Makoto sighed, and looked out the window. The Indian Ocean glittered beautiful in the sunset, which looked orange. He remembered Luchia, and her pink tail. He wondered if Kaito had started dating her already. He hoped so. He also hoped he would find his own mermaid love one day soon.

His father looked back at him through the rearview mirror. "Hey Makoto, aren't you excited?! You love the ocean!"

"I know, Dad." He smiled at his dad. "I'm just daydreaming."

"You spend too much time daydreaming." His mother chided. "You should pay more attention to what's going on around you."

Makoto rolled his eyes. "Mom! I know. How many times are you going to tell me? Besides, it's vacation. We moved out here only two days ago, and yet you keep pestering me. It's not like I have school to worry about anymore."

"It's only two months, then your off to high school!" His mother said proudly.

Makoto groaned. "Don't remind me. How come we had to move?"

"My job" His dad said flatly. "Don't worry, you'll have a lot of fun here. Our house is right on the water, isn't that nice?"

"Right." He grumbled. Makoto stared back out the window, and noticed a strange ripple on the water, like something was swimming next to the car. Then, the mermaid jumped, and Makoto's heart nearly stopped. She was incredibly beautiful. Her long orange hair shone in the sunset, and her bands were perfectly placed. Her hair matched her orange tail, which shimmered with water droplets around it. She wore the normal mermaid outfit, an orange sea shell bra. Still, the sight made Makoto heart stopped. She splashed back into the water, and Makoto was immediately love struck. The best thing, she looked about his age. Had he found his mermaid?

The next day, he walked around his new house. It was nice, he had to say. The house was about three feet from the beach. It was a rocky beach though, with rocks that seemed to be just as big as him. The waves smacked against the rocks, kicking up a spray. Makoto jumped rock to rock carefully, and landed on a flat one. It was pointed towards the ocean, and big enough for him and another person. He looked out to the Indian Ocean. "I saw her, and I want to see her again." He told no one in particular. He meant it though. He knew he saw a mermaid, and he wanted to see her again. He jumped when a wave crashed against the rock, and covered him with a relaxing sea spray. Then the singing came.

"I wake up, hearing my name in someone's voice.

Floating above the blue waves within the sea's cradle

I dreamt.

Somewhere in this sea, someone's speaking in an arguing voice.

From a crying heart, love can't be born.

Only sadness overflows.

From the fragments of a beautiful wish of the sea,

There are feelings of wanting to be born, embracing light.

In the orange sea, blending into the sunset

the tears of the world sleep."

It was a beautiful melody that seemed to sway him off his feet. He looked around desperately, and there, sitting on a rock about five rocks away from his, was the mermaid he had seen yesterday. She had her head up, and her tail was hanging towards the water. Her eyes were closed, and a content smile was on her face as she sang. She finished her verse, then turned and smiled at him. Her eyes were a beautiful orange color. "You've seen me again. Is that all?" Her voice was soft with a tease.

Makoto was lost for words. "Uh…um…Your…"

The mermaid seemed to find him funny. She giggled, a sound that made his heart try to leap out of his heart. "Bye now." She dove into the water, and swam away.

"Wait!" Makoto stood up so fast, he slipped, and fell to the water as a wave crashed against the rock. He thought for sure he would end up splattered with it, but someone grabbed his hand, and pulled him to safety. More singing: Was the world being born what called me...?

"At the bottom of the deep sea, I could hear a voice.

No matter how dark, or painful place I'm in...

From the fragments of a beautiful wish of the sea,

There are feelings of wanting to be born, opening away from the darkness.

Also in the purple sea, blending into the morning glow

my wishes broke through."

Makoto opened his eyes, and stared at the mermaid. She was singing as she pulled him away from the rocks, and into open water. The water was shallow, and he could stand. But, he didn't want to. He just watched as the mermaid let go of his hand, much to his dismay, and kept swimming, singing as she moved. He watched her until his lungs screamed for air, and then he broke the surface. He listened as her voice faded away into the ocean, until it was gone.

He knew for sure now. He had found his own mermaid. The more he thought about it, the more he smiled.