Author's Note: Just a quick drabble as to how the drama of Molly's death might play out in the BBC Copper series.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and mean no infringement of anyone's rights or copyrights. I'm just borrowing Matthew and Corky for a bit. No flames, please.


Matthew Freeman looked down at the corpse. The flaxen whore was in good physical condition. Well, except for the gaping throat wound. A straight razor, he surmised from previous experience. Nothing else left quite the same smile.

"Did she kill herself? Was it suicide?" The questions were hard to speak but necessary. Eva Heissen had already called it suicide, claimed it as such since she'd witnessed it, but Kevin owed it to Maguire to make sure. And himself.

Warm brown eyes looked up from their inspection of the blue-tinged body, words carefully weighed and measured. "No, Corcoran, she did not."