Hello fanfiction. This is my first story on fanfiction so please no flamers. Just before the story starts I have some things to mention.

1. For the sake of the story pretend that all the events in the previous Watch novels happened when the characters were younger. So this is a slight AU story

2. This story contains OC's, so if you don't like then don't read

3. Finally I do no own Discworld.

Chapter 1

Corporal Aello Dragon looked up at the speaker standing on the make shift stage in front of the huge crowd. There he was. Spewing out garbage about how trolls and dwarfs were 'lower class citizens', and they believed him. Turning around she started to head back to Pseudopolis Yard. She remembered the conversation in the Watch House they were having earlier on.


"Have you seen The Times this morning!" cried Aello as she stormed into Pseudopolis Yard. Looking up from the report he was writing Captain Carrot said, "No, what's it say this time?" Looking back at the paper Aello read:

"Riot in Sator Square after Mick Griff's speech: 'Dwarfs are violent, trolls are thugs. Do we need them? Do we want them? The answer is no! We humans are the superior race.' Said Mr Griff just before he was attacked. The attacker was a Mr Jacob Smith, 29 Dolly Sisters, who was quickly apprehended by The Watch after the riot was over. No one was killed although several people were hurt."

Throwing the paper on a dark Aello said, "Why can't we arrest the bastard?" Standing up Carrot said

"Because he hasn't actually broken the law. He didn't organise those riots, and if he did he's too organised and careful to leave any solid evidence."

"Why can't the trolls and dwarfs do something?" asked Aello

"And prove Mick Griff's point? No it would be easier to just leave it. People will lose interest eventually." said Carrot sitting back down. Frowning Aello headed back towards the door.

"I'm going on patrol," she said, "And I know if we don't do something there will be trouble."

*end flashback*

Walking past Gleam Street Aello sighed. Life had certainly got better since she joined The Watch, but she always had to keep looking over her shoulder, and this Mick Griff person certainly didn't help. She had walked about another two metres before she heard the clicking of heels and the call of, "Corporal. Corporal. Hey are you even listening to me Aello Dragon?"

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