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On the previous chapter

- Don't you remember me? - he asked smiling in a strangely familiar way.

- I-I don't..

Before I could answer I recalled what happened after I escaped, something I was sure I had forgotten because of my hate.

6. Memories

8 Years Ago (Flashback Continuation)

"The only safe place is the red roses gazebo in the northern garden.." I told myself as I ran away from the palace as fast as I could.

When I arrived there the sky was already dark but there were some lanterns I could always turn on.

I need a small light. A small light, a small light.


- Yes! I did it! It's sma- before I could continue partying about my success my arm reminded me of the fact that I was injured.

I took the small particle of light with both hands and gently guided it towards the open lantern I had prepared before hand. The lighten lantern gave plenty of light.

Inspecting my arm I found small pieces of glass inside the wound.

- This looks like a seriously bad cut.. What to do? I'm not good at healing and stuff..

My whining continued until my arm once again started hurting.

- Daijōbu*? - asked someone from behind me.

Quickly I turned around scared only to find a kid around my age with blond hair and blue eyes, he was one of those that was watching what was happening without doing anything.

- D-daijōbu - I answered, looking away.

"I don't want to be helped by someone that just stood there the whole time.. Even Kazu-nichan did the same."

- You don't look fine at all! - he suddenly yelled angrily startling me.

- If I told you 'I'm fine' it means I'm fine!

The boy groaned and a frown appeared on his face.

- Let me have a look - he said, extending his hand towards my wounded one.

- Why should I? - I retorted moving my arm away from his reach, which was a little impossible since it hurt like Hell.

- See? You can't even move it properly! I'm good at treating injuries - he explained.

- Fine.. I don't have another choice anyway.

I let him see my arm, which he inspected very carefully.

- It looks really bad.. Especially with this pieces of glass inside - he observed.

- If you can't do anything about it - I said quickly taking my arm back.

- Wait! I didn't say I couldn't do anything about it! - he exclaimed, holding my other arm to prevent me from running away and not hurting me.

"He's actually.. a nice guy.." I thought smiling a little bit.

- It's actually my fault if you got hurt.. - he said, looking at the ground.

- Why? It's mine because I was the one that bumped into her.

- I was the one she was running after... - he confessed, none too happily.

I nodded, pitying him.

- Anyway, can you do something for this wound?

- Yes, I will tell my sister to send me my first-aid kit.

- Your sister has a first-aid kit? At a party? And it's yours? - I asked shocked.

- The girl you bumped into is always chasing after me and from time to time she and the other girls start fighting and somehow I always end up in the middle so my sister brings a first-aid kit with her.

Another reason to pity him even more.

He smiled slightly then closed his eyes. A second later he re-opened them and grinned.

- It should be here in a second.

And as if on cue there was a light and when it disappeared there was a first-aid kit in his hands.

- Wow.. I've never seen this kind of magic.. - I commented surprised.

- My sister and I developed it a few months ago. She said I should be the one exposing it to the Magic Academy and get the credits, since this technique is mostly mine - he explained while taking out gloves, tweezers, a piece of cloth, disinfectant, dressings and bandages.

- First I will take out the pieces of glass, then I will disinfect it and put the dressing and bandages.

I simply nodded, that sounded way too painful to even speak.

15 or 20 minutes later, in which I almost started crying like a baby, he was finally done.

- You'll be okay but it's better if you go see a doctor.

- Okay - I answered, glancing at the bandage around my arm.

"Thank him! Come on, you have to thank him!" I told myself over and over again.

- Well, I have to go now - he said and stood up.

- Wait.. - came the low whisper of my voice.

- See you - he grinned and left just like that.

End of Continuation Flashback

- You were the one who treated my wound? - I asked with wide eyes.

- Yes - he replied with the same grin as back then.

- Then... I forgot to tell you 'Arigatō'**.

I walked up to him and boldly kissed him on the cheek.

- ...It was nothing - he answered with a dazed look while touching where I had just kissed him.

*Daijōbu? - it means 'Are you alright?'

**Arigatō - means 'Thank you'.