He was his tenth generation again, looking his duplicate in the eye on the beach of an alternate dimension. He conveyed pain, love and just a touch of threat in his gaze, and his doppelganger seemed to understand what he was trying to tell him without words.

'Take care of our Rose,' the Doctor thought savagely. 'And if you hurt her…'

His duplicate turned away from the Time Lord's hardening glare, looking instead upon the object of both of their desires, the amazing Rose Tyler, the girl who changed a time hardened time traveler for the better. The girl who absorbed the Time Vortex in order to save the universe… in order to save him.

The Doctor was light headed from his recent successes and failures: the saving of the universe, the avoidance of his regeneration, Rose Tyler, Meta-Crisis, genocide, returned planets, Doctor Donna (his best mate, destined to forget him). He looked up from the sand and met the intense gaze of Rose, sweet Rose, begging him not to leave her. He took a step back. She looked like she was going to burst into tears.

The question.

Rose stared desperately at the both of them, so alike and so very different. He longed to say it, his very being screamed at him to tell her, he wanted to stay with his Rose, but he stoically met her gaze.

'Does it need saying?' And he looked down, it was too late, his hearts broke as he watched his double lean down to whisper the words he so desperately wanted to tell her, all this time.

'I love you.'

They kissed. And the Doctor's hearts broke a little more. They broke apart, both blankly staring at the Time Lord.

'Bad Wolf.'

The Doctor awoke from the dream, hearts pounding and breath hitching in his lungs, refusing to regulate. He hadn't had dreams about Bad Wolf Bay since his last regeneration, his tenth. They still affect him now as much as back then, apparently.

He let the soothing hum of the TARDIS calm him and focused on his breathing… in, out, in, out. He silently thanked any deity he could think of the Amy and Rory weren't there to see this. He had to maintain a strong front whenever he had companions in the TARDIS; after all, they put their lives in his hands. The last thing they want to see is a weak sniveling Time Lord with nightmares. Except maybe Donna… but Donna was gone, she doesn't even remember him. So he was alone.

It was strange how that nightmare had ended; usually he would sail off into space, leaving Rose and his duplicate behind. He would then be faced with more heartbreak as he watched Donna short circuit before his eyes, forcing him to wipe any memory of him. This time it had ended quite abruptly. 'Bad Wolf.' The end of the universe.

He got up slowly, still a bit disoriented from the baffling and unwelcome dream. He rubbed his unruly hair, making it stick up even more than it already was. Amy would have laughed, he thought morosely. He was already dismissing his dream; he had far too many dreams in his lifetime to dwell on each one.

After what seemed like hours, he stood up and made his way to one of the bathrooms. He ran a comb through his hair and splashed water on his face. Even if no one had lived on the TARDIS with him for many years, he still tried to look presentable at least in case someone needed a lift. He was going to get around to picking up a companion, he was. But something always got in the way of the search… it was as if something wanted him to be alone. He heaved a sigh. He didn't want to be alone…

Suddenly, the TARDIS lurched to the side, throwing him into the wall of his bathroom. He staggered up off the floor and made his way back into the main console. The TARDIS screeched horribly, something was terribly, terribly wrong.

"What's wrong Sexy?" the Doctor asked while racing around. He took out a stethoscope from a drawer in the console and held it up to a random piece of machinery. All he heard was the ragged squealing of a very unhappy TARDIS. He put down the instrument and ran to the opposite side, hitting random buttons with a mallet. Nothing helped. Finally, the TARDIS stopped. Just stopped. The lights flickered but ultimately stayed on. All was silent. It was wrong.

The Doctor stood very still, as to not upset any balance that he just didn't sense. Everything was still, and the Time Lord closed his eyes and strained his ears. There was a persistent sucking noise, as if someone were slurping noodles. It didn't belong on his TARDIS, and it didn't sound particularly friendly. So with finality, the Doctor brandished his sonic screwdriver and flicked through the settings. The sucking grew louder and louder before ending with a final pop. The Doctor moved quietly towards the source of the noise, still pointing his screwdriver in front of him. What he saw was, well, not what he expected.

It was a teenager. Or, more accurately, he was a teenager. He looked about fifteen years old, and quite remarkably, not surprised to be on a huge spaceship. The boy was wearing black slacks, a button up shirt with a black vest, and a fedora.

"Ah, sir!" The voice called out, sounding way too authoritative for a teenager. "I'm going to have to ask you to put down the sonic device!"
The TARDIS groaned in protest.

"Sh…" the boy shushed, patting the walls. The TARDIS lurched in response. The teenager sighed.

"What are you doing?" spluttered the Time Lord. "She obviously doesn't like you, you should stop touching the thing keeping us suspended in the Time Vortex lest we fall to our doom!"

The boy ignored him. He pulled an ID out of an inner pocket in his coat. He showed it in the air before pocketing it again. The time traveler narrowed his eyes.
"Edwin Goshawk of the Department of Transportation, I just need-"

"No, I know psychic paper when I see it. Who are you really, and how did you get on my TARDIS?"

"Ah, so you admit it's a TARDIS? I'm going to have to confiscate it, seeing as it's the last of its kind, the rest being consumed by a sentient energy core known as 'House'." Was that bitterness in his voice? "Unless you are a Time Lord, which I highly doubt, you have illegally acquired this vessel and therefore I need to take it off your hands."

"Well it looks like I'm in luck, because I happen to be a Time Lord." The boy's eyes widened fractionally.

"I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to have to reject that statement, Space Boy." The Doctor froze momentarily at the familiar nick name. The boy continued, unfazed. "The last Time Lord, the Doctor, was killed by River Song." The Doctor took a step towards the teenager.

"Let me explain…"

"Stop!" the boy drew a gun. Belatedly, the Doctor remembered he never put his sonic screwdriver away, and he was now pointing it quite threateningly at the boy. "I have this hooked up to a Vortex Manipulator. One step closer and I'll send you back to 1911 Earth."

"That's a dummy on your wrist; you couldn't go two feet in front of you with that, let alone send me to a different planet." The boy fired at a wrench that was lying on the ground, which vanished with the same sucking noise the boy had arrived in. The TARDIS keened loudly and shook unhappily. "Impossible," the Time Lord whispered. He walked over to where the tool used to be and felt around it with his hand, which tingled strangely.

Using the time traveler's distraction, the boy walked towards the main console and placed his hand on the middle of it. He closed his eyes and stood there. The TARDIS quieted unnaturally again, and the lights flickered menacingly.

"What are you doing?!" the Doctor bellowed. He raced towards the intruder and wrenched his hand away from his beloved machine. The boy looked up with awe and a bit of fear at the Doctor.

"You are the Doctor…" he gasped. "Doctor… Bad Wolf…" and with that, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out.

Hm… experimenting with the Doctor Who fandom. This will make sense later, I promise. Maybe. HAHAHA