In the city of Paris, the casket of Napoleon Boneparte is mysteriously stolen. Three years later, a boy named Raphael is leading a double life as an art thief named Phantom R, searching for the whereabouts of his father who disappeared a few years ago. Finding a bracelet bearing the same symbol as a coin left behind by his father, Raphael soon encounters a girl named Marie who possesses a violin bearing the same symbol. He also encounters a man claiming to be Napoleon, who seeks an item known as the Dragon Crown in order to place Paris under his rule. Thus Raphael embarks on a journey to solve the mysteries revolving around Marie and Napoleon, facing events that could very well shape the face of Paris.

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure

Enter Raphael

At the beginning of the 19th Century, almost all of Europe lay in the hands of a single man:

Napoleon Bonaparte.

This first glorious emperor of France had a favorite saying:

Imagination rules the world.


Somewhere in a museum, something is going on, something that is not good at all…

"Oh no, no, no, Mon Dieu!" A security guard exclaimed as he shined a flashlight on an empty space where something used to be! "Th-The casket! It is gone!" He shouted in shock, as other security guards came onto the scene, looking around and shining their flashlights about.

"Napoleon's casket has been stolen!" He hollered.


"Time to awaken, Emperor…" A man with red colored hair stood in a strange looking room with lights everywhere, but there was something very eerie about the room. He stood in front of an open casket, bowing a little. Inside of the casket lays an odd looking man. "It is time."

The man in the casket's eyes suddenly opened and he sat up slowly in the casket, looking straight ahead. White smoke was suddenly appearing on the ground around them.

The man with red hair stood up straighter, staring at the man in the casket in interest.

The man in the casket slowly grinned evilly.


A young man with red hair walked through Paris at night alongside his white furred dog, Fondue. Paris, France sure is beautiful. The Eiffel Tower stood tall and magnificent. Bright lights could be seen everywhere, cars and buses drove on across the streets, pedestrians roamed around, walking and whatnot. The moon shone brightly in the starlit sky.

"The name's Raphael."

The red haired young man, Raphael, approached an apartment, Fondue still at his side.

"This is my apartment, or as they say in Paris, 'mon appartement'."

They entered the apartment building and went to Raphael's room. They both went down into the basement and stood in the dark. The basement is filled with turned off lights and lots of interesting art.

"I used to live here with my father. Now it's just me and Fondue."

Raphael suddenly started snapping his fingers.

"My father taught me a lot. Like "never take stuff that doesn't belong to you'."

He continued snapping his fingers repeatedly, but not too fast. There is a grin on his face.

"And before you ask, no, this art doesn't belong to me. It's a long story."

He started tapping his foot on the ground along with snapping his fingers, getting a nice little rhythm. Soon he started nodding his head to the beat, still grinning. Fondue wagged his tail in rhythm with the sounds, looking quite happy.

Suddenly, he stopped as all of the lights came on the basement, lighting everything up. He brought a hand in front of his face, bringing it across his face and pausing his hand right in front of his left eye, parting his index finger and middle to reveal his brownish colored eye.

"I have a secret."

"Woeuf!" Fondue barked happily after hearing this.

Raphael started spinning around the room, dancing like a pro. He quickly got out of his normal clothes and rapidly got dressed into a dark bluish (almost black) suit with a red tie. As he did this he continued to dance around the room. He tossed a black hat into the air.

"That is, Phantom R has a secret."

He crouched low onto the ground, spinning around in a circle and stopping with his back to Fondue, catching his hat that was falling to the ground.

"He's me."

He danced some more.

"No time for that, Fondue."

He then stood up, spinning as he did and putting his hat on top of his head. He then posed, his arm out and one hand on his hat, a grin on his face.

"It's showtime!"

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