Title: Mind Control

Author: Bendyfish

Summary: An artefact attaches itself to Ianto, changing the way he thinks, putting the team and Jack in danger. The artefact is a weapon used by an ancient race to eliminate its enemy by infecting the person's mind and thoughts. Oh and I'm sorry I've painted Owen as a grumpy person at first who uses Ianto for his personal maid but I really love Owen, he is a great character.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the rights to Torchwood or the characters.

Time Setting – after "To The Last Man"

Chapter One

Ianto walked thru Ronald Dahl Plas wearing a suit that best shows off his physique, he didn't intentionally dress this way it was just that his body was inclined towards lean and toned and well he looked good in just about anything. He smiled knowing that he would see Jack again; he had visited his sister on weekend to see his niece and nephew and had missed his Captain.

It was only been 6 weeks since Jack and Ianto had really stepped up their relationship after Jack said to Ianto that he wouldn't go back to his time even if he could. Jack and Ianto had spent every waking and sleeping moment with each other, talking, shagging, sleeping, holding each other, showering and eating together for 3 weeks that Jack said that Ianto should not abandon his family as Jack had. Jack wanted Ianto to keep his ties with his family. Secretly Jack had hoped that Ianto would tell his family about him, but he supposed it was too soon.

Ianto punched in the code to gain entry into the tourist office, locked it once he was inside, it was far too early to open up the tourist information centre. It was 6am, early even for him but he missed Jack over the weekend and wanted to surprise him with a new blend of coffee that he purchased over the weekend. Ianto pressed the button under the counter and walked thru the hidden door, down the passageway to the cog door. The moment he walked thru Jack was standing there waiting for Ianto knowing that Ianto would come in early, as he missed Ianto as much as Ianto missed him.

Jack raced up to Ianto and planted a feverish kiss on Ianto's soft lips, Ianto responding with his own need to touch Jack, their hands remembering each others bodies as they caressed waists, necks, arses and chests. As Jack held onto Ianto he ground his arousal into Ianto, leaving Ianto in no doubt of Jack missing him, Ianto snickered "Did you miss me?"

"Mmm,….weekend…..too long"

"Agreed,…. next time it will… only be a day…. at the most,… promise" Ianto, kissing his lover. They staggered towards Jack's office, Jack undressing Ianto along the way, not wanting to waste time once they reached his bedroom below his office. Jack climbed down the ladder followed by Ianto but if they could they would have descended at the same time, Ianto reached for Jack and pushed him on the bed, smothering him in kisses trailing down to his pants and removing them Jack grinning knowing that Ianto had missed him just as much as Jack missed Ianto. Over the two hours they enjoyed each other's bodies, knowing instinctively what each other needed, then they heard the other team members arriving.

Tosh was the first to arrive, she saw Ianto's jacket, shirt and tie in what appeared to be throw off quickly, smirked knowing what her friend and boss were up to and so not to disturb them went about her work knowing that Ianto would emerge soon to brew the first coffee of the day. Gwen arrived next and started talking about her wedding plans, Tosh nodded at all the right places, she was happy for her friend but knew not to interrupt her as she just wanted to share her joy.

Owen arrived a bit after 8.30am, noticing that there was no aroma of coffee, grumbling about where the hell was Ianto.

"Oh he's here, but you may need to wait a bit"

'Like hell, where the tea boy? I want my coffee now" Owen yelled

Ianto heard Owen bellowed and smirked "I'd better get the brew on, it won't do to have Owen without his coffee"

Jack wanting Ianto to stay in his bed for the rest of the day, missed his coffee and now that he had his dose of Ianto, agreed that Ianto should go. "Only if we continue later tonight"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world" Ianto gave Jack a quick kiss and quickly got dressed, luckily he had a shirt and tie in Jack's bedroom.

Ianto walked down to his kitchette, asking "You bellowed Owen?"

Owen noticing that Ianto did not have his jacket on and was coming down from Jack's office "Oh great, we all have to wait for our coffee while you get your rocks off"

"Not getting any Owen?" Ianto retorted. Gwen and Tosh giggled.

While Ianto brewed his wonderful blend, the rift alert rang out alerting them that something had come thru the rift. "It's only small and not moving, down in the alley way in Brute" Tosh informed them.

"Owen and Gwen, off you go, retrieve, contain and bring back" Jack said wanting to get back at Owen for yelling at Ianto as if he was his personal slave.

"Oh no, not without my coffee" Owen complained.

"Go!" Jack demanded, pointing to the cog door.

Grumbling Owen stomped out with his gear, with Gwen yapping about her upcoming wedding, really that woman could talk underwater, Owen thought.

"Come on, Gwen, looks like it's Starbucks on the way" Owen whined.


Owen and Gwen saw it immediately, the coordinates were spot on, thanks Tosh, Owen thought quietly. It looked like an ancient necklace, quite ugly, lucky, as anyone would have picked it up. Owen donned some gloves to pick it up, the disc was soft with some tiny spikes around the rim but the chain that it was attached to was more solid and hard. Gwen opened the container as Owen placed it inside. Gwen latched the container and placed it in their carry bag.

"It's our lucky day, all done in 15 minutes, hopefully Jack hasn't drunk all the coffee or Ianto can make me some more"

"You know Owen, you need to give Ianto a break. Ianto is more than a tea boy as you call him" Gwen said as she bundled the bag onto the back seat and climbed into the passenger seat.

"And why would I do that?"

"Because Ianto has proved himself many times over, and he knows the systems better than anyone" Gwen responded, she had seen how Jack and Ianto had gotten closer over the past weeks, and Ianto become more confident and chatty with the team.

Once they arrived back at the Hub, Gwen showed the artefact to Tosh.

"Doesn't seem to be a threat and I've got that other rift debris that I'm processing. Could you give it to Ianto and he can catalogue it and I look at closer it later" Tosh remarked to Gwen.

Ianto had another brew going as he anticipated Owen's arrival, handed over a cup to Owen and Gwen. He walked up to Jack's office and gave Jack another cup as well a quick but passionate kiss and as thanks Jack groped his arse, Ianto turned quickly, smiled and said that he was going to catalogue today's find.

"Tosh not going to study it first" Jack asked incredulously.

"Apparently not, she is still working on cache of 'weapons' that came thru Friday, said she'll do it after she finished" Ianto replied. "You know where to find me if you need me"

"Oh, I need you now" Jack said with a mischievous grin.

"And as much as I would love to spend more time with you I think that I need to do some work, as do you" Ianto reprimanded with a smile "Till later" as he blew a kiss towards Jack.

Jack watched Ianto walk away, with a skip to his step. Jack felt the happiest he has been in a long time.

Author's note: Well the first chapter is all nice and lovey dovey (well except Owen but that's the norm) but soon things are going to take a turn for the worst. Please review, any feedback will help me to write better stories.