The Soul Eater

Dear Harry Potter

It has come to my attention as of late you seem unaware by the event surrounding yourself; while that sentence alone may seem more confusing that you but you see we must meet; the time will be of my choosing and the location will be likewise. But first I present you will a gift, here is letters sent to and from your supposed friends Ronald Billus Weasley and Hermine Jean Granger while this may prove a shock to you it will explain the nature of your situation and also that of the future

This letter will burn after you have read it; the letters included will not




Harry peered at the strange letter with increasing curiosity; he had been bored throughout the summer in his room and privet drive with only Sirius's letters for company; however he was cautious it was only recently Lord Voldemort had returned and he suspected his Death Eaters were already causing trouble; the muggle news seemed ignorant but he figured they were more interested in celebrities than disasters. While contemplating reading the letters in the package a dark black flame suddenly engulfed the corners of the note. Like a plague it spread leaving not even ash for Harry to see, whoever sent it clearly did not want to be found… shrugging he pulled the rest of the letters out of the package, the first one was in a familiar scrawl he knew to be Ron's


Can you believe it? Dumbledore allowed us into the order! All we have to do is keep Potter in check. Can you believe he thought we would be his friends even after he was using us for fame; the chamber, the tournament, the only bad luck was when You-Know-Who didn't kill him.

Want to see you so much (without potter)




Rage and betrayal plunged into Harry like a knife; he didn't want to believe it but the handwriting was genuine and he knew his fame was something Ron was insanely Jealous of, he felt the knife of betrayal twist that bit further with the next letter.


I know, how can an arrogant Moron like him think we would be his friends; I mean the articles Rita Skeeter write was obviously a play for attention, let's not wish him dead, we need him to kill You-Know-Who and then die. Am coming next week, hope Harry's relatives keep him there for another month



P.S: Missing you so much.

Each of the enclosed letters were the same each one with messaged becoming nastier and nastier; it was obvious Ron and Hermione got together before the Dragon task and they were working with Dumbledore to do something but what? And who sent these? All these questions needed an answers and he supposed he wasn't going to find any sat in his room; he needed air and that was what drew him to the playground.

His emotions clouded his mind as he swung on the swing, he didn't know what to feel, anger at his friends of at himself for pushing them away. He knew Ron was jealous but why Hermione, he should have realised he could never have friends, then rage batted these thoughts away, he didn't do anything Dumbledore put them up to something and he had to find out what; he was so engulfed in his thoughts he didn't see Dudley and his gang approaching.

"If it isn't baby potter?" he shouted glad to find an easy target

"What's up big D beat up another ten year old?" Harry retored feeling his wand in his jean pocket; Rage was like a monster in his chest wanting to inflict his pain on anyone… it seemed Dudley wanted to give him something else to hate.

"Yeah but this one deserved it, and I'm not the one crying into my pillow every night, Oh Cedric, No Cedric, whose Cedric your boyfriend?" Dudley continued as his gang laughed like sheep behind him. Harry drew his wand as a red mist covered his vision, but in one moment the feeling of despair and coldness replaced it; the gang suddenly looked anxious and Dudley looked at him with fear; Finally something scared the big lump Harry thought before noticing two entities appearing at his side. He drew his wand ready to cast the Patronus charm when a silky but threatening voice filled his mind

"You will address him with respect" it hissed, the gang saw the two dementors and felt them; two began to run but one drew a knife, the effect was instantaneous the second dementor glided over and ripped the hood off its fact; Harry saw what looked like a skull with mandibles and a mouth with sharp shards of bone surrounding it, he felt compelled to watch as it pulled the boy to its level and forced its mouth to him. The shards locked onto his mouth as the demtentor administered the kiss

"Drop your weapons or you will suffer the same fate" the voice demanded, the remaining gang threw a mixture of knives and sharpened plastic objects to the floor.

"NOW RUN" came the voice again. The gang didn't hesitate and they sprinted away from the monsters leaving their friend on the floor in a heap; then the Dementors turned to Harry

"Harry Potter we hope you received out letter" it asked in his mind,

"yes" he stammered shocked that the Dementors were speaking to him

"You are frightened and shocked understandable" It remarked My name is Lucy and this is Georgina

"Dementors have names?" Harry asked shocked, the always associated the Dementors with monsters who did not need names

"Yes, but I sense the squib will soon tell Dumbledore" It remarked. A scabbed skeletal hand reached out for him "take my hand the truth will be revealed my Lord". Pausing Harry recoiled hesitant about trusting a Dementor off all things; it could be a trap by Voldemort. He didn't need to think long as the Dementor Lucy grabbed his arm. Harry felt his body begin to melt and a shadow filled his vision.

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