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I stared outside my window. Observing how wonderful the day is, the sky had a nice shade of blue, the clouds were moving to the east, the sun is high up in the sky. In other words it was a perfect day. (Sigh) Although it's such a wonderful day, I can't bring myself to smile, maybe bec-

"Oi Mikan, snap out of it, you've been sighing since this morning" Hotaru sighed

"You've been sighing yourself" I smiled to her

"Well for your information it's contagious" I giggled, while she smiled at me. She continued "still I'm glad that you started smiling already. You've been frowning since the time you woke up" I looked at her and smiled

"How are you?" I asked

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that" I smiled, averted my gaze from her to the window.

"It's been one and a half year. Ne Hotaru tell me something"

"Yeah" she asked

"How are the others" I asked her


"You know Natsume, Anna, Nono-"

"I know who you're talking about it's just" she sighed

"What's wrong?" I asked turning my head to her. Hotaru was arranging the fruit's basket

"I don't want you to feel anymore pain that you already have." She looked at me and continued "Tell me to stop talking if you can't take it anymore" I nodded

"The gang's doing fine, but due to your absence Hyuuga started dating another girl, I think he forgot you. The others too, I haven't heard your name coming out from their mouths for a year now, and every time I say your name or if I ask them if they're starting to forget you. One would start yelling, or they would take their leave. I'm sorry" she looked at me

"It's okay. It's my fault for being absent. By the way who is Natsume dating?"

"A new student, she entered two months after your absence" I sighed. I do feel the pain of being forgotten, but I can't help it I left them without saying a word. Besides I'm not in control to what ever they want to do. It's just painful. I don't want to sound selfish but it's painful that they're having so much fun, while here I am at the hospital suffering from my cardiovascular disease.

"Is she pretty?"

"You can say"

"Then I guess its fine"

"Are you just going to let him go and make yourself suffer?"

"I have no other choice Hotaru, sooner or later I would pass away"

"Don't say such things idiot" Hotaru said coldly, but if you look closer she's only hiding the tear that was forming in her eyes

"I'm sorry"

"Here" Hotaru handed me a piece of a strawberry short-cake "It's your favorite, remember"

"Yeah" I smiled sadly

"It's nice for you to visit her" said a masculine voice. I and Hotaru turned to look at the owner of the voice; it was Hotaru's older Brother Subaru Imai my doctor.

"Hn, when can Mikan get out from this hospital?" she asked in her most impolite voice

"Why, frustrated that she's always with me"

"No. I'm frustrated everybody's forgetting she exist"

"I told you already Hotaru, I'm fine" I sighed exasperatedly

"She will be discharged two days from now" Subaru said checking Mikan's health with his stethoscope

"You could've just said this Monday. Say Mikan, are you going back to school by then"

"Yep" I cheered. Hotaru looked at me worriedly

"You won't be in the same year as I am"

"I know, but you have to promise that we would take lunch together, promise?"



"Eat already will you" I smiled at her


"Ne Natsume, where do you want to eat later?" asked a certain girl with the same raven hair as his

"Anywhere's fine"

"Good Morning Leslie" greeted a girl, who was the same class as her

"Good Morning" she replied sweetly. Both of them entered the classroom. Natsume sat on his usual seat while she sat on his table.

"I can't believe it's Monday already" Leslie whined "I mean it seems like it was only yesterday we went to Macadamia pool spa"

"Idiot, it was yesterday"

"Oh really?" realizing that it was yesterday.

"Too bad Hota – chan, wasn't there yesterday, she missed all the fun" she sighed then continued "Ne, have you notice Hotaru hasn't gone with us even just one outing"

"Don't care"

"You should care about her you know. You're her childhood friend"

'I wouldn't be her childhood friend if it wasn't for her anyways' Natsume angrily thought, clenching his fist tightly

"Natsume, you okay" Leslie leaned down making their foreheads touch


"Eh? Oh you like her now? That's great" she cheered

"No you idiot, Imai's here"

"Oh really, where?" she looked around and saw Hotaru leaning at the wall, talking to someone over the phone. The two kept quiet while listening to what Hotaru is saying.

"Okay, you sure you'll be okay with her. I can help if you want."

"No? Oh okay. Can I talk to her for a minute?"

"Hey, you better be careful, don't fall off the stairs okay."

"Alright, Alright, I'll have lunch with you. By the way Narumi – sensei's being nice. He said he'll let you advance to high scho-"

"Shut up, Idiot. Shouldn't you be happy, instead of being stuck in middle school you'll advance to high school?"

"Idiot, of course I didn't threaten him. I only threatened him into making you my classmate. Knowing you'd cry and I don't want to hear your annoying voice crying all over."

"Alright, no actually you have to pay a thousand yen" Both Natsume and Leslie were wondering who she was talking to.

"Baka shut your mouth. By the way I've already entered your form so you wouldn't need to worry yourself in going to the faculty. Hurry up and change or you'll miss the class. And by means of hurry up, I mean HURRY UP" Hotaru yelled at the other line. It was actually rare to hear Hotaru yell. Hotaru closed her phone after a little more of shouting and comforting words. When she turned around she was greeted with stares from her five classmates or you can say friends

"Who were you talking to" Anna was the first to break the tension

"Why should you care" Hotaru asked coldly

"Good Morning Hotaru" Leslie greeted


"Why are you so cold?" Nonoko asked

"Aren't I like this always?"

"No. Besides you missed all the fun yesterday. Where were you?" Sumire asked

"Why should I tell yo-" Hotaru was cut off when her cell phone rang she looked at the caller Mikan-baka she answered the phone


"Hi Hotaru"

"What do you want?"

"Which room are you in?"

"You're already here?"


"You're way too excited to go back, huh?"

"Of course"

"I'm in room 203 class D"

"Oh okay. Thanks" With that Hotaru closed her phone

"Okay. Who was that?" Leslie asked

"Baka" Hotaru muttered

"Eh?" whined Leslie. Hotaru glared at her

"It was… Mi-"

"HOTARU!" yelled a certain brunette, running towards Hotaru

"EH?!" Everyone exclaimed with the exception of Hotaru, Natsume and Leslie

"Who is she" asked Leslie looking at Natsume, who was in deep shock

"Idiot, don't run" Hotaru said when Mikan was standing in front of her. Mikan took a deep breath and exhaled

"I couldn't stop running when I saw you" smiled Mikan "I missed you so much" Mikan continued. Hotaru smacked her head gently and said

"We just saw each other last night. How can you miss me?"

"Still" Mikan hugged her. Leslie took a deep breath worrying she might get pushed away but was surprised when Hotaru hugged her back. When they finished hugging Mikan greeted everyone in the room. Which was Hotaru, Natsume, Anna, Nonoko, Koko, Kitsuneme, Sumire, Yuu and Ruka in other words the gang, then Leslie.

"Mikan – chan" Anna gasped. Mikan smiled at her

"Hi. I umm excuse me, I believe we haven't met each other yet" Leslie tapped her shoulder gently. Mikan twirled around to look at the person, and gasped 'She's gorgeous' Mikan thought

"Oh yeah, my name is Mikan Sakura. Nice to meet you" Mikan smiled

"Nice to meet you too, I'm Princess Leslie Marie Vanessa Louise Roberts, I'm full blooded American, I came here since my father was assigned here." She smiled she offered her hand for a shake which Mikan gladly took "Oh, by the way before I forget, please call me Leslie"

"Um, are you really a princess?" Leslie giggled

"Of course not, it's just my name"


"She's pretty isn't she?" Nonoko asked

"Sure is" by that time the class was surrounded by students

"Good Morning Class. Hope you had fun on your weekend. Settle down everyone. Mikan – chan can you come over here for the introduction" Mikan walked to the front while the class settled down.

"Mikan – chan, please introduce yourself"

"Good Morning. I am Mikan Sakura. Please take good care of me"

"Class you should take good care of her since she has car-" Hotaru stood up and glared at him, before he could manage to say anything further Mikan interrupted him

"Sensei, where is my seat"

"Ah, yes" Narumi exclaimed cutting the tension "Please sit beside Haru – kun" Haruka raised his left arm, so Mikan could notice him immediately and Mikan did. She went towards the seat -it was on the left side of the room when you're facing the teacher's table-; her seat was two chairs away from Hotaru.

"Okay class let's begin" Mikan was seated near the window. So all the time, all Mikan did was look outside the window even when the school bell rang. Everybody walked out of the room excluding Hotaru and Haru

"Mikan let's go" Hotaru said. Mikan kept looking outside the window as if she didn't hear anything

"Mikan" Hotaru kept on calling her. Haru who was asleep, woke up from the noise he groaned.

Mikan still continued to stare outside. Hotaru looked at the window and finally notice who she was staring at, it was their friends, and they had gone out and left her as if she hadn't come back. All Hotaru could do was sigh to herself. Haru stood up and walked towards the window and said

"You know, it's not like they forgot about you. Maybe they just couldn't take it that you're back. I mean, you left them without saying anything at all. Of course they'll feel distant" when Mikan sniffed that's the only time Hotaru realized that Mikan was actually crying.

"Mikan" Hotaru said silently but enough for the two to hear.

"Mikan, you helped me a lot with my sister. Now it's my time to help you with your problem. And stop crying. You're prettier when you smile"

"As if you know something" Mikan smiled, wiping her tears with the back of her hands.

"I do know. Here" he handed her his handkerchief

"Thank you. By the way I'm truly sorry what happened to your sister"

"It's okay. She liked you a lot you know"

"Next time I'll visit her and say my thanks to her."

"Yeah that would be good"

"Oh, so this is how you'd feel once you're left out" Hotaru stated. Mikan wiped her eyes with the handkerchief and smiled to Hotaru

"I met Haru at the hospital; his sister was dying of tuberculosis. I didn't even know that I actually helped them"

"You did" Haru confronted. Mikan smiled

"Shouldn't we at least eat our lunch, I'm guessing you're hungry by now. With that big stomach of yours" he asked Mikan teasingly. Mikan pouted

"It's not big" the two of them can't help but laugh, Hotaru smiled a little 'at least Mikan's having fun'

Unknown to them Natsume was outside hearing every single word they said.

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