"Can you believe Jackie?" Kelso asked. "Why would she dance with Fez when she could have all

this fine foxiness?" He motioned to himself. "I can see why she wouldn't want to dance with you, Hyde. 'Cause you cheated on her with a nurse!" His yell turned into a yip when Hyde's fist connected with his shoulder. "Damn, Hyde!"

"Knock it off, man. She's just doing it to make us jealous," Hyde said.

"Well, she better stop it 'cause Fez will take advantage. He's a great guy and all but he's like, super

horny," Kelso frowned.

"Like you aren't?" Hyde glared at him.

"Well, yeah but Jackie knows I am so-so…" he floundered.

"Shut up and go get me a beer," Hyde gave him a shove.

"Ok but you buy, I fly." Kelso held out his hand. Hyde slapped a five in it and Kelso dashed off

towards the beer tent.

Hyde watched Jackie flirting with Fez and decided he might have to put his plan into motion sooner

rather than later. She'd been torturing him all summer. It was time to take matters into his own hands.

Maybe that chick Raquel from the pool hall would help him out. She was the exact opposite of Jackie-a tough dirty blonde built like a brick shithouse. Yeah, he'd ask her out and see how Jackie

reacted. Two could play this game.

A half hour or so later the concert was over and everyone headed for the exit. Jackie got caught up and separated from them until Hyde, always watching her, caught up and grabbed her hand. He held on to her until they were out of the arena. She flashed him a grateful smile.

"You always take care of me," she said.

It was on the tip of his tongue to say she was his chick and of course he'd take care of her but he stopped himself. This was as good a time as any to set his plan in motion.

It was nearly midnight and the grounds were closing but they weren't ready to head home yet.

Forman, ever the responsible one, said he needed a little time to sober up for the drive home but the others could still party if they wanted.

They found a bar a few blocks from where they had parked. Luckily no one carded Jackie although

the bouncer eyed her and Donna up. Hyde's fists clenched and he glared at the guy, who held up his

hands apologetically.

"Sorry, man. Just lookin' ."

Hyde couldn't really blame the guy so he shrugged and followed his friends to the bar, keeping his

distance from Jackie. She frowned when he didn't offer to get her a beer. He leaned against the bar

and checked out the place. Old, rundown, rough crowd-just his kind of place. He made eye contact

with a chick dressed in biker leather and sizing him up, she headed over towards him.

"Hey," she said. She was decent looking-tall, sandy colored hair, nice rack.

"Hey," he took a swig of his beer.

"Wanna shoot some pool?" she asked, giving him a smile.

"Sure, why not?" and he followed her to the back of the bar. As they played and the chick flirted with him he could feel Jackie's eyes burning a hole in his back. Good. She needed to know what

it felt like when the person you wanted ignored you and flirted with someone else.

The biker chick asked if he wanted to go out back for some fun. Before Jackie he would have been all over that but now he just turned her down and headed back towards his friends. He had no desire

to be with anyone but Jackie but maybe this would get her thinking.

"Hyde, why didn't you go with her? She was all over you!" Kelso half shouted.

"Yes, she looked like the kind of girl that would let you put your ball in her pocket, if you know what I mean," Fez leered.

"We know what you mean, Fez-and gross!" Donna laughed. She nudged Eric, who looked at Hyde then Jackie. The little brunette looked upset and Hyde had that conniving look in his eye. It was obvious something was going on.

"Nah, she wasn't my type," Hyde drawled.

"Not your type! She was totally your type!" Kelso crowed.

"Not any more," Hyde said and Jackie perked up, sending him a sweet little smile.

Eric and Donna watched their exchange curiously. "So how long before this unholy union is consummated-again?" Eric whispered to the redhead.

"Soon, if it hasn't been already. I have a feeling something happened when they disappeared at

the concert," she whispered back.

Eric gasped, eyes wide in mock horror. "Then we are all doomed to the fires of hell. The dark forces will unite and rise up once again …"

Donna giggled. "Shut up, Eric! I'm not sure what Hyde's plan is but it's going to be fun to watch.

Jackie looks like she wants to jump him and he's being all cool and dismissive."

"Yes, you're right. This could be interesting," Eric agreed and squeezed her hand. "Let's watch,

shall we?"

For the next hour it was like watching an episode of "Wild Animal Kingdom". Donna giggled behind her hand while Eric did the voice over in a low half whisper.

"Now the female of the species indicates her interest by pouting and thrusting her rear in the males'


"Eric!" Donna slapped his arm but said "Keep going!"

"Ah, now the male asserts his dominance over other members of the pack by showing his superiority at foosball. Intrigued, the female moves closer, fluttering her eyelashes and licking her lips."

By now Kelso and Fez were listening and laughing.

"Yes, my goddess is truly a wild creature. What I wouldn't give to tame her," Fez sighed.

"Well, I have tamed her, my friend, and…ow!" Kelso yelped when Donna smacked his head.

"Staking his claim the rutting beast stares down his rivals," Eric continued as Hyde gave dirty

looks to any guys who approached Jackie. Watching from a barstool, she clapped when he beat the high score on a "Six Million Dollar Man" pinball machine.

"Hailing the male's victory over his rivals', the female choses her mate and indicates her willingness to breed .."

"Victory over his rivals? What?" Kelso protested. "Nu-uh! I still have a shot with Jackie!"

"Kelso, man, look at them. It's obvious they want to be together," Eric dropped his announcers' voice.

"But I still want her" the pretty boy whined.

Donna shook her head. "You only want her because Hyde wants her."

"Yes, although you are a beautiful lover, Kelso," Fez soothed, oblivious to the confused look Eric

and Donna exchanged. "Jackie is now enthralled with Hyde's rough but passionate lovemaking."

"Wait a minute, Fez. How do you know all this? Have you been spying again, you little perv?"

Donna was furious and her voice got louder. "You better not be spying on me and Eric!"

"Oh please, Donna." the foreigner sniffed. "Why would I want to spy on you and nerd boy? I

prefer some excitement when I watch. How else can the Fez learn how to love the ladies?"

Eric looked offended and Donna embarrassed but Kelso burst into laughter. "Burn! That was a good one, Fez!"

Eric shook his head. "Whatever. You better not ever let Hyde know you've watched him and Jackie. He'd kill you. Seriously, Fez. And Kelso, you should back off and let them work things out."

Donna nodded in agreement. Kelso kicked the ground like a two year old having a tantrum but he

knew his friends were right.

"Ok-but only 'cause I met this girl tonight and I really wanna go out with her. I could still get

Jackie back if I wanted to."
"You are a good friend," Fez patted him on the back.

Hyde and Jackie made their way over to their friends and they all agreed they should head out. It was nearly bar time and Red had set a curfew. They walked back to the car, joking and horsing around.

Hyde hid his surprise when Kelso got in the front seat with Eric, who was driving and Donna, who warned him to keep his hands to himself.

"Damn, Donna! You're no fun," he groused, folding his arms across his chest.

Jackie slid in next to Hyde and Fez, announcing he was tired, leaned against the door and closed his eyes. Hyde thought he might have to punch him all the way home for groping Jackie so it was cool that Fez was asleep within a few minutes of the Cruiser getting on the interstate. It wasn't long before Jackie rested her head on his shoulder. He slid his arm around her and she snuggled against him.

"This is nice," he whispered in her ear and saw a little smile curve her lips.

Ten minutes later Kelso's head was flopping like a rag doll and Fez was snoring softly. Hyde could tell by the way her breathing slowed down and her body went soft against him that Jackie had

nodded off too.

Eric and Donna talked quietly in the front seat, her copper head on his bony shoulder. The radio

played softly in the background-"Waiting For A Girl Like You" by Foreigner. Despite all the drama

-or maybe because of it-it had been a nearly perfect day. Being with Jackie was never boring, that's for sure.

As the Vista Cruiser took them home after a hot summer day filled with beer, music and-Hyde smirked-sex , he pulled his girl closer. She was his girl-and they both knew it.