Title: Mind Control

Author: Bendyfish

Summary: An artefact attaches itself to Ianto, changing the way he thinks, putting the team and Jack in danger. The artefact is a weapon used by an ancient race to eliminate its enemy by infecting the person's mind and thoughts.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the rights to Torchwood or the characters.

Time Setting – after "To The Last Man"


Weeks later whilst looking at the history books computer database and its significance in Earth's development, Ianto noticed something very familiar that brought a shiver throughout his body. The medallion with the mind control probe, that had control over him, it was around the necks of Hitler, Napoleon and Mussolini. Further photos showed these infamous figures with the metallic chain around their necks but no mind probe. Oddly some photos of them in the same time period showed them with their hand touching the back of their necks.

A second shiver coursed through Ianto, he silently thanked his friends for their belief in him and helping him be rid of this mind probe. Ianto touched the leather strap on his wrist, smiling and thinking of Jack and how he never lost faith in him. Ianto thought, how did he get to be so lucky. As if Jack sensed that Ianto was thinking of him, Jack walked up behind him and resting his hand on Ianto's shoulder with his thumb caressing his neck up to his ear lobe, "Anything interesting?"

"Yeah sort of, you know that mind controlling probe" Ianto said hesitatively, not really wanting to bring up such an awful time, "I think that it's on these historical figures who had lots of people killed in their reign"

"Yeah? Well that would explain their motives and murderous spree. The rift must go back further than we first thought" Jack smiled down at Ianto and noticing that Ianto looked sad, "Hey don't you go all gloomy again, it wasn't you in control"

"No, I get it Jack, I was just thinking that all those people killed in our history and it was caused by something that fell through the rift so many years ago. Do you think that there was more than one?" Ianto said knowing that the mind probe that was in him was destroyed.

"Lets hope not" Jack said trying to sound upbeat, "Hey feel like going out to dinner?, movie? and then some fun later"

"Let's skip the dinner and a movie and go straight to 'the fun' part" Ianto said huskily.

"Oh, I like the way you think" Jack smirked, as he pulled Ianto out of his chair and into his arms for a passionate breath taking kiss.

"Oi, can't you two wait till everyone is out of here" Owen said as he climbed up the stairs, shaking his head, "You'd think once you had decided to be committed to each other this would stop, but I swear it's gotten worst"

"Sorry Owen" Ianto said smiling, as he was being dragged up to Jack's office.

The End

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