Lokiel slowly woke up. He groaned when he saw his wings. There was six of them, and they were breathtaking , easily more breathtaking then all the archangels put together, and his grace shined brighter then his father, Lucifer's.

All the sudden he felt two dips in the bed he was sitting on. He looked up and saw the thing he never thought he would see again after he got taken.

"Father? Dad? Is.. Is that really? Is that really you?"

The two beings smiled at him. The one with Blond hair and pure sapphire eyes raising his hand and placing it on his head to stroke his hair. he knew this was Lucifer, his father. He could feel the grace from both of them now that he concentrated, and it was indeed both his parents.

The one with black hair and shining silver eyes took his hand and smiled at him, stroking his hand with his thumb.

Michael and lucifer smiled at their son. His voice was musical, childish, and powerful all rolled into one. It would be hard to describe to a human, but to a Angel, his voice was like the heavenly choir , like a newborn fledgling's laugh, and like Waves crashing against a rocky shore in a storm.

" it is really us, my son. We are so glad that you are back with us. But to know that you were hidden as Harry Potter... That is distressing . We knew all about Harry Potter after all. Seems like you got a mix of all of our personality traits, even from Balthazar , Castiel and Annael. But the past does not matter . What matters is that your here , back were you belong." Lucifer finished his speech. Michael once again smiled at Lokiel. He opens his arms as well as Lucifer , and Lokiel jumped into them.

••••••••••time skip•••••••••••

Lokiel was walking up to the gates of heaven. His parents and uncle Gabriel by his side. It was time to go home.

He walked through the gate and the whispering of voices stopped suddenly. Then, cheers sounded. The first to approach him and give him a hug was Castiel , his ebony wings fluttering excitedly . The next was Balthazar , his teal blue wings puffed out in happiness . A huge grin on his face, and a welcome home was said. Annael was next, her copper wings raised in a sign of welcome. He gave him a hug and a pinch on the cheeks, much to his embaresment And his parents amusement .

The last person to come was God himself he hugged him and welcomed him back, and apologized for not being able to save him. Lokiel forgave him, and said it wasn't his fault.

It hit Lokiel as he went to bed in his old room that night. He was home. Well and truly home. And he couldn't be happier.


an; to my one and only reiviewr , Lady Diana of the moon, thank you for staying with this story the while way. I dedicate the whole thing to you.