This is a response to one of my challenges. The title translates to heavenly son . This is a gen story and will have no pairings. I know I should be concentrating on the metal miscalculation but I was bored. I'm not sure if I will continue this or not. It's up to you guys.


Chapter 1 Of: fils céleste

It was a dark night. Cold and wet. In an ally, in Detroit michagen (sp?) , a young man about 28 years old, was laying on a thin dirty mattress that a small family had thrown away. Despite his filthy face and clothes, he was dressed nicely in a dark green silk long sleeved shirt, a suit vest, and black dress pants and , strangely , leather biker boots. He had a lightning bolt scar on his forehead , that was slowly fading as he dreamed. His shivers and whimpers loud in the otherwise silent area. A year ago, you would not have seen this young man in this state. You see, a year ago, this man was a part of a secret world, one with magic and wonder. One that muggles( non-magic people) was not aware of, and still aren't, and will never have a chance to find out about again. Why? You see, years ago, when this young man turned 14, a dark lord that had seemingly been vanquished by this young man, had returned, and restarted a war that had stopped 13 years before, by this young man. When he was but a babe, this dark lord, known by many names, such as he-who-must-not-be-named, you-know-who, the dark lord,voldemort, and last but the little known name of Tom Marvolo Riddle, heard of a prophecy, one that a baby born as the seventh months dies would have the power to defeat him. So, he went to the house where this boys family was hiding from him, killed the boys parents, and turned his wand on the boy and attempted to kill the boy as well. But when the unforgivable killing curse shot out of his wand and hit the small boys head, something went wrong. It rebounded of the boy, and hit its castor, and temporarily vanquished him. And the boy went to live with his uncle and aunt , and at eleven, he went to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry , and in his third year, the dark lord voldemort returned, and the war started again. When the young man was a little over 27, six months in fact, he killed the dark lord. The magical backlash killing every single witch and wizard in the world . Disintegrating them, so not even a body was able to be buried. But, the only surviver was one, Harry James Potter. The boy who lived. Being the only wizard alive left, he grieved. But realized that would do nothing, and went to gringottes , where he discovered he had inherited all the money in the wiz adding world. Making him the richest person on earth. Taking a pouch connected to his vaults, he only used the money for food and clothing. Not shelter. He could not provide his friends and loved ones shelter from the war, so he did not deserve it either.

His powers had changed, growing stronger It seemed, though, he could only feel it, he didn't use them, afraid he would hurt someone with his magic, as strong as it was growing, and was still growing stronger each day. Lately he had been having dreams about when he was a baby. But, instead of lily and James as his parents, he had two of the arhangels, Michael and Lucifer as his parents, and uncle Gabriel , Balthazar , Castiel, Raphael , and aunt Anna grampa God. Michael and Lucifer always called him "their little Lokiel " and their son. But tonight he dreamed of lucifer and Michael and his aunts and uncles fighting against Raphael and his other aunts and uncles. But what made him whimper , was while the fight was going on his dream, dumbledore took him, and gave him to the Durslys, after blocking his angelic power. Wait! He remembers now! He is an angel, the son of lucifer and Michael ! As his memory returned, so did the full power of his grace, coursing a backlash of angelic power felt by a nearby candy-loving angel . The last thing Lokiel saw was a short man which honey blond hair and honey gold eyes staring at him in shock. Then the world went black.