The Tangled Webs We Weave


Chapter 6- Super Zero?


"M.J what on earth are you doing here?!"

"Uh, well you kinda let me stay here Peter, what's wrong?" Mary Jane brushed a stray strand of auburn hair from her eyes and regarded Peter quizzically.

"But the chips and the coat stand?" He stammered.

"Oh yeah, I pulled my coat off the stand and it fell over and knocked the bowl of chips I had been eating off too, but I was already late for an audition so I decided to leave it until I came back later as I didn't think you'd be back I didn't think it would matter."

"M.J! You had me so worried!"

"What, did you think I was kidnapped or something? Hehe." Mary Jane chuckled.

"Haha… no of course not, but with you who knows? I mean that whole Goblin thing? I was just about to send Spiderman out scouring the city for you!"

"Aww, I'm touched that you care tiger. Sorry to have got you so worried!"

"As long as you're okay. So you didn't get anymore notes? No getting followed down the street?"

"Yeah, it was all fine, nothing out of the ordinary." M.J rubbed her eyes and shrugged off her coat then flicked her shoes at Peter.

"Well if you're alright I guess I can go run some more errands then?" Peter scooped her shoes up and put them by the couch where she was slumped.

"Sure tiger, you don't have to be on twenty four hour M.J watch y'know, I'm a big girl. Just act like I'm not here, go about your business."

"Erm…okay. We'll have dinner okay? Pick a restaurant and we'll go there, my treat."

"Sure." Mary Jane smiled and Peter thought his heart might melt. He loved her innocent yet so alluring smile.

"I'll pick you up at seven, wear something pretty." Peter winked then grabbed his rucksack and made his way back out into the swarm of life that bustled along the New York high street.

So M.J was fine all along, I guess since the Goblin I have been waiting for trouble to happen, I suppose I really shouldn't jump to conclusions so fast. And now I've agreed to go out to dinner when I should be on Spidey alert, but, I do think Spidey deserves one night off for once, how much does he do for the city? And dinner won't take more than a couple hours, I'll just do a quick neighbourhood sweep after that. Come to think of it, I have spare time now, I'll go put in some hours, crime waits for no superhero.

Peter ducked into an alley and in a matter of moments was up in the higher echelons of the city, rhythmically swinging through the concrete jungle that surrounded him, donning the familiar trademark colours of Spiderman.

He decided to look in the seedier area of the city, towards the docks, where it seemed night was eternal. The pollution could be thick and choking on a good day, and the shadows created by the skyscrapers surrounding the area did not do a lot for the lighting effect.

A lot of illegal and seamy behaviour went on in the large warehouses and smoke filled bars of the district, so it was as good a place as any for Spiderman to start his search.

He was just nearing the docklands when his Spider-sense kicked into gear and in the back of his mind he saw a flash of some masked men hauling large diamonds from the downtown jewellers into a large van, and the sound of women screaming and sirens blaring.

Another job for everyone's friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. The superhero sighed and released another sliver of webbing on which he swung deftly down towards the crowded sidewalks of New York, luckily the jewellers wasn't too far away so Spidey wasn't too disadvantaged.

He reached the scene to see the crooks tear off in their unmarked getaway van and Spiderman cursed silently, then leaping onto the wall and using his webbing to swing behind the escaping vehicle. He let out a shot of webbing which grabbed the back of the van, then the red and blue clad hero yanked as hard as he could, which sent the van spinning out of control and crashing into a nearby alleyway.

Spiderman flipped down onto the sidewalk next to where the criminals had crashed and were now spilling out of the van to face their pursuer.

"No worries guys, its only bug boy." One of the balaclava wearing men said almost confidently.

"Hey ugly, it's Spider MAN no bugs or boys involved, and I wouldn't only me if I were you, or you'll be travelling to the jail in several different body bags."

"C'mon boys, lets get him!" Another goon said and three of the four rushed Spidey with surprising speed.

"Let's get him? Aww c'mon guys, you gotta do better than that!" Spiderman quipped as he leapt over the firsts head and kicked him in the back, sending him crashing into some trash cans behind. Then shooting a strand of webbing at the second and whipping the web forward so that the second crashed into the third, he alighted behind all three and stood face to face with number four.

"You oughta watch yourself Spider-punk, not one crook worth his loot in the whole city can't take you on and beat your worthless ass at any time he wants no more. You are soon to be ex-front page, bumped back into the obituaries."

"And how do you figure that one out stinky? Anyone ever show you how to use a shower?"

" 'Cos now we all gots the power to beat you. Just like this." The largest of the goons now pulled out a small but very familiar looking spray can and went to spray it in Spidey's face.

"No way! Not again!" Spiderman quickly shot a burst of webbing straight up and flew upwards to alight higher on the building in front of him, narrowly missing the cloud of blue-white spray. Although managing to avoid most of the spray, he had caught a slight gust on the wind and was already starting to feel woozy.

He grasped the building tightly, and shook his head, trying to dispel the effects of the spray. He climbed further up and tried to suck in fresh air through his mask but discovered that the holes in his costume had been clogged up even by the small remnants of the gas. Starting to panic at how slowly his arms and legs seemed to be working and how disoriented he was starting to feel Spiderman tried as quickly as possible to reach the top of the building, before his powers were knocked out entirely which would remove him from the wall and turn him into a Spider pancake on the sidewalk below.

Moving as fast as he could, the dizzy superhero managed at last to reach the top of the building and looking around to make sure the area was clear, in desperation he pulled off his mask and tried to suck in some –though smoggy, still cleaner- air from his higher perch. He was glad no-one was around to see him in such a state, but the damage had been done and the darkness rushed up to envelop Spiderman once more.


When the unmasked Superhero awoke, night was fast descending on New York, the sky was already an inky blue hue mixed with grey smatterings and the last washes of a milky yellow.

Where am I? Oh god…How long have I been out for? This is bad. Spiderman forced himself up, his joints feeling like they were made of iron. With much effort he stood unsteadily, and started to walk, he tested his webbing but it was not yet working. This presented Spidey with a problem as to how to get down from the tall building he was now stranded on. What if his powers never came back? How would he get down?

It's times like this I wish I had a sidekick, or at least a knowledgeable mentor, where is my Whistler? I would settle for a Q who gives me gadgets to play with but no, I'm all on my lonesome. Maybe if I told M.J she could be my Spidergirl, I have a feeling figure hugging Lycra red and blue would very much suit her. That girl could wear anything. These criminals are really getting on my nerves with this special gas spray thing. And what did that goon mean every criminal can beat my ass if they want? Surely all of the baddies in town can't be working against me together?! Villains aren't meant to do that, they're meant to look out for themselves and no-one but. I can't be that much of a nuisance to the whole of criminal kind can I? I'm gonna have to put some research into this one, providing I ever get my powers back.

A few minutes later Spiderman felt a warmth flowing through him and felt his strength returning and his wooziness disappearing. He knew until he got his mask cleaned he couldn't put it back on unless he wanted to go through that again. He hoped he would be able to study the substance when he got back home, he considered dropping in to Aunt May's to use his science supplies there and check on his aunt at the same time. Another bonus was that she wouldn't question if she found his mask, though he decided to go home and change first before doing anything else. Then he remembered.

Damnit! M.J! I promised I'd take her to dinner, what time is it? Oh she's gonna be mad. Better go and face her now.

Spiderman swung back to his apartment as quickly as he could, as high up in the air as possible, and shielding his face with his arm and the back of his mask whenever he could. He flew into his room, did a quick change then climbed down the fire escape back to the entrance of the building, where he then shot up the stairs and to the apartment. He swung the door open and found Mary Jane sitting on the couch in a lovely red dress that accentuated her every curve and sweet face, which was contorted into an angry glare.

"Peter Parker, do you know what time it is?!"

"Actually no." Peter admitted.

"It is almost Eight o'clock, where on earth have you been? When you make plans with me I expect you to honour them or at least call me to let me know where you are! For gods sake Peter, for all I knew anything could have happened! Don't worry me like that again!"

"I'm so sorry M.J, I really didn't mean it, look we can still go out its not too late."

"Oh yes it is! Forget it Peter, I'm so passed even wanting to talk to you right now, I'm not in the mood anymore. You can go out if you want, I'm going out with some of the girls. Don't wait up." And with that Mary Jane grabbed up her purse and pushed right past a bewildered Peter.

"It wasn't my fault!" Peter called meekly, before slumping on the couch in defeat.

"Looks like its just me and the trusty TV for now, well it saves me a bit of cash I guess." He sighed, and flicked on the wide screen TV. Typical, the first thing he saw,

"Spiderman fails to foil jewel thieves in a robbery at Star Elegance Jewellery in Downtown New York. The web-slinging 'hero' botched another attempt to foil some thieves- for the second time this week in fact- earlier tonight. The criminals made of with several thousand dollars worth of jewels. Is this a sign that the city's Superhero is really a Super Zero? That's what some of the local law enforcement officials are saying, we'll be getting some of the peoples reactions, right after this."

Peter sighed, switching the television off.

It's gonna be a long night.