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Chapter 1



I watch the night sky, beautiful stars I was thinking in my head. But that was interrupted with a loud shrieking sound. I run in to my little sister's room. Her name is Kaylea she has beautiful blond hair with the most shining blue eyes I have ever seen. I pick her up and gently sit her on my lap. He eyes were red and she was crying up a waterfall. "I'm the one, I'm going to be picked, and I don't want to go!" she choked out. "Kaylea what are you saying! I promise you will not be picked. If anything I bet you that girl across the street has gotten her name in the bowl more than you have! I promise you with not be picked!" I whispered to her softly. She calmed down a little knowing that I was there to help, "Go to sleep we have a really big day tomorrow, we need to dress nice look pretty!" "Ok love you see you tomorrow." She said in a sad tone. I closed the door to her room and grab my boots and walk out the door.



I look outside to the most beautiful sky I have ever seen. I worked as a bread boy throwing sacks of flour and making bread. I watch the Sun suddenly rise, "Damn it, I did not get one ounce of sleep last night. Better get ready just a couple more hours until the reaping!" I said moaning "Stupid boy! You did not get the eggs like I told you too! Why did you not go with your mother and live with her you stupid child!" My father said wiping me with a horse wip. I held the tears in trying not to show my father I was not weak. My mother moved because my father abused her, she took my younger brother but not me. I slowly walk away walking to my room, waiting to go to the reaping. "Maybe dying in the games is better than living in this dump." I said Getting changed. I watched outside children playing with their pets and having fun. When I saw my old friend Alexis Sitting by the tree, I waved to her but she just gave me a small smile. I walked away again. Thinking 'What if….'



2 more hours until the time has come everyone is worried and scared, but Alexis had to stay strong for her family her mother did not care for Alexis and her sister. Her father died in a coal mining accident, and she thought her whole life was down the drain but will the reaping change her life forever?

To Be Continued…

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