Where exactly is the jam located? I'm currently by the eggs and I seem to be lost -SH

Big signs above the aisles. Look for the one that says 'Jam'. - JW

And make sure to get strawberry. - JW

Don't you think I already tried that? And honestly John I'm a detective. I know your favourite flavour is strawberry -SH

Look for the peanut butter. Should be in the general vicinity. And let me guess: my brand of shoe gave away my favourite flavour of jam or something ridiculous like that. - JW

No. I do occasionally eat. And that generally involves looking through cupboards for food, and I only ever see strawberry. And that's not cheating, that's paying attention. Is marmalade okay? -SH

No, Sherlock. Marmalade is NOT okay. Jam. STRAWBERRY JAM. Oh, and Mycroft's here, so skip the cake this time. - JW

Right. Got it. Didn't even bother with the cake so I'll be home soon. I can handle the chip and pin machines.-SH

Look, I can handle chip and PIN machines. That one just decided to be a pain. Actually, that explains why you and it get on so well. You've so much in common. - JW

I still have time to accidentally drop your precious jam. -SH

Don't you dare. I told Mycroft you were gone for a couple of days, but I'll tell him exactly where you are if anything happens to my jam! - JW

Well played. -SH