Title: One Last Chance

Prompt Name/Prompt List/Ficlet #: Somewhere In Time– August- #15

Author: kagome313

Rating: T

Genre: Admin's Genre- Fantasy/Fairytale

Universe: A/U

Word Count: 695

Summary: Everything is revealed – and once more a chance is taken.

Warnings: None.


It was over before she even realized it and looking around the now emptied surroundings – she sighed sullenly. Noticing that the place now had leaves growing everywhere and that the pool was now emptied – looking like it wasn't filled or taken care of in a very long time – her sigh increased and resounded in the quiet vicinity.

Kagome couldn't say much, too in awe at her surroundings. Sighing once more, as if she was programmed to do just that every so often, Kagome looked up in time to see a familiar face gazing at her – his eyes as cold as the winter, and face as hard as stone, set in an angry yet expressionless expression.



With now short hair to his shoulders, framing his face in an uneven and untamed manner, Inuyasha's only attire was a long cargo pants, leaving his top bare and revealing the scar that was inflicted upon him so long ago yet felt like yesterday.

The only indication of emotion that escaped was from his eyes. His eyes roamed over the woman he'd been searching for all these years, intent on not resting until he found her ever since she disappeared on him. If he said he forgot about her, he would be lying. Many nights went without sleep as images of her invaded him, and even though he knew her for a couple of weeks – the feeling he had for her was real.

And intent on finding her no matter what, he embarked upon a journey, taking those who survived with him to hunt for her kind without rest. He'd become ruthless – uncaring and angered when each lead ran cold. And to lessen his harsh work, he'd turned to capturing her kind, even though many thought him to kill.

But how could he kill when the woman he loved was just like them?


Kagome's shell shocked features diminished into tears as she rushed towards him without much thought, and when his kind prepared for battle, a sharp look behind him stalled them.

"I thought you died!" She cried, throwing herself in his embrace, ignoring the voice in her head laced with disapproval.

Inuyasha hugged her to his form, inhaling her familiar scent with rapture. "I thought I lost you," He breathed, burying his face in the croak of her neck. "God, I missed you."

"Kagome!" Her mother shouted over the dead silence as she morphed into existence. "Don't be so foolish!" She screamed, dragging Kagome from Inuyasha's grip. "Can't you see he's the leader?!" Not one to be foolish, it didn't take her long to put everything together. "He's the one annihilating our kind!"

Turning disbelieving eyes upon Inuyasha, Kagome sputtered. "That's impossible – I succeeded!"

"And you have – but nothing's changed!"

She shook her head in disbelieve. "I…I killed Inutaisho," At her admittance she looked cautiously at Inuyasha. "It's impossible."

"No," Kikyou looked down sadly. "Going back in time…" Gulping she turned her gaze upon Kagome. "It's what caused our kind to…"

She didn't have to finish – Kagome knew what she spoke of. Turning to Inuyasha once more, she wished she could read his expression. What did he think of her taking out his father? Above all that, why did he turn into such a monster? "Why…"

Inuyasha shook his head. "I was searching for you."

"So you killed my people?!"

"I didn't."

She cursed at his short answers, noticing that after all these years he hadn't really changed.

"They are all safe," Turning to Kikyou, his eyes clashed with her to show he was telling the truth. "I promise you that much."

"Why should we believe you?!" Kikyou hissed; her hair whipping about her.

"Because," Turning to Kikyou he regarded her for a few seconds before turning back to Kagome. "My love for your daughter is real."

Kikyou scoffed, but remained silent.

Extending his hand, he waited for Kagome to take it. "One last time – please trust me and let me explain everything."

Torn between what her head was telling her, she remembered the day back in the river, and all the time spent with him. Inhaling deeply, Kagome took a chance.

She placed her hands in his.