This is the new fic that I promised in the last chapter of my other story. (Don't worry I haven't given up! Just lacking any sort of inspiration.) It is a chapter consisting of two oneshot/Drabbles one about Howard one about Vince, each based on a new word, two words per letter of the alphabet. Enjoy. J

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Howard has always considered himself largely alone. And then Vince came swanning in with all his madness, peculiarity, violent swinging personalities and well… Vinceness. And Howard loved it.

Howard doesn't think his heart will be able to cope if vince ever decides to leave. Howard understands that for Vince there are other people, other fashionista, mods, punks or whatever else is currently in trend in Camden. Howard understands that. But Howard also understands that despite all those other people the only one Vince will ever come back for is Howard. Howard understands, and so, when he is left alone at night while Vince is out partying Howard doesn't fret, worry or feel alone, because he knows Vince will always come back for him.


Vince feels alone. He knows he shouldn't. He always has a flock, crowd following him. Some even want autographs. Vince goes along and, in all honesty, enjoys the attention. But then, sometimes he stops and realises, non of these people are friends. They are fickle, following the crowds of time, the current 'in things'. Non of these people truly understand. Non of these people truly care, not about him anyway. And when this dawns on Vince, like a sudden epiphany, he feels truly alone.

It's at times like this when his mind wanders back to Howard. Patient, kind, loving if a little freakish, Howard. Howard who will always be there for him, no matter what. Because Howard will always care.

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