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Deidara jumped, visibly shocked that there was someone there.

"What do you want? To ridicule me for my failure? Go away." The young Atkatsuki rolled over, dismissing his unwanted visitor.

He didn't hear anything, but the overwhelming presence in the room vanished, leaving Deidara alone to his thoughts. Not that there was much to think about. After all, he repressed his memories of Sasori to avoid the pain. So he started thinking about his battle with the jinjurikai, and began plotting his revenge.

A few hours passed, and Itachi walked in. "Deidara, it's time to start your mission." He tossed a scroll on the bed, and walked out. Deidara grabbed the scroll and unrolled it, looking through it.

Your mission is to scout the village of snow. There have been rumors that the
three tailed beast is hidden there. You have three days to scout the village
and three kilometers of the land surrounding it. Report to Itachi before you
leave, as he will be your partner while Kisame is on a mission of his own.

Report to Pein before you leave.

Deidara crumpled the scroll and got out of bed, pulling on his robe. As he went into the bathroom, he caught sight of himself in the mirror and winced, seeing that he looked like hell. He quickly darted through the shower, then got redressed and pulled his hair into its trademark pony tail, fixing his bangs so they once again cover his bionic left eye. Now, he thought, let's go see what Pein wants.

Deidara moved quickly through the Atkatsuki headquarters, wondering, and not for the first time, why it was kept so it alternated at set intervals from light to dark and back again. I'll just ask Sa… oh… yeah… dammit, Deidara, he's dead. Never forget that he's dead. Deidara stopped and punched a wall, wincing as he feels the skin tore, letting blood drip down his fingers. Never.

As he enters the big room, the room in which Pein resided, and knelt on the platform that was designated to himself. "Lord Pein, you summoned me?"


After a pause, Deidara spoke up once again. "May I ask why?"

"There is no room for weakness in this organization. Should you show any hesitation, doubts, or question any orders you are given, then you will be... cast out of this organization. You will not be allowed to return."

Deidara ducks his head. "Yes, lord Pein. I understand." He spoke, keeping the bitterness out of his voice.

"You are dismissed. Carry out your mission with Itachi."

"Yes lord." Deidara stands and leaves the room, barely making it out before his face went red with rage that had been building up during his talk with Pein. The bastard had basically said Deidara would be executed if he made a mistake. As every Atkatsuki member knew, there was no leaving the organization. Not alive anyway.

What is that man playing at, he wondered. Especially pairing me with Itachi! There's no way I'm going to escape that one! This mission might well be my last, because Itachi would never give me a good report! Deidara shivered, then growled softly, straightening up. The hell am I saying? This is one mission I refuse to fail. The jinjurikai… anyone harboring a jinjurikai… they will die. All of them! He laughs maniacally.

When Deidara finally met up with Itachi, neither spoke. Itachi ran on the ground, while Deidara flew on his clay bird. At nightfall, Itachi sat in a tree while Deidara started pitching camp. However, as Deidara put two sleeping bags into the tent, Itachi broke the tense silence.

"Don't bother."

"What? Why not?"

"I'm not sleeping," Itachi replied.

"Fine…" Deidara muttered, throwing the sleeping out of the tent, then crawling into his own, and falling into a dreamless sleep.


"Sa… Sasori… is that you?"

"Deidara, get up! There is a battle on our hands! Looks like the nearest village saw your bird landing and sent us a welcome!"

Deidara jerked awake and scrambled out of his sleeping bag, looking out of his tent to find it surrounded by what looked like twenty ninja, all ready to battle, with Itachi nowhere to be seen.

"Damn it!"

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