Hi guys and welcome to the 8th and final season of my Digimon (Shadow) Tamers saga.

For curious the others are:
1. Tamers Rise of the Hackers

2. Tamers Rumble Arena Championship

3. Tamers Street Battles: Tamers vs. Hackers

4. Tamers Awake of the Demon Lords

Digimon Tamers A Horror Trip (Oneshot special)

5. Digimon Tamers Underground Battles

6. Digimon Tamers Digital Rebelion

7. Digimon Shadow Tamers Return of the Demon Lords

Digimon Shadow Tamers The Night of the Demons (oneshot special)
Digimon X-Battles (oneshot speical)

And of course this one:

8. Digimon Shadow Tamers: Clash of Darkness and Light

I suggest you, if you still didn't read the other seasons, that you should read them, especially season 5 and season 7, since the main characters are mostly from those two seasons.

That means that the Shadow Tamers and the Demon Lords, as well as other characters from Yokohama are back.

I already (or Shinzui did it) said that there will be a new group, called Shadow Hunters. No, no OC's are needed since the Shadow Hunters are acutally a very familiar group of Tamers which you already met a few times. (mostly in season 5) If you still have no clue, you'll meet them in the next chapter.

Also, they will get joined by some other characters, of which two of them you already met in the last season (and it'll be revelated who killed Soulmon in the last season tough I'm sure some of you already know who it is ^^).

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon nor the songs I put in.

What else...Oh yes, the ST will face again someone they didn't expect they'll meet again.


P.S I'm sorry that the chapter is short, but it's only an introduction chap.

[Opening Song Aozora no Namida (Tears of Sky) by Blood+ plays]

1. Chapter

Comeback of an Old Enemy, Enter the Shadow Hunters

A small Digimon walked through the Desert Plane of the DigiWorld. It was black, kinda demonic, with a grin on his face. It looked at the sky, at the Real World.

"You think I'm dead? You pathetic creatures. I'm still alive. And be sure, my avenge will be terrible." he said.

"I just can't believe it. You came back, but I'm still Digiviceless." said a 16 year old girl to her partner, an Opossumon. She and her friends were in the park.

Her name was Ami Mizutani and she was a 16 year old girl with blond shoulder long hair and blue eyes. She wore a pink T-shirt and a blue skirt.

"Ami, you should show some positive attitude." said Opossumon. "Opossumon's right. It's a miracle that our partners came back." said an other girl.

Her name was Sara Uzumaki and she was 17 years old and had dark blue hair and pink-red eyes. She wore a simple blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans and white-blue sneakers.

"I just want a Digivice, any. If I don't get one, we ain't officaly partners." said Ami. "I can agree with Ami." said a 15 year old boy. He had red eyes and red-brown colored hair and wore red goggles with a black band. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a silver print of a dragon, jeans which were ripped on the right knee, black sweatjoins, each with a silver dragon print and black sneakers. His name was Ryo Monogami.

"Well, the Tamers, Rangers and DigiDestenied got back their Digivices, maybe we'll get ours." said a 14 year old girl. Her name was Miko Tatsumi and she had brown hair binded in a ponytail and green eyes. She wore a grey T-shirt with the Digimon logo and black jeans.

"I guess we just don't have luck what that regards." said a 16 year old boy in a black T-shirt with a silver kanji symbol and black jeans, and black fingercutted gloves. The boy had blond-brown hair and blue eyes. His name was Tsubasa Kudou.


The group looked in confusion as they saw 5 Digivices appearing in front of them.

Ami got a dull-grey X-Loader which changed the color to dark pink.
Sara got a D-Tector in a blue color with white edges.
Tsubasa got an iC Digivice in a violet color.
Ryo got a X-Loader which changed it's color from dull-grey to pale green, the same color of Dracomon's skin.
Miko got a white D-Power with a grey ring and strap.

"It was time." Ami grabbed her Digivice.

[Monster by Paramore plays]

Haruka Hinaki and her partner Gatomon walked towards the DigiCity park, where a signal of a few new Digivices came.

Haruka was a 15 year old girl. She had brown hair, binded in pigtails with cherry like hairbands, and light blue eyes. She wore a yellow T-shirt, a short blue dress, which reached to her knees and had on the end a yellow triangle. She also wore yellow sweatjoins on her hands, black shoes and white socks.

"Helo, helo, who do we have here? Ain't you two the ones who despise the Demon Lords?" the two heared a voice. A small Digimon jumped in front of them.

"This ain't your concern." said Gatomon. "Who are you?"
"I'm Dracmon, and if you hate the Demon Lords just as much as I do, maybe I could help you then." said Dracmon. "But first, come with me."
"Why should we trust you?" asked Haruka.
"Do you want the Demon Lords see deleted forever? Then just trust me." said Dracmon.

Haruka and Gatomon looked at each other and then they followed him. Dracmon lead the two right to the place where Ami's team had a meeting.

"So, you guys were the dots I found." said Haruka.
"So, what? Who are you anyways?" asked Tsubasa.
"She's the one of the D-Patrol (Digital/Digimon Patrol)." answered Ryo with a smile on his face.
"My name's Hinaki Haruka." said Haruka.
"Alright, I think you guys can leater introduce yoursleves." said Dracmon who jumped out in front of them.

"Who are you?" asked Miko.
"I'm G...I mean Dracmon." said the Digimon. "And I have a little deal for you."
"What kind of deal?" asked Sara suspiciously.
"I could help your partners get stronger if you do for me an itsy bitsy tiny job." said Dracmon.
"Ow, really?" Ami crossed her arms. "And what would that be?"
"Do you know about the Shadow Tamers, and their partners, the Demon Lords?" asked Dracmon. "Of course we do." said the annoyed Haruka. "What about them?"
"Delete them from existance." said Dracmon.
"Wait, you want from us to kill Impmon and the others?" asked Lunamon.
"Well, I'm in." said Gatomon and Haruka at the same time. She noticed the group's glances. "I cannot stand them and I just want to see them dead." said Haruka.
"Honestly, me too." said Dracomon.
"I'm in." said Ami. The others thought for a bit, but then they agreed.
"Fine." Dracmon grined toothly and his eyes shined. On each Digivice appeared, on the top above the screen, a different colored fang (different colored for each Digivice).

"What's that?" asked Sara.
"A little upgrade." replied Dracmon.

It was the last day of school in Yokohama before the summer holydays begin. 9 Digimon were at the park, playing with a ball. That were Calumon, Gumdramon, Lucemon, BlackGatomon, Impmon, Candlemon, Betamon, Phascomon and DemiDevimon.

"And here comes my super kick!" yelled Gumdramon and used his tail to kick the ball which BlackGatomon threw to him into the sky. Everyone looked at the sky. The ball didn't seem to come back.

"Do you think it's in the universe?" asked Phascomon.
"That would be cool." said Betamon.
"Don't be silly, Gumdramon couldn't kick it that far. It will come back." said Candlemon.
"If not, Gumdramon will buy us a new ball." said Lucemon.
"Calu, how about a frezbee? Calu!" said Calumon.

"Hey, it's comin' back. Ba-boom!" said Impmon looking upwards. The ball indeed came back with a high deadly speed.

"Get a shelter!" yelled DemiDevimon.

Everyone runned away, not to get hit by the ball. Instead hitting them, the ball hit a tree, falling throught the crown into the bushes.


Someone, who was in the bushes yelped.

The 9 Digimon gathered and looked curiously at the bushes. From them walked Gatomon out, rubbing her head and holding the blue ball in the other paw.

"Phany!" exclaimed BlackGatomon.

"You, are nuts." stated Gatomon, threwing the ball back. The nine Digimon watched in confusion as they saw 6 other Digimon coming out of the bushes: Lunamon, Monodramon, Dracomon, Falcomon, Opossumon and Dracmon on the top. Dracmon had a sly smile across his face.

"Finnaly school is over!" shouted Orikasa Hiroshi on the way to the park. "Ha, finnaly I can get some rest."

He was about 17 years old, had brown hair and grey colored eyes. He wore a red-white baseball cap, a red T-shirt with a Warcraft print, grey sweatjoins on both of his hands, brown pants, and black sneakers.

"Tsk, who would say that I'd manage to survive it till summer holydays." said Itachi Damien.

He was about 16 and half, had light blue messy hair and deep green eyes. He wore a blue t-shirt with a wave print, brown pants, sandals and black sunglasses put on the collar on his shirt.

"Well, guessing from your notes, no one. I can't believe the Japaneese teacher left you through." said Tsumura Seichi.

He was 16 and half, wore glasses and had dark green-black messy hair and light brown eyes. He wore a simple white T-shirt with a flame print on the front and brown pants. On his hands he wore green sweatjoins.

"Well, I'm her favorite student." replied Damien.

"Yeah, right." replied Adachi Airu sarcasstically.

She was 16 years old and the youngest member of the group. She had long blonde hair binded in pigtails with pink-red bands and dark blue eyes. She wore a dark pink T-shirt, a black skirt, black boots and black sweatjoins.

"So, any plans for the holydays?" asked Araki Akinari.

He was 16 and half. He had dark brown messy hair and flame colored eyes. He wore a black T-shirt with a yellow thunder on the back and blue jeans. On his head were black googles.

"I'm not sure. My mum said that she'll travel to Hong Kong this week, but I don't know if I will come with her." said Inoue Akari.

She was 16 and half and she had red wavy hair and dark red eyes. She wore a dark red T-shirt with a silver heart on the right sleeve and a red-blue check skirt and red-orange sneakers.

"My parents have their wedding anniversary and they want to go to Okinawa for two weeks. I guess I'll stay home with my brother and Gumdramon." said Hasane Zia.

She was 16 and half with brown hair which had some blonde hairs and crimson red eyes. On her head was a red band. She wore now a blue t-shirt with a silver dragon print, blue kapri jeans and yellow-blue sneakers.

"What about you Ri-chan?" Zia turned to Arisa who seemed to be occupied with her own thoughts.

"Huh?" Bunya Arisa rose her head.

She was a 16 and half year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair was bound in pigtails with black ribbons. She wore a purple t-shirt with black sleeves, a jeans miniskirt, black leggings which reached her knees and black sneakers. On the skirt was a purple belt with a red heart. On her hands were black fingercutted gloves.

"She again got lost." said Hiroshi. Damien clapped in front Arisa's nose.
"Wakey, wakey!" he said. Arisa pushed him aside.
"I'm awake." she said with a smirk. "Sorry guys, I just was thinking about something."

"And about what have you been thinking?" asked Akari.
"I know. You have again some of your 'bad feelings'. Am I right?" asked Zia.
"Well, yes." said Arisa.
"I'm not wondering. You're usually the one who get's us into a new adventure." said Seichi.
"Okay, so what is that feeling of yours about?" asked Akinari.
"I'm not quite sure..." started Arisa.
"She dosen't know." said Hiroshi, taking out his gameboy.
"Well, I like surprieses." said Airu.
"Me too, but is anyone surpriesed that Hiroshi's playing on his gameboy, again? No." said Zia with a smirk.
"Hey, I just have to finish this level and I'm facing the boss. Phascomon helped me yesterday with it." said Hiroshi.

"Now, when you're mentioning it, let's go to the park to get our partners." said Seichi.

"Not so fast." they heared a strange voice.


The Shadow Tamers noticed a group of teens, of which Arisa and Akari managed to recognize everyone.

"Ami? What the heck are you doing here?" asked Akari.
"Long time not seen Akari." said Ami.
"Am, can you please explain us what you, Tsubasa, Ryo, Sara, Miko and...Haruka (?!)" Arisa blinked in surpriese as she saw the former Guardian. "...are doing here in Yokohama?" "Let's say it so. We're here to eliminate you guys." said Haruka.


The Shadow Tamers didn't seem to be much surpriesed. More indifferend.

"I thought you would be more shocked." said Ryo.
"We would, if we didn't already got habited that we're the Tamers of the most infamous group in the whole DigiWorld." said Akinari, pretty relaxed, and smirked. "You arrived a bit too late."

"Anyways, where are your partners?" asked Arisa.
"And what do you think where they are?" asked Ami. "BTW, you can call us now Shadow Hunters."

"Shadow Hunters? What a stupid name." said Airu.
"And Shadow Tamers ain't?" replied Sara.
"At least it has a meaning." said Seichi.
"As well as our." said Tsubasa.

Arisa got a strange feeling. And she didn't like it. She then realized it was her connection with Impmon.

Impmon stared at Dracmon. He had a bad feeling that he knew this Digimon. And he wasn't the only one. Each of the Demon Lords was suspicious about Dracmon. He didn't like that stupid grin on Dracmon's face, neither his name. It reminded him on someone who should be dead now.

"I know it sounds wierd but I ain't now in mood for any confrontations." said Lucemon.
"Art ya afraid?" asked Dracmon with a sly smile.
"No, but you're stupid if you think you can take on us." replied Lucemon.

"And you're stupid because you just can't realize some obvious things, Lucemon." Dracmon's voice had a threatenly tone.
"How do you mean it?" asked Lucemon.
"You'll find it out, sooner or leater." said Dracmon. He turned around and walked away. "BTW, this was only a little warning. The real horror will soon begin."

With that said, the other Digimon followed him.

"I don't like this." said BlackGatomon.
"Me neither, and Dracmon is the whole time reminding me on GranDracmon." said Impmon.
"Maybe because they share a similar name." said Betamon.
"I'd say that they're similar because of their attitude." said Lucemon. "I agree with Impmon; and it'll be better if we keep an eye on them."

Meanwhile in the DigiWorld, Shinzui was in the Forest Area, having a nap in a net which she tied on two branches on opposite trees.

She looked just like Arisa as a five year old. However, she had her hair tied in a ponytail with a black ribbon, a purple T-shirt with black sleeves and the Crest of Balance (a red heart with a thunder inside it and a pair of angel wings, one black and one white), blue jeans and sneakers.

Actually, she was having a nap and listening to music on an mp3 player.

After GranDracmon's defeat, Shinzui fullified her job as the Shadow Tamers guide, though Fanglongmon told her to keep an eye on the Demon Lords. Now she managed to get herself a free day and enjoyed it.

Only, not for long...

Someone swung the net so strong that Shinzui almost fell down. As she got to her senses she realized that someone was laughing.

"Hikari Nora...What the heck's wrong with you?!" she snapped at Nora.

Nora was a teenager, between 15-17, had blonde hair bound in a ponytail. She wore a grey blazer over a white top. She also had a black skirt on.

"I just wanted to tell you that you have some work to do." said Nora.
"Let's clear something. Read it from my lips. I. Don't. Care. What Yggy wants from me!" said Shinzui, annoyed.
"Not Yggdrassil. Fanglongmon." said Nora.
"Is it again about the Demon Lords?" asked Shinzui. "If it's so you can tell him that..."
"Not the Demon Lords. Well not exactly them." said Nora. "You gotta find a missing DigiEgg."
"And whose DigiEgg I have to find?" asked Shinzui.

"We couldn't find his DigiEgg." said Nora, and her eyes sparkled. "GranDracmon never reverted back to a DigiEgg."

[Ending Song Kesenai Tsumi by FullMetal Alchemist plays]

Helo, Akari speaking. I know already that Arisa's usually the primal speaker, but since next time it'll be more about Lilith and Phany, I took over. And, I said it. I'll repeat it once more; next time Gatomon and BlackGatomon (who once happen to be best friends) will again have an argue on their own. Again something about their past. So stay tuned for episode 2:~The Missing Angel, Battle between Friends~ Don't Miss it!