It was a cool night, with a small breeze coming from the east. All was quiet, too quiet. There was a faint scent of burning rubber. Bat Hound stood atop the Balochi family factory, making the view of the city clear.

An alarm rang out across the city, coming from the museum. He leaped into action, jumping on to an awning then safely to the ground, th concrete cool on his paws. By hitting a button on his utility collar, Bat Hound summoned his bat hound mobile. It would be the fastest and only way to catch up with the crook.

He arrived at the museum to find Isis, Cat woman's partner. She was a cat you didn't want to cross paths with, the smartest of all cats. Usually she didn't set off an alarm. Isis must have planned for his arrival, he thought, so he was cautious.

Anyway Bat Hound assumed she was after the usual gemstone. He pursued her, without her noticing, or at least that's what Bat Hound had thought. As He rounded the corner she was no where in sight.

Isis was known for playing cat tricks such as this. Something seemed to be watching him, he looked up to see a dark figure back away from the edge of the building rooftop. Bat Hound raced his way up the fire escape, to the roof of the building. Isis was sitting on the edge, cleaning her paws.

"So you figured it out, I expected faster, but then again you are getting old," Isis said insultingly. She leaped off the edge towards me. "What did you take?" he asked sternly. "Isn't it obvious," she replied, on top of the stairwell roof. Bat Hound turned his head quickly to where she had been moments before. He filled with confusion. "What's wrong, haven't you seen a clone before?" Isis asked menacingly. Bat Hound kept looking between them both, trying to figure out which one was real.

The suddenly a long figure jumped out of the shadows, pinning down the real Isis. Isis tried to free herself but couldn't. The body of the figure looked like an afghan hound. The afghan tied up Isis and approached him. It was, in fact, a female afghan with sleek black fur, "Thanks for distracting her for me," she stated, "but I work alone". "Who are you?" Bat Hound asked in bewilderment. "Cora," she replied as she ran off with Isis. She was intimidating, but charming.


Isis laughed gleefully, pleased with her gem. Cora lied down, sadly staring up at her. Isis was lying down on a nice soft pillow, Cora on the cold concrete. "Why did you need me for this," Cora asked. "Well, I thought, wow I have an afghan just lying around. Maybe I'll use her while I can?" Isis replied sarcastically. Cora lied there, remembering when she became a servant to cats.

"Snooky you grabbed the wrong one! You were supposed to dog nap Brainy Barker, not her mutt of a sister!" Mechanikat had yelled. "We can still use her," Snooky had replied. "I suppose so, for now take her to the dungeon!" Mechanikat had ordered. "Sir, we got rid of the dungeon, so we could fit that new scratching post," Snooky reminded. "Then lock her in a room somewhere until I need her," Mechanikat had ordered , obviously angry. Two years ago, right then and there, Cora's life had been taken and now she was serving cats.

Isis blabbed on about something, which Cora ignored. She got lost in her thoughts, thinking of the dog she had seen earlier. He was intimidating, bold, and handsome. There was a sense of mysteriousness that came with him. Cora soon drifted off into a deep sleep.


"Soon my plan will be complete, Delilah!" Mechanikat stated. Delilah purred in satisfaction, lying down on a purple velvet pillow across the room. "Now that Isis has the Klonen Gem, I can clone Krypto and use it to take over the world!" he declared, his voice echoing throughout the room. "Yeah but what about that Bat Hound and the Dog Stars?" Delilah interrupted. "Oh I've got a plan for them," Mechanikat replied. "Sounds interesting. Tell me your plan so I can point out all the flaws, which are usually the entire plan," Delilah stated. "Oh not this time my dear, I'm going to use Brainy Barker's mutt of a sister. It will send everyone into a tailspin. Especially Brainy Barker, and when she freaks out Krypto and the Dog Stars will be distracted. That Bat Hound may be a challenge, I'll distract him with Cora as well," Mechanikat continued. "Not bad, now once they're all distracted how do you plan on taking over the world exactly?" Delilah questioned. "I'll start out small with that blemish of a town Krypto and Bat Hound live in, using Kryto's clone, the town's people will willingly give me the town. And because of the Krypto clone eventually I can take over the world!" he replied.