Hime of The Stars II

Ohayou gozaimasu,

I'm back with Hime of The Stars II. I advice you to read Hime of the Stars I before you read this sequel….

So…. Let's start with opening song.

"Star Wars Imperial March Theme Song"

In the future, in the era when human beings form thousand countries of galaxies….

There begins a war that separate the galaxy into two. The war began in Empress Kruger the 27th calendar year 955 when United Mankind began it's attack on the Empire of the Hime's Cruiser, Volash at the Sora Planar Space Area. As to this, the current Empress to the Jade throne, Her Majesty the Empress of the Hime, Greater Admiral, Inoue Kruger announce to start the war right away and eliminate the fleet of the enemy that aggregate in occupied Sora's Gate. But the sudden war in the border of the cosmos, involve the Empire in the fierce war. And, it did a lot of damage to the Star Forces and the United Mankind troops. After that, both sides prepare to build up again. So, the war is in static situation.

Then…three years passed….

10 second before the space docking. A dark brown short haired officer announced to the captain of the Assault Class Ship Duran. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2..1…space docking!

"It's coming. All crew ready for impact!" the husky voice of the captain state calmly despite the tension feeling of the crew.

"The assault ship jumped aside!" The Forward Flyer can't control her voice but to yell.

"Forward Flyer, Slip in from its side!" Said captain immediately after the report. "Focus the fire in the back of it!"

"Go all out, my crew!"


The bow of the ship reverse 180 degrees and a nuclear fusion cannon charged. Another shot from the assault ship.


"Stead.. bow right…."

"Captain..it's so fast.."

"Nuclear cannon had been destroyed" Wing Flyer of Engineering officer's voice rang through the command room. " The output power of the engine is decreasing!"

"0.9…0.8…0.7…the defending system lost it's function!"

"Air runs off from 7th section. The air pressure is dropping from 0.6 to a lower degree." Wing Flyer of Administrative Officer announced. "The crew are without response. Now sealing the partition walls…..the sealing partition walls is done, 7th section is abandoned."

"Captain…" before the Wing Flyer of Navigator finished her word, another shot of cannon rang through the ships. "Captain, If it goes on like this…."

"Start space parting. Quickly"

"Understood!" Forward Flyer response "NO! We can't make it in time!"

With that last response the screen turn into red…..