A/N: Hey guys, so just a little blurb before the story. I'm normally a one shot writer, I've dabbled a bit in multi-chapter fics, but I always felt like I was either trying to stretch a one shot, or I would get uninterested and couldn't find a way to continue with the story. With that being said though I can assure you this WILL be a multi-chapter fic, I have a plan, I know what direction I want to take this and I have pages and pages of notes for future chapters.

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It was late, or was it early; Jade didn't know what the time was. All she knew is she needed to find a place to stay, a safe haven for the night, somewhere where she wouldn't be alone. The whirlwind of memories from hours ago wouldn't go away. She had been wandering the streets since; the streetlights went on nearly three hours ago. She was cold, she was alone, and most of all Jade West was afraid. Sure Jade has been scared before, who hasn't, but this was different, she was legitimately terrified of the night, or that night rather.

The chaos of an inter monologue clouded her thoughts. Jade was so distracted she didn't see the tree in front of her, with a jarring thud, Jade was ripped from her thoughts. Pulling herself off the ground, Jade brushed herself off, smiling at the sight in front of her, Tori's house. Of course I'd end up here, Jade thought to herself. There was something very comforting about Tori and her overall presence, something Jade never understood, something she always questioned. She climbed the tree she knew to be outside Tori's bedroom window, she carefully made her way across the branch and maneuvered slightly to slide open the window and shimmy inside.

The room was illuminated by the soft light of the moon trailing in from the window. The light swept across the room, leading Jade's eyes to the sleeping figure of Tori Vega. The way the light crossed her face accentuated her already stunning cheekbones. Jade slowly made her way to the edge of the bed, laid her hand on Tori's upper hand while quietly asking, "Veg—Tori? Can I stay here tonight?" A half sleeping Tori mumbled incoherently, "O-of course Jadey Bear….Any-anything f-for you..." With that strange approval Jade slipped into the unoccupied side of the bed, which was quite small since Tori was more in the middle rather than to one side. As she began to settle under the covers, Tori rolled over facing Jade, gave her a light peck on the cheek and nestled her head into the crook of Jade's neck, draping her arm over Jade's waist.

Jade smiled. While normally Jade wasn't the type for physical affection or interaction, having Tori wrapped around her was just what she needed. Felling her soft skin, smelling her light flowery perfume, and hearing her soft quiet breaths, provided Jade with such calm. It's like she was transported to a dream world where everything slowed down, her mind was given a rest, and everything was ok. She let herself go sighing deeply. She didn't know how things would play out tomorrow, what would happen if Tori became conscious enough to know Jade was there, all she cared about was here and now. Focusing on the present, and Tori sleeping beside her, Jade closed her eyes as her body succumbed to sleep.

I know this was really short (again I'm normally a one shot writer), but I just wanted to get a basis started for you guys. I already have ch. 2 started, and it will be longer, I'm shooting for approx. 1000 words per chapter, but don't take my word on that. Thanks for reading, reviews are love! Ch. 2 coming soon!