One summer afternoon 10 different teens were out in their own district. One of them was Alexis, Fierce, great at hunting, loves her family. She has Brown eyes dirty blonde hair and always wore a black tank top with jean shorts; she has a very good figure (District 12). The other teen is Anthony he is great at throwing far, Very fast. He has dirty blonde hair, Blueish greenish eyes. He always wears a green jacket with black jeans (District 12). Then there was Elizabeth. She had really pretty hazel eyes and black hair she also had a very good personality she get almost everything she wants. She always wears a purple belly shirt with a jean skirt(District 3). Then there was Tyler.C with green amethyst eyes. He is really fast and not that tall! His outfit is green jacket with a white t-shirt under, with cameo pants(District 3). Then there was Brook, she has beautiful brown eyes with light blond hair, her talent was climbing. She always wore Ripped jeans and a purple t-shirt with a peace sign on it(District 5). Then there was Anson, He can run really fast, he is a great climber but not a good hider. He has cute brown eyes with brown color skin(District 5). Then there was Kimberly. She has Blue eyes with Red long hair. She is really good at Killing things. Her outfit is a one strap purple top with diamonds on the side, She wore white jeans with them(District 6). Then there was Tyler.S He has green eyes and black hair. He is really good at Hunting. People call him "The Hawk Eyes." He wears jeans and a white t-shirt(District 6). Then there was Courtenay she had pretty Dark colored skin, and pink highlights in her dark brown messy hair. She always wore a blood red t-shirt, With a short jeaned skirt(District 1). And then there was Tra he has Blond hair with crystal blue eyes, He wears a blue T-shirt with ripped jeans(District 1). (others will be added in the middle of the story.)

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