Title: Not My Usual Behavior!

Prompt Name/Prompt List/Ficlet #: The Matrix – June - #1

Author: kagome313

Rating: PG13

Genre: (Admin's Genre) Comedy

Universe: Non-Cannon

Word Count: 692

Summary: A recently celibate Kagome freaks out to her friend about what she'd allowed herself to succumb to.

Warning: Mild Language.


I wish I could pace away this agitated memory conflicting my senses as I nibbled guiltily on my already short nails.

"You're seriously freaking out about this?"

My eyes that probably looked like saucers drifted towards my best friend, Sango. "Yes," I whispered shakily, "Yes I am." As she shook her head in wonder and amusement, I found myself pausing in front of her with my hands fisted against my hips.

Why was it so hard for her to understand my dilemma? It's wasn't something I usually do or generally see myself ever doing again…


No… Definitely.

Or maybe I shouldn't be so… No, no, no!

I shook my head to throw out the ridiculous notion – it was a onetime thing, never to happen again. Besides, it's not like such occurrence could easily happen again. "Anyways," I crooked out, throwing myself against the couch next to Sango. "I… I feel bad." I turned my head in her direction, looking at her through my long lashes. "I feel like a slut."

Sango burst out laughing – as if I needed more of that.

"It's not funny!"

"It is!" She giggled.

Slouching, I replayed the exhilarating event that happened no longer than five hours ago. It wasn't like I didn't enjoy myself, or wouldn't mind… doing it again. Oh no. If I had known him before I wouldn't have even wasted time playing coy – I'd have catapulted my fucking goodies at him.

Yeah – I'm blushing again, I'm sure of it.

Does having sex after… what feels like forever makes me revert back into a girl who has recently popped her cherry?

"You're thinking about it aren't you?"

I was pulled from my reminiscing by Sango's teasing voice that was sporting that infuriating knowing smile, which only

made me blush that much deeper. "Shut up."

"Ah – aren't you happy you decided to sleep in?" She went on, completely ignoring my command that was swirling with embarrassment. "Who would have thought you'd get yourself some post-birthday sex?" Clasping her hands in glee, she gushed over towards my tousle bed sheet half off my bed. "More importantly – the absent of your mom allowed you to…"

I groaned, instantly getting a flash of how I mounted the delivery guy and rode him like a professional cowgirl. I groaned even harder. "So slutty."

"No no noooooo!" Sango rushed out, throwing me that placating smile, as if I was a damned kid who needed soothing about the Boogeyman being unreal as she caressed my arms lightly. "Who cares if it was a simple delivery guy – the fact is, he was hot… right?" I nodded begrudgingly, my blush turning a darker shade of crimson despite trying to appear annoyed. "…And he was amazing, if I remember you saying – so what's the point in… Letting loose once in a while? Besides it's been a year since your Well functioned."

I gasped. "That is not true!" I spouted indignantly. "You know I have it."


With shifty eyes, I leaned closer to her. "You know what I mean!" My hush voice broke over the ignored television.

"I'm not following."

I knew she wasn't following, but I'd be damned if I find myself spelling it out for her.

"The Matrix!" I gulped as I averted my eyes. "I bought it two months ago – don't you remember?"

"You mean the movie?"

"Oh my gosh Sango!" Throwing up my hands in frustration I walked away from her, over to my sinful bed. "That thing that goes zzzzzz," For more effect I found myself hugging my frame as I imitate a mild seizure as I continued to make the 'zzzz' sound with my mouth.

After a few moments, I stopped with my hand on the drawer, looking over at Sango who pressed her palm to her lips, trying to stifle her laughter.

"Please tell me you did not name your 'relaxer'," Maker quotation marks with her finger; she leaned forward with laughter erupting from her core. "The Matrix!"

My only response was a blush as a slowly removed my hand from the knob and took slow, easy steps away from the drawer.

"You are insane Kagome Higurashi!"