The Tangled Webs We Weave


Chapter 1- Wall Crawlers and Stalkers?


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Plot Summary: In the wake of Norman Osborn's death, Peter Parker is trying to hold together a normal life, but with one of his best friends grieving from loss and seeking revenge against Peters alter ego Spiderman, the girl of his dreams not talking to him, and it just about every criminal in the tri state area are joining forces to rid the world of Spiderman, that could be easier said than done. What tangled webs we weave…




Stood atop a large skyscraper, the wind buffeting his slight form, Spiderman surveyed his domain.

As if I could call it that, I don't get a moment's peace in this city and I certainly don't get any thanks for what I do, ah the selfless life of a superhero, what a living. I mean this job doesn't even get dental! And I still haven't got MJ to talk to me again, she just can't understand, no-one can understand. And Harry, oh god, he wants to kill me and insists on telling me the gory details of how he's gonna get revenge on my wall crawling form. I hate being two people at once, neither can be happy at any time, or that's what it seems like.

Peter Parker - or more accurately his alter ego Spiderman - took one last breath of the cool New York air and leapt off the building he had been perched on. He swung past the buildings in a blur, only pausing to snatch up the camera he had set up earlier in the night.

That should pay the rent for this week… barely. It feels like dirty money though with JJJ printing all the crap he does about me, no matter what I do, I always have to be the bad guy, even with all the bad guys the city has anyway.

He pondered briefly calling in on MJ to clear the air, but that would probably result in the breakage of expensive objects after being hurled at his person, or having his nose broken when her door was slammed in his face. They had known each other for well- almost ever, and he knew her temper tantrums never changed. She wasn't so much angry at Peter, more confused after how obviously enamoured he was with her he would refuse her love. She could never know that he couldn't be with her to protect her, the showdown on the bridge with the Green Goblin was proof enough that she was a liability when someone knew about their relationship.

He had to hurt her to protect her. And that killed him more than he could ever admit.


Mary Jane Watson walked back home from her crummy waitress job in the city. She knew it was dangerous to be out alone in NYC at night these days, but the ever watchful eyes of Spiderman that were always trained on the city, and hopefully on her made her that little bit more secure.

MJ felt the tingling sensation at the back of her neck, y'know the feeling you get when you're being watched. She spun in a full circle but there was no-one in front or behind her. She looked up and what looked like a shadow melted into the darkness of the buildings around her.

Maybe being around Spiderman so much has given me an over active imagination, I mean its not every day you get thrown from the top of a bridge by a massive cackling psycho Goblin and then get rescued again, and have to climb down a web to safety. Well it is in my world.

Thinking about Spiderman made her think of Peter for some reason.

Maybe I should forgive him, I don't know why he suddenly decided not to like me anymore but I guess I'm giving him a little bit of a hard time. Well maybe I'll wait a while and see if he grovels, or buys me chocolates…

There it was again, that tingling. Mary Jane scrutinized the buildings closely, straining her ears to hear anything. She quickened her pace as the shadows danced over the walls.

"Hello?" Her voice sounded small and shaky in the suffocating darkness.

"Hey." She almost fell backwards into a trash can when she was answered. A pair of strong hands grasped her shoulders to prevent her unceremonious crash into dirty packets of Chinese leftovers.

She steadied herself and turned.

"How did I know it would be you?"

"You want the truth, I follow you around night and day, it's the perfume y'see, can't get enough. Like the lynx effect. What brand is it anyway?" Spiderman hung upside down, almost like a monkey from a tree.

"I'll never tell!" Mary Jane tapped her nose, "A girl's gotta have her secrets."

"We've all got to have our secrets I guess." Spiderman sighed, almost sadly.

"So what are you doing here really, it can't be because of my exotic lily and tropical fruit perfume."

"Aha!" Spiderman said.

"Damn it!" Mary Jane glared at him, then cracked a grin.

"I was just in the neighbourhood. I was keeping an eye on you as for once the town isn't swarming with people trying to kick my ass then get the papers to call me the bad guy."

"Don't take any notice, we all love you, and the Bugle knows it."

"You all love me? Is that you or everyone there MJ?"

"That's another of my secrets." Mary Jane winked.

"Darn it, hoped I could get the inside scoop there."

"You never know. Don't you have someplace else to be? You've been following me around and freaking the hell outta me for at least ten minutes, surely you have some baddies to thwart?"

"Hmm, it's never enough for you people is it? Every time I beat a baddie it's always 'go find another Spidey, you have to work if you wanna stay in our city rent free.'"

"Yeah, where do you live? You don't have like a Spider Cave like the bat cave? A Spidey mobile?"

"Batman is a millionaire, and I don't have his P.R either. I think with his exposure I may be a little more popular. I don't have my own cartoon or movie or anything, man that sucks, I'll have to talk to someone about that…"

MJ giggled and Spiderman tilted his head to one side.

"Sure laugh it up. Yeah that's my cue to leave, my Spidey senses are tingling!" And blowing her a rather comical kiss he swung back up and disappeared into the darkness from whence he came.

"So are mine." MJ sighed.


When MJ made it back to her apartment her head was buzzing. Something about Spiderman was so intriguing and she just wished to be privileged enough to see what was underneath his mask, inside his heart even. But Peter, he was so sweet, so handsome and smart, she knew in her heart that they were perfect for each other. She didn't believe in destiny but her and Peter were as close as that could get. She was so confused she barely even noticed that her apartment door was ajar.

I'm sure I closed that. She frowned, edging cautiously into her apartment, scanning the room for intruders or any signs of one.

She checked every room carefully but nothing was missing or moved. She got back to her living room and sat on her sofa, massaging her temples. She glanced up at the clock but gasped.

Beside it was a note. Getting up again and ripping it off the wall from the small knife that it was pinned with she scanned the words, fear knotting inside her.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Once I squash the Spider,

I'll squash you.

Kiss, kiss.



Okay that was pretty crappy and predictable but I am building up to things, be nice don't flame, any suggestions welcome.