The Soul Eater: Chapter 13

"Sir the Dementors are taking up defensive positions" a man warned, he wore shining white armour that gleamed in the dark sky around the prison, a wand was in hand and a helmet concealed his face

"Allow them to, they pose no threat to us" Dumbledore ordered emerging from the shadows, around him were a selection of men and women who served as Grand Templar soldiers, each dedicated their lives to him and would follow him into hell itself. He smiled to himself, today was the beginning of his plan to finally assert Templar control in Britain and soon the world, he had waited so long for this moment but only careful planning and self-control got him here today. Then he saw something from inside the prison, he drew the elder wand with a flick the water turned to ice making a bridge to the fortress.

"Today we take back what is ours, today the Templars will begin our final crusade to end the tyranny that shadows us, the unity have fallen into a shadow of what they once where and the last soul eater now lies dead, our enemies a many but we a greater, and here today we free the generals who we lost here and capture the death eaters that are no longer essential to our plans… for the greater good!" He announced to the soldiers who cheered in response. Dumbledore pointed his wand at the prison and shouted

"Attack!" his voice carried to all the men who rushed forward excitedly, some had only just been recruited and were eager to get their first taste of battle, others were older and had waited longer than Dumbledore for a chance to finally serve their master properly, then Dumbledore frowned, the Dementors were flying above them not going anywhere near his troops, surly they should be defending.

Entrance Hall

Harry stood in the entrance chamber, he was in his soul eater form and his golden skin gleamed in the weapons the knights drew. His fangs descended as he stared towards the door, it shuddered as a few weak spells impacted and Harry knew it would fall soon however he didn't expect the voice of Albus Dumbledore to fill the air

"Bombarda" he shouted ripping the door of its hinges with an accompanying cloud of dust, Harry conjured a golden shield as the rubble came towards them, then it cleared and a unanimous gasp came from the Templar soldiers

"Impossible" Dumbledore whispered as he saw who was opposing them "The unity is no more". Then his eyes fell on Harry

"And your dead" he stated thinking Harry was the previous soul eater

"Not me, my predecessor yes" Harry answered as the soldiers recoiled, his eyes narrowed at the old man

"You will not stand in our way" Dumbledore said icily

"Oh I think we will" Harry smiled "Now". The knights surged and flashes of red and green filled the sky.

Top floor West wing

"Air Units" Tom warned as he saw white clouds approaching, this was the flying form of Templar soldiers who attacked the top layers and worked their way down, Salazar looked at them with his wand drawn

"obturatio aer occidere" he shouted, a silver ball shot from the end of his wand and collided with the approaching soldiers turning them to dust as they approached, some managed to avoid and one crashed through the window to see Tom Riddle with his yew wand drawn

"Avada Kedavra" Tom hissed at the soldier who died instantly, other soldiers began crashing through and he attacked each with a variety of dark magic

"DUCK!" Salazar bellowed as a soldier armed with a dagger lunged at his descendant

"adolebit" Salazar shouted and fire internally exploded from the man

"Nice shot" Tom complimented firing a curse at a man behind Salazar

"You too" was the man's reply

Main Hall

Harry ducked as Dumbledore launched a volley of stunners towards him, they clashed harmlessly with the wall as Harry returned fire with black ball of energy

"You cannot win" the Templar leader declared conjuring a shield which absorbed the magic, all around them Templar and Unity forces clashed viscously, Harry and Dumbledore occupied the middle of the room sending bolts of extremely powerful magic towards one another

"I can try" Harry replied sending a whip of fire towards the man, Dumbledore transfigured it into a bird which narrowly missed Harry's head before being turned into a section of burning daggers. Harry flung them towards the old man who barely had time to shield himself as they were impaled on his shield.

The South section has been overrun Lucy mind warned, he surprised Dumbledore with a blasting hex which he had to conjure a marble wall to avoid it.

"Dammit" he muttered as Dumbledore got up ready to duel again

South Wing

"This way" Rowena shouted pulling Tonks and the last remaining knight into an alcove, they had been ambushed quickly after freeing some of the prisoners and the knights were quickly destroyed before the last knight and the girls began to run.

"Ok we need a plan" Rowena gasped regaining her breath

"How about don't die?" Tonks suggested playfully, Rowena shook her head

"We need to get to Bellatrix, her power and loyalty could be very useful after we get rid of the mind enchantments" The knight said impassively

"I know but them lot are looking for her too and we don't have the manpower to take on all of them" Rowena replied, Tonks had an idea and morphed into a solider
"What are you…" she began but was silenced when Tonks roughly pulled her out of the alcove

"There here!" she shouted, two soldiers heard this and began sprinting towards them, the moment they were close enough Tonks launched an explosive kick at the man's groin before knocking him to the floor, the knight seeing an opening wrestled the second man to the ground and punched him.

"Get these on" Tonks instructed, Rowena smiled

"Please tell me those plans before you do them" she instructed grabbing one unconscious body

East Wing

Isran swung an axe as Templar soldiers began pouring into the building, he was quick and nimble slicing three men in two and knocking a third out.

"Crossbows fire" he shouted before ducking as six crossbow bolts hit the advancing men, he smiled from underneath his helmet, he loved the exhilaration of battle. Then he saw the soldiers beginning to gather again

"Charge" he bellowed as he and the knights sprinted towards the men

Main Hall

Dumbledore fired another spell as Harry shielded himself, the battle had gone on for too long now and every second wasted meant that Rowena and Tonks could be in trouble, then he heard a roar. A smile spread across his face as a Hungarian Horntail crashed through the wall, stone and rubble filled the room as the creature tore through the hall, Dumbledore jumped to the side but the soldiers were not so lucky, most were caught in the monster's claws while others were subjected to bursts of fire escaping from the Dragon's mouth. Harry saw Dumbledore scrambling to his feet and managed to hit him with a well-timed energy bolt, it knocked the man to the floor and Harry scrambled on to the Dragon's back

"South wing" he ordered as the Dragon smashed through the ceiling and clawed its way out of the hall , it spread its wings and launched itself towards his destination. It crashed into the south wing and Harry saw three Templar soldiers, the dragon launched towards them as one shouted


"Rowena?" Harry questioned as the woman removed her helmet, he saw the hood that concealed her identity and nodded,

"Did you get her?" Harry asked suddenly,

"We teleported six Templar prisoners but no death eaters" Tonks, Harry jumped off the dragon

"Watch the skies" he instructed as it took off

"Well let's go then" He said brightly as the four sprinted off towards the cells,

Main Hall

Dumbledore groaned in pain as he got up, his body ached and he saw his soldiers beginning to fall victim to the Unity, there numbers were much greater and they seemed much better trained then he thought, He sighed in pain and anger, he assumed the Unity was dead or weak but instead it was organized enough to know his plans and at the same time set up a defence in a prison wholly under ministry control. A knight lunged towards him but he simply fired a cutting curse and got to his feet, should he call a retreat or not,

"Sir" came Lucius's voice, Dumbledore turned to the disguised men

"The dragon has breached our positions in the south wing and the knights in the east are retreating, the air units have been decimated and this is the only strong point.

"We can't leave without the prisoners" Dumbledore protested

"We must do something or this will be a very quick defeat" Lucius retorted,
"Keep fighting, tell our troops to get as many out as they can" Dumbledore decided

South Wing

"Is this the cell?" A Templar soldier asked to his partner as they wandered in

"Well she's not here" another growled "Ministry idiot giving us false information".

"Hello boys" came a voice, the two looked up in time to see Bellatrix Lestrange fall on them, in each hand she held a glass shard which she jammed inside a small opening in the men's helmets

"Stupefy" someone shouted, Bella spun round to see a cloaked man and woman as well as a golden looking thing, then her mind went blank as the spell took effect.

"That is insane" Harry muttered looking at the two soldiers bodies

"That was the point" Rowena told him pointing her wand at Bellatrix, she muttered something quickly as the woman vanished into thin air

"Got her, now what?" Harry asked,

The Templar's have managed to extract several prisoners but are being pushed back to the entrance hall Lucy warned, Harry turned to the group

"Main hall let's go" he instructed.

Entrance Hall

Dumbledore stood calmly as his troops began to file out, the roars of dragon could be heard outside and it took a lot of persuasion for them to leave, he and Lucius however were waiting.

"Did we get her" he asked a group of soldiers running from the south

"No, she killed our men and the Unity got her" one told him, then he clutched his mind in pain. He screamed in agony as Dumbledore destroyed his mind memory by memory

"Fool, that was our link to Voldemort if she escaped he might be able to gain knowledge on us" he hissed angrily as the man slumped to the floor, he was an empty shell and had no memory or emotion.

"Leave him" Dumbledore spat turning on the balls of his feet

"I don't think so!" came a bitter voice

"Soul Eater" Dumbledore greeted emotionlessly, the hovering creature looked at him

"You will regret this" Dumbledore hissed angrily "you will regret standing against the Templars and you will soon find the precious Unity crashing down around your ears, I will end your reign and I will ensure no Unity Member lives to oppose me, all you have done is delayed the inevitable, soon I will be back for revenge and the final stages of Godric Gryffindors plan will be unleashed, you will see what it is very soon and then you will regret this". Harry glared at the man with undisguised contempt

"Your words mean nothing Albus Dumbledore, you will never see your plan come to light and I will ensure it" he spat raising a palm,
"Fawkes" Dumbledore cried out, In a flash of fire the bird swooped down from the sky, it latched onto Dumbledore's arm and together they vanished in a torrent of flames. Lucius looked terrified

"Let's be reasonable here" he began

"Yes we will" came a high cold voice

"Master?" Lucius called out as Tom Riddle walked towards him

"Not really my servant where you? It matters not" Tom growled, he quickly probed the man's mind before raising his wand

"AVADA KEDAVRA" he shouted, the green jet of light smashed into the pale man and Harry knew he was dead before he hit the floor. The room was silent

"We did it" Harry began switching into his normal form "we beat them and we proved the Unity is still strong, today we showed their leader he was very wrong and killed a member of the Templar Elder Council to boot, while we lost many good men in this battle we can say for sure that this is Unity territory and there is no force on earth that can take it from us now". His speech obviously had some impact and the knights began clapping and shaking each other's hand

"So what now?" Harry asked Rowena

"We find out what plan Dumbledore was talking about" she told him slipping her hand into his