A/N this time Ellen's living with the decepticons :S will she survive long enough to get home? will her mentality break? and is she truly alone on the nemesis?

i got some requests to go through ROTF similar to that of my other story 'little distractions' but i tried to think in my head what to do with it but to be fair its such a mess and making a fanfic out of it makes my brain hurt ... i still have mental scars :p but instead we have a survival fic and for future warning and i'm really sorry Ellen TT_TT but there will be torture...but that won't be for a while yet. please R + R :D


Optimus rose into the sky with his newly acquired ability of flight, Ellen ran after him to confirm for herself that he has taken down the fallen, as well as to see he was okay afterwards.

Though the sand was not easy to run across, its texture as well as how exhausted she was from the constant running, dodging cons and the damage to her mentality was a challenge in itself.

she cupped a hand over her vision as she headed in the direction of the harvester, a flash of blue was seen moments later in confirmation he deactivated the machine or in some cases completely wrecked the thing, but she also seen he was tackled back down to the ground, she made a rough estimate of where they had landed but headed in that general direction, though she could not see Megatron nor Starscream.

"where are you?" she thought as she had gotten herself between a large forest of pillars though she could not see either Optimus or the fallen.

the world had given her an answer as strong feel of vibrations occurred under her feet, "hmm, that way." she induced.

Though she did make it, the battle was already won as Ellen ran down the sand bank to peer behind the pillars, though she could only vaguely make out the arms of the fallen which drooped over the side of the pillar he was up against leaking energon over the tips of his fingers, Optimus stood triumphantly beside his empty shell.

relieved, Ellen sighed and couldn't help but form a wide grin on her face for it was a mere quarter of an hour ago that he was dead and now he lives and the many days she had been separated from him she couldn't wait any longer, she pushed herself for one last run as the muscles in her legs ached for rest.

But that reunion was cut short, for she had let her guard down and her thoughts and her feelings turned to instant fear as a large clawed hand took a harsh wrap around her waist, her vision was kept on the back of Optimus but it felt as though he were getting farther and farther away as she came in vision of Megatrons glowing red eyes and growling breath.

"I am not leaving prime with the advantage." His speech was slurred and he spoke with anger but a slight tinge of delight lingered in his tone as a laugh began to boil in his throat, "and with you i can gain more than one."

Ellen looked him over his whole one side of his face was completely torn off as well as an arm which constantly sparked and dripped with energon.

Ellen's eyes filled with fear but not at the sight of megatron but for his intentions, she was so tired and she just wanted to see her father, Starscream took off as Megatron began to do the same "put me down now!" she screamed in his face her voice was dry.

"You dare speak to me!" he roared.

"I'm not afraid of you; you're a god damn coward! Taking me as a flesh shield to your crippled state!" she screamed back.

"Enough!" was his response as he flicked her head hard, knocking her out as he become Air Bourne but lingered long enough for Optimus to face him.

"Megatron! Release her!" Optimus cried though Megatron in that split second had already taken to a substantial height, but Optimus still attempted to activate his flight, but one of the booster packs wasn't working and instead merely fell from his shoulders.

the sight was truly amusing to Megatron "pathetic" he hissed under his breath before raising his voice for him to hear, "How will it feel prime? Knowing she won't return with you? Does it anger you?" he said mockingly as he ascended higher.

Optimus growled at his provokes.

"Does it sadden you? Does it frustrate you that you cannot see what i will do to her?!" he asked raising his voice as he then tossed Ellen at Starscream who was not expecting it as he nearly dropped her like a bar of soap. "can you not even perform a simple task as 'catching'?!" he scolded.

"apologies master b-but why must i hold this pound of flesh?" he said rather disgusted at the human form he draped by the leg.

"we are ascending into space you idiot! and if you haven't noticed i am currently lacking the use of an alt mode!" he roared making Starscream nearly drop her again, but eventually transformed and adjusted the pressure with Ellen as a passenger.

"back to the Nemesis." Megatron ordered as he gave Optimus a mocking grin before retreating.

"Megatron!" Optimus yelled as he pointed his armed weapon at him...he hesitated, he had to retract he could hit her, he could not do anything to stop them, "no!" was the only thing he muster as a tiny speck of what represented Starscream and Megatron went out of sight. "Megatron!"

Even with a broken booster he still attempted to become orbit, "don't be fool prime you'd only plummet to your own death." Ratchet said from behind him with Ironhide accompanying him.

"I cannot stand here and only watch." He protested.

"You can't do anything!" he retaliated as Optimus's face fell. Ratchet sighed, "I'm sorry..." he started before placing a hand on his shoulder "but we will get her back."

"I was saved from death but i still feel as though i am dying." He said looking up to the sky, to him it was though they had taken the sun, for his world has never been more dark.

Ellen eventually woke up, face down and her clothes were wet, she groaned and choked a few times as she held her head, the ground before her was not familiar, but then her eyes widened as past events reminded her of her situation.

She sprung to life as she threw herself up from the ground, she wasn't at the nest base, she was on a ship, the Nemesis. It was cold, it was humid, it was alien and the ceiling dripped of water that cold it hurt, "what the?" she managed to say as she shuddered at the cold environment.

she spun at a 360 degree angle taking in her surroundings what stood out from everything else was these blue sacks in fact all around her from above were blue sacks they were attached to the ship itself as though like a symbiotic relationship. "Hatchlings?" Ellen breathed out.

The hatchlings twitched inside and made high pitched growling noises, "there are thousands." She added as her mouth hung open.

"A sight not worthy of your lubricant filled sacks you call 'eyes.'" Came the voice of starscream as he came skulking in.

she quickly spun around as she got to the point, "Why am i here? I have nothing to give you." She spat.

"Well apparently you do, according to our 'master'." He said rolling his optics.

"Take me back." She demanded as an order.

Starscream merely threw back a laugh, "Either you are very bold or foolish for asking such a request in such a demanding tone." He said.

"Just, take, me, back" she said again grinding her teeth.

A grin crept over his face as he began to play with her head, "You are millions of light years from your home, how does this make you feel?" he said mockingly tilting his head to one side in fascination.

Ellen froze, within a group or when she has to be brave for others was no problem, but now she was on her own, and at the mercy of many decepticons... "y-your...your lying!" she yelled at him.

"Am i?" he said widening his grin.

She grew angry, he was messing with her, he must be...this isn't true! But she even began to doubt herself as she began to feel afraid and she tried her hardest to not show it to starscream, for to give him the satisfaction of seeing her this way was far worse then being afraid.

"W-where are we?" she stuttered but that fear was hard to repress.

"Finally, the positive signs that you are afraid, this has made my day." He said before turning.

Ellen stopped to think, she would take in her surroundings and try to find a way around them but the conditions were different and so it scared her, she couldn't think straight and she clenched her fist as she tried to force herself to remain calm, "i-i can't!" she suddenly exclaimed.

"Stop your howling and follow me." Starscream snapped.

"I'm not going anywhere with you unless its home." She said bitterly.

"Then you can remain here...with the hatchlings I'm sure we can wean them onto human flesh." He said grinning evilly again.

Ellen looked at the somewhat twitching sacks again as she glared at Starscream, she made her decision and followed for she could not gain anything from remaining where she was, but following an order from Starscream made her feel as though she could sink no lower.

The walk was silent, Ellen felt she was taking the long walk, the conditions were truly horrid and she rubbed her arms involuntary, she was so cold. "where are we going?" she finally spoke up.

"To your quarters." Starscream said blankly.

Ellen lifted her head in surprise, "m-my quarters?" she said as she frowned in suspicion, "i don't understand." She added.

Starscream quickly spun around to face her, "if you prefer to linger the hallways be my guest I'm sure the parasites will welcome your company." He said motioning to the wide open hallways that howled a chilling wind.

Ellen was silent but still wondered, what was there purpose in bringing her here? a pet? Mental payback? Interrogation? why does she get her own quarters? a hamster cage maybe, but her own room? were they playing with her? Were they hoping for her to lower her guard? "They will not break me...i will just think of home and focus and that alone." She thought to herself in determination.

The ship itself was in need of repair, Ellen had an urge to make a pun but quickly repressed it for she had to survive and she already knew that may require being sinking to a certain level of indignity.

"here." Starscream said simply as the doors opened on his approach, he then quickly brushed Ellen inside with his foot as he grinned at her mockingly as the doors shut behind on her.

Ellen turned around to observe her apparent new 'room', it was huge to say the least but wide, open and empty what stunned her though was what lay in front of her at the end of the room if she were staying for a 'good' reason this would be considered 'magnificent' for there was a large window that showed where she was. well... she saw the sun but not how she would see it if she were on earth and what the sun had shown was a reddish brick colored environment that was only a barren waste land...but truly a breath taking sight.

"Oh my god." She said as she pressed herself against the window, "m-mars?"

The huge fact of that made her slowly slump to the ground as she held her knees, "i...really am alone." She said, that reality hit her, Starscream spoke the truth.

As much as she tried to repress the fear and the sadness, she couldn't there was no one there to fool, to be strong for or to generally show off to, and so tears fell from her face drenching her sleeves at a substantial rate, never has she felt more vulnerable in her life.

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