spread throughout the room, but most were concentrated into a circle at the very center of the chamber.

In the very middle was rectangular marble stone and lying atop it...was Enju.


Barasuishou ran to the very centre of the chamber and ran to the side of her father. She looked worriedely at his face. He seemed asleep. "Father, it's me. Please wake up". She got no response. Eris watched on at the doll's actions and after a while said, "I'm sorry child, but that is the problem. He cannot wake".

Barasuishou looked at the woman with almost tearful eyes. "Why?! Why won't he wake? FATHER!". She tried to shake her father awake but he was ice cold and didn't budge.

"Your father, commited something that angered someone. I believe you know what he did". Barasuishou looked up at her and suddenly, she knew.

"The Rozen Maidens...their father...did..."she said quietly. "Unfortunately yes. Your father's jelousy was his downfall. He was dealing with someone more higher than him and interfered with his Alice Game. You know how?" Barasuishou already knew the answer. "Me." She admitted.

Eris smiled sadly, "Yes. Rozen planned on dropping him and you into the 'Abyss', but through my mirror, I was able to save him and your body parts from being consumed by its darkness. Unfortunately, there was a side affect when one is being taken from the 'Abyss'."

Barasuishou caressed her father's frozen face. 'Oh Father..Father..." She started to weep. Eris walked over to Barasuishou's side and patted her hair soothingly. Barasuishou suddenly wrapped her arms around the woman and wept into her dress. "Now, now, don't cry. Don't blame yourself either. Release those sorrows" Eris replied warmly.

Barasuishou looked up the woman with teary eyes. "Is there a way...?" The woman looked up into the ceiling and smiled thoughtfully. "Yes. But it will be risky for you". Barasuishou quickly wiped her tears away and looked up at the woman with determined eyes. "I will do anything that will save my father!"

Eris pointed to the ceiling. With this, the ceiling started rippling, almost like an N-field. "Up there is a someone who will be able to fully help me in removing the curse, you see, I'm not able to fully remove the curse, 'since it is Rozen; by my own, but the person who lives within that N-Field will be able to perform the 'Casting' with me". Barasuishou looked atop the ceiling, letting the woman's words process through her head. She turned to the woman, "what do I have to do? get this 'person' to come here and help you with this 'Casting' to save my father?".

Eris nodded. "He has abilities that are capable of setting your father free. All you have to do is persuade him to come down to 'World 675' which is here, and he'll be able to perform the ritual with me."

Barasuishou jumped down the woman's lap and looked up to the ceiling. She jumped atop a nearby broken pillar which the ceiling was only a jump away. "Thank you. I will bring this person down as fast as I can". Eris also added, "The person is dressed in dark blue. I recomend you be ready though, he might nit come down here easily, he might be even tempted to fight you. Can you handle that little one?"

Barasuishou nodded. With one more glance to her father, she jumped into the rippling N-Field.

When Barasuishou had gone, Eris looked at the sleeping Enju with a warm smile as she caressed his face.

"What a strong girl you created...How I envy you."

Barasuishou landed on a very hard surface she almost fell. She looked. It was rock ice. She looked around and saw an endless dark blue sky with a land entirely made of ice, in the distance, she saw mountains and atop one was some sort of castle.

"I guess that person must reside there." She said to herself. She thought worriedly of her father. "I have to hurry, for my father's sake!".

She rushed onwards to the ice castle. But some feet behind her, a male with a dark blue coat, a rose carved on his hand and blonde hair waving in the wind, watches the purple doll rush onwards to the castle.

"Who is she...a doll?"


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