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Chapter 1: Changing Fate

As soon as Neville slayed the head off of Naginia, he was hit with two different curses by two different Death Eaters, they had been silent; nobody saw them coming, when everyone realized what was going on the light side cried out in alarm, wanting to help Neville but not knowing what to do.

Neville had felt pain before, basically because of the Death Eaters, they had cost him his childhood and had lost his parents, and then when Bellatrix Lestrange hit him with the had realized what kind of pain Harry had gone through. But this pain was much worse than the cruitiacurse, it felt as though his entire body was being burnt alive.

His flesh felt as though it was blistering, he felt as though he had serious heart burn but worse at the same time. He was in so much pain, he didn't even know if he had cried out at all.

When the second silent curse hit him he felt as though his body was going to explode, he was in such great pain it was unbelievable. He wondered if he was going to die, if everyone felt this much pain when they died or if he was just a special case.

His eyes were closed and his heart was pounding heavily in his chest and ringing in his ears. He could hardly breathe at all. He couldn't believe that he was going to die now.

He had lived through when the Death Eaters went to his parents house to kill him and he had lived through his childhood with his gran in charge and finally the intense years at school but now he was going to die, for killing a snake

.He couldn't believe that this was happening, people were crying out, wanting to help him but he couldn't hear them, all he could hear was the roaring in his ears and the pounding in his heart in his chest

He just wished that this was over already, he couldn't take it anymore. His breathing started to become erratic, his mind blanking out from the pain.

He passed out and as he did a loud bang was heard throughout the school, with his body swirling and spinning as fast as it could almost making him want to throw up and was gone in a splash of bright red light.

In his wake was a black spot where his body had previously been, everyone stared at the spot too stunned to do anything else.

Everyone who had run around frantically stopped and stared at the spot unable to believe what was happening. Neville Longbottom was gone.