A Missed Miracle.


"And just like that, the case came to an end. I ran away from the courtroom... and wandered the streets alone. I never saw Maya again. De Killer is a man of his word, so I'm sure he released her as promised. I heard the verdict of Ms. Andrews' trial a few days later. She was found guilty, of course. The "miracle" never happened. Maybe it was never meant to. Because a "miracle" is something that doesn't exist." He finished, looking out of the window.

The other figure turned to him. "If you honestly believe that, then you really are gone. No one was there for him when he needed it, no one was there because they're all like you, they don't believe in miracles, they don't believe it's possible to do the impossible. They just give up like you have and bury their heads in the sand!" The figure gets up, looks at him and after a moment's silence angrily turns around and storms out. Phoenix looks out of the window again.

Chapter 1.

A new trial.

"Palms sweaty... Panicked... I can't be like this. I've been preparing for this most of my life. Yet, I still have to stand there and control what happens in this courtroom. Make sure the witnesses are all definitely right, that the evidence is all correct. The pressure... the pressure..." I think to myself as I stand there staring at the large portrait hanging in the court lobby.

"Justice? You look nervous, are you really sure you're ready for this?" The voice doesn't register with me at first, but then I realise that my mentor, the distinguished prosecutor Miles Edgeworth's stood before me.

"Who me? I'm fine Sir! Never better!" I shout out nervously.

My mentor folds his arms, his index finger begins tapping impatiently on his arm. "I am stood right in front of you, please try to keep your volume to the respectable amount." He shrugs and smiles. "Shouting at the Judge is not the wisest tactic after all."

"Right sir!" I bellow back, before his icy glare turns my volume down like a remote control. "I'll make sure not to do that." I add nervously.

My name is Apollo Justice, and I am a Prosecuting Attorney. I've worked very hard to get here, and I want to finally try and make it pay off. That said, actually standing here now, I feel chills. So many famous cases have taken place in this courtroom. My mentor Miles Edgeworth has been involved in a few of them. Now it's time for me to make my mark, and help convict those who would hurt others.

The bailiff approaches us. "Mr Edgeworth Sir! Court is about to begin! Please follow me to the bench."

I suddenly feel a rush of excitement and shout out. "OBJECTION! I'm the one prosecuting this trial!" When the room finally comes back into focus, I realise I'm stood with my index finger pressed right at the bailiff's nose. "Er... that is to say... Mr Edgeworth's my co-council on this trial..." I pull my hand back quickly and begin scratching the back of my head. I swear my face feels as red as my waistcoat.

The bailiff turns around. "Well then, if you'll follow me... Sir." He begins to open the doors to the courtroom.

Mr Edgeworth sighs. "Justice, try not to rely on theatrics. They are impressive to some, but it's important to have the substance to follow them up. Don't just go shouting and pointing in there without thinking... for my sake..." I look at him nervously.

"Right Sir... I won't..." We walk into the courtroom.

As I step through the doors, I almost feel the eyes, like large beams of light all baring down on me. I lift my hand for a second, like blocking out the sun. Some in the gallery wave at me. "Justice... waving is not the most becoming way of entering a courtroom." Mr Edgeworth states behind me in a quiet whisper.

I quickly realise how stupid I must look and put my hand down. We walk to the desk and I lean forwards, putting my hands on it, almost as the only way to anchor me down from being swept away by the sea of eyes staring at me. I look over to the defence desk. Stood there is someone who I think I've seen before, but I'm not sure. After a while of trying to work it out, I hear the Judge enter and sit down.

His gavel slams down as he looks through his paperwork. "Court is now in session for the trial of Vera Misham." He says, he looks to us both.

"The defence is ready your Honour." The defence attorney says rather confidently. I still can't shake the feeling I've seen him somewhere before, I look closer at him, trying to remember.

The Judge then speaks to me. "And you Mr Justice?" He asks.

"Oh... er, yes your Honour! I'm fine! I mean ready..." And already, this is starting to look like a disaster. Things only then get worse though.

"I hope you're ready Mr Justice, you're facing part of this court's history today. A blast from the past so to speak." I start blinking trying to understand what he meant.

Just then, everything becomes clear as the defence, who's been looking straight forward this whole time turns to the Judge.

"I wouldn't go quite that far your Honour. History's in the past, I'm here to try and prevent it from repeating itself." As he turns, that hair suddenly comes into focus, and my heart jumps into my mouth. My first case is against Phoenix Wright, the undefeated attorney.