Gabriel was walking back from doing his job as Loki, a trickster god , a persona that he had made up thousands of years ago when he ran away from heaven. He ran away because he hated the fighting going on in his once peaceful home. Sure, he stayed until lucifer and Michael had one the war against Raphael , but afterwards there was so much sadness and depression and built up anger that he just had to leave. He left a not, then made himself a vessel, honey blond hair and honey gold eyes and pale perfect skin. It was quite short too, which he didn't mind, as long as someone didn't make a crack about it, and made himself a new identity with a name he chose in loving memory to his nephew. His nephew... That was the reason why he chose that name for his persona, Loki was the shortened term for Lokiel . Like when Castiel was called Cas by the two Winchester's . He chose it in memory of Lokiel. He remembered when Lokiel had his first burst of accidental grace. It showed them how much power the angel would have. Lokiels first burst of accidental grace was the strongest seen yet, other than Lucifers , but just barley . He had wandered off and ran into about 30 demons, and, scared out of his mind, his grace burst out and destroyed them. Michael and Lucifer as well as Gabriel Castiel and Balthazar and Raphael had been sick with worry over him and when they felt the burst from where they were searching in the garden, they rushed to him, flying faster than they ever had before. When they found him they were shocked and proud at the same , scared for the safety of Lokiel, blocked off all the portals to Hell that were open . Walking past an alleyway , Gabriel snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a whimper coming from the ally. All the sudden a strong feeling of grace burst from the alley. He would know that grace anywhere . That grace was only special to Lokiel . He ran into the ally and stopped above a man that was shorter than him (impressive) at about 5.4 , and his features, strangely , were changing . Browne messy hair that defied gravity smoothly changed to a curly light blond shortening to above his ears, his bright emerald eyes switched to dark sapphire blue with gold and silver flakes dotting around the iris , and tanned scared skin being replaced by pale and perfect complexion and the scars healed. A round babyish face gained high aristocratic nose and cheekbones , and almond shaped eyes shaped into large innocent eyeshape. Long thick black lashes replaced short thin ones and pale pink chapped lips turned full pink and rosy . He gains night and muscle, stopping at about 6'4 and his clothes that looked oddly large on him finally fit. Gabriel would recognize him anywhere . Lokiel Angelus Michaelson-Luciferson , formally Harry James Potter , the last wizard alive and the boy who lived. He smiled. Of course, he had to have a hero complex, just like his father. But then he frowned . They all betrayed him. If they were not already dead, they would have the wrath of Gabriel the Archangel on them. He snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed Lokiel had passed out. He picked him up (even with his angel strength , he was heavy from the amount of grace that inhabited his body.) And flew off toward his apartment . Leaving only a dirty mattress and a single golden feather.

Somewhere in heaven, two Angels eyes opened in shock.