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It was over. Finally.

The Daleks and Cybermen, the Silurians and Sontarans. Once again, Earth was safe and sound with the humans none the wiser and the bad aliens chased away.

Well, almost all the humans.

"Off I pop then," the Doctor said, heading for the door of the flat. "Have some timey wimey things to attend to and… stuff. Thanks for all the help!"

"Forgetting something, Doctor?" Sherlock asked, taking a sip of the tea John had made him.

"You did promise," his faithful companion chimed in, looking up from his laptop.

The Doctor winced. "Yes, well, I was rather hoping you'd… forget," he muttered.

John laughed. "You expect Sherlock to forget something like that?" he asked incredulously. "Sherlock Holmes? Didn't you hire him for his memory?"

"Yes, all right!" The Doctor straightened his bow tie and let out an annoyed breath. "Well, come on then! A promise is a promise."

"A very sound analysis," Sherlock said, setting his teacup down. He grabbed his coat and scarf. "Coming, John?"

John sighed, but anyone could see that he was excited. "All right," he said, shrugging into his own jacket. "Where are we going?"

"I've got no idea," the Doctor said, sounding far too excited. "Come along, boys!"

Sherlock and John followed the alien out of the flat, calling to Mrs. Hudson that they would be gone a while.

And there it was. In an alleyway beside the flat, glowing slightly and so very blue in the evening light. The Doctor unlocked the door and walked inside. Sherlock was a step behind him, probably trying not to be left behind.

John hesitated. Did he really want to see the inside of that box? He had the strangest feeling that whatever was kept within it would change his life forever. (Not that the aliens hadn't done the same.)

Sherlock's head popped out of the box, his blue eyes locking on John in confusion. "John?" he said. "I believe you'll want to see this."
John nodded and braced himself. "Right," he said. "Just – just getting my bearings."

Sherlock quirked an eyebrow at him and smiled, obviously knowing there was more to it. But he just stepped back inside the TARDIS, and John followed.