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Lana was walking towards the graves, she still didn't know why. It was in the middle of the night with no one around and she was walking towards the graves. She was carrying her shotgun over her shoulder, wearing an orange tank top and shorts with Patrick by her side. She curled her dark hair between her fingers absent mindedly and kept walking. The only sounds were a couple of drunken kids and their footsteps. Lana was in no mood to go and check on them, she didn't care right now. She heard bottle cracking, loud laughter, harsh running footsteps, a few thumps and then silence. She hoped they were just asleep. She walked past each grave, eyes peering down each mud pile, even the open one where Brittany had escaped from. Then she headed onto the church, footsteps scrambling on the muddy floor. She quietly opened the church doors and just stared at left sided pews. She looked nowhere else as she sat on the second pew. She stared at the once colorful mosaic glass and clasped her hands together. She was never a religious person, she had never prayed before yet now here she sat and closed her eyes.

"I am not asking for forgiveness, I am not going to wish I could have saved that person. But I do wish that I had never seen the Gaiaphage, never planned to come to Perdido Beach and never figured out my powers. I just wished you had killed me." Lana last whispered. She looked up and heard a scuffling on the right pews. She looked and saw Quinn, hat down staring ahead.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Same with you Lana." He replied.

"You heard why I'm here." She whispered, turning to face the front.

"Yah, well unlike you I have come here to ask for forgiveness."

"For what? Not saving all of the kids in the nursery?" she looked at him. He winced and she knew she had pierced her arrow right on target, but it was the wrong target.

"No." he moaned.

"Then whatever for?" she asked.

"For betraying." He looked to the ceiling. Lana sat confused.

"What? You have always been faithful to the FAYZ. You've always been the faithful fisherman." Lana replied staring directly at him.

"You've never known the story Lana. The story of how me and Sam had even know each other. You know I was his best brah, his only brah." Quinn whispered the last word. Lana wanted to move closer but she stuck to where she was and waited.

"When the FAYZ appeared I was sticking right with Sam, school bus Sammy. Ha-ha, the good ol'times." He paused.

"But then I had betrayed him, let him fall right into Caine's hands. I let him get knocked out and get tortured by Caine. I let him hold up heavy weights and only till he was about to collapse had I helped him. But all the while I just stood by the one who I thought was the bigger leader's side. But I was once standing by the greatest leader, only to leave him to not get hurt. We've never spoken to each other like we used ever now. I had betrayed him and that's my fault. But I really want my brah back." Quinn sadly said. Lana stared with hollow eyes at Quinn. He had maybe not been through the things like Lana had but he had lost a good friend. Even though Lana didn't know what that's like, it must be pretty devastating. She stood up and walked over to him. She sat beside him and placed her palm on his lap. He looked at her.

"It's okay." She softly said.

"I'm sorry Lana, but it's not. I might have been the reason why Caine is still a good leader, because I was one of his many followers. Maybe if I wasn't there…"

"Shh…" Lana placed her index finger on his lips.

"You're on the right side now, that's all that matters." She said. He looked at her with foggy eyes. She leaned her head on his shoulder. He had flinched at first but let it rest. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Visions of seeing his best and only friend just lying on the ground bleeding because of Caine was sick, but he just stood there. Just stood there in the shadows, scared, scared shitless. But Lana was right in some way. He was on the right side now and that's all that matter. He slowly drifted off into a dreamless sleep with Lana the same. Both minds thinking of bad memories, each just as bad as the other but in different levels, in different games with different players.

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