And here's the last OP of the Orginal Fanfic series. Kinda suits the end.

Kimi ga Inai Mirai (A Future without you)



(The Logo appears)

Mamorubeki mono nante [What should I protect?]

(Airu is seen looking at the sky with DemiDevimon on her head)

Nayamu mademonaku hitotsu shikanakatta [Without a doubt, there was only one thing]

(Candlemon and Seichi are seen reading a book; Hiroshi and Phascomon playing a video game; Dean and Betamon dive out of the water)

Sakebi koe no kodama [An echoing cry]

(Arisa, Akinari, Zia and Akari are seen at the backyard at Chiaki's place)

Munashiku hibiita fukai mori no oku ni [A sound made in vain within the deep forest]

(Makoto, Gumdramon, Lucemon, Impmon, BlackGatomon are seen chasing each other until Makoto trips over and the others fall on him; Arisa who saw that sighs as Calumon jumps on her head)

Namida o koraerareta riyuu wa [The reason I could hold back my tears]

(The scene is moving downwards as we see Shadow Hunters and their partners)

Kasaneta yubi no nukumori no sei [Was because of the warmth when our fingers touched]

(Chiaki, Shinzui, Ryoma, Patamon, Karin and Lopmon are seen as the scene moves from left to right)

Kimi ga inai mirai [A future without you]

Imi nado nai mirai [Is a future without meaning]

(The 7 Demon Lords are seen standing on a platform, each of them performing a kind of slashing attack (with claws, staff, etc.) in this order-Lucemon, Lilithmon, Daemon, Barbamon, Belphemon, Leviamon: Beelzemon the last, pulling out a katana and slashing with it)

Nido to hanashitari wa shinai kara [I'll never let go of you again]

(Arresterdramon is seen turning to his Superior Mode, performing a slashing attack with his tail)


(The Tamers appear/jump on screen in groups this order: Takuto, Guilmon, Rene, Renamon, Kenny, Terriermon; Shawn, Coronamon, Noah Wizardmon, Nanami, DemiDevimon; Hikaru, Elecmon, Taito, Shoutmon, Suzie, Kotemon; Ken, Wormmon, Akita, Dorumon, Dean, Veemon)

Kimi to nozomu sekai [The world I see with you]

Mita koto nai sekai [Is a world I've never seen before]

(The Shadow Tamers/Demon Lords are seen facing the Shadow Hunters and their Digimon, as an image of GranDracmon appears behind the Shadow Hunters)

Jikuu o koete haruka tabisuru bokura

[We travel across time and space on a distant journey]

(Similar to Digimon Adventure/02, as the DigiDestenied released their Crests to free the Souveregines, the Shadow Tamers appear holding something shiny on their chests in this order: Damien, Seichi, Hiroshi, Airu, Akari, Akinari and Arisa who then rises her face and thrusts her D-Power which shines)


(Calumon is seen playing with a basketball ball, threwing it into a basket which is only slightly higher then he is)