The first chapters haven't had very much Bethan in it! Sooooo I decided to add a little bit of fluff between the two of them in this! YAY! Gotta love fluff! Anyways, I don't own yadda yadda yadda and STORY!

Benny sat, leaning up against his wall staring at the shawl that rested on his bed. He hadn't touched it, not since Ethan had left. He had sat there staring at it for most of the time. He glanced around his room at the candles he had place strategically to make sure they were right. Sure it may seem girl for a sixteen-year-old boy to have candles but they weren't normal candles. They were Candles of Remembrance, or Candela of Monumentum. The scent they gave of made it possible for novice spell-masters to enter their inner mind, letting them sort through their memories or find ones they forgot. Older spell-masters, like his grandma, could enter their inner mind without the candles.

He snapped his fingers and fire sprang to life on the wicks of the candles casting odd, moving shadows on the walls of the dark room. Benny got to his feet and made his way to the bed. Having an item to focus on made finding memories easier, or at least it did according to his spell book. He picked up the shawl and slid to the floor examining the symbols closely. They were demonic. He shifted nervously; it was the first time he had ever used the candles. Benny inhaled the scent of the candles deeply, focusing, or at least attempting to, only on the shawl in his hands.

The feeling of plunging into an ice cold lake washed over him and he opened his eyes. He was standing, even though he specifically remember sitting, in a long solid black hallway and its walls were lined with screens, each showing a different memory. He walked down the hallway in awe. Some of these he didn't even remember he had been far too young. Like this one: He was outside during the fall, running, but he wasn't scared. He was laughing and grinning as he crashed through a pile of leaves. A man with wavy brown hair, like his, and brown eyes scooped him up into his arms fake roaring. "I've got you now!" the man grinned spinning a giggling Benny around. "Don't do that," a woman's voice protested from an open window. She had curly light brown hair and dark green eyes, just like his eyes. "What happens if you lose your grip and he goes flying? Hm? Then what?" The man just laughed and grinned at her. "Then I won't lose my grip!" he said spinning Benny again much to the woman's dismay. "Can't let anything happen to our precious baby boy, now can we?" The woman rolled her eyes. "Just be careful you big dork!" He mock saluted her with a sloppy half grin on his face.

Benny reached out and touched the screen lightly as if he thought it w as going to break. His other hand tightened on the long forgotten shawl.

"Mom," he breathed. "Dad." He couldn't help but wonder how old he had been. When had it happened? Was it long before they died? A silver plaque shimmered to existence underneath the screen, drawing Benny's attention. October 10, 1999. It had happened less than a year before the accident, less than a year. He blinked back tears and turned away from the screen, quickly walking down the hallway, how could he not remember that.

Every once in a while he would slow to a stop in front of a memory. This one he remembered. It was of when he and Ethan first met: He had just moved in with his grandma after his parents had died and was currently hiding up in his new room; that was until he heard the front door opened and a yell of 'Grandma Weir!' His curiosity got the better of him and he left the sanctuary of his room and crept down the stairs. "Hello Ethan," his grandma said ruffling a small boy's hair, who was carrying a basket that was almost as big as he was. "What do you have here?" He sat the basket on the floor and let out a slightly annoyed huff accompanied by an eye roll. "It's a gift basket for your grandson to make him feel welcomed," he said setting his hands on his hips. "Mommy made me bring it over 'cause her and Daddy were, for some reason they couldn't tell me, busy. I think it's 'cause they want me to meet your grandson." "Well that's very sweet, I'm sure Benny will love it," she said smiling. "I don't know who this Benny is," the dark haired boy said crawling up on the couch. "But I'm guessing it's the kid hiding on the stairs. Grandma Weir stifled a laugh as Benny let out a squeak of surprise and fell down the remaining two stairs. "Hi," he said giving a small wave from his position on the floor. "Hi," Ethan said back completely unimpressed with a slightly raised eyebrow and all. "How'd you know I was there?" Benny asked scrambling to sit next to the smaller boy. "You breathe loud," he responded with a matter of fact voice.

Benny smiled fondly at the memory. Ethan had such attitude when he was little, and a little know-it-all. Well that hadn't changed, and he still told him that he breathed loud on a regular basis. He found himself stopping more and more often as Ethan came into his memories more and more often. There were just so many ones; ones he loved and treasured. Most of his favorites were just little moments. Like the one where Ethan had fallen asleep during a movie and had ended up curled up against Benny, or the one where he had sat between his legs and leaned up against him while they were playing video games. This was officially his favorite part of his brain. All of these memories had Ethan in them. He smiled and let the shawl in his hands flutter to the floor, he could stay here – wait, shawl? He stooped down and pocked it back up. He was here to find the memory that came with the shawl, he had forgotten. He briskly walked down the hallway resisting the urge to stop and relive every memory with Ethan in it, which was just about all of them. He really did spend a lot of time with the shorter teen. But he loved every single moment spent with him, he cherished every memory. Like the one- No! He had to focus! He needed to find that memory. He walked down the hallway passing a screen that the memory was broken up by static. He was drawn back to it out of pure curiosity. The memory was fairly new; extremely early in the morning. The setting was dark: The triumphant grin he was wearing quickly fell from his face when pain suddenly blossomed in his stomach. It felt as though someone had stabbed him with a knife and was twisting it.

The largest Demon, most likely the leader, sniffed the air before letting a blood curling grin spread across his disfigured face.

"Do you smell that?" It snarled happily. The other Demons sniffed the air before grinning.

"A seer," gurgled the scale covered Demon on his right. "He is young and powerful, impossible to miss."

"Thank him.The rest of you shall begin the hunt withme, oh, and Kastial, do be sure to thank him properly." With that three of the four Demons left. Kastial walked over to Benny and help him to his feet.

"Your magic is bound," Kastial said resting her hand on his forehead. "When magic is bound it prevents it from growing and flowing freely through your veins as it should."

"Thank you, young spell-master," Kastial said bowing to the limp figure on the ground. "Until we meet again. Until we meet again." The Demon crawled out the window closing it behind her and disappearing into the night.

Benny sat up with a sharp gasp. His room was pitch black except for the occasional flash of lightning from outside. His heart was pounding. He felt panic start to set in but he needed to tell Ethan and for that he needed to stay calm.

Ethan slowly sat down on his bed in shock.

"Demons?" he asked still not quite believing Benny, but it was more like he didn't want to. Benny quickly sat down next to Ethan and wrapped and arm lightly around his shoulder.

"You're going to be all right, E," Benny said squeezing him lightly. "I'll make sure nothing happens to you." Ethan began to shake his head frantically.

"No!" he half sobbed. "No, y-you'll get hurt! Benny, you're going to die! I s-saw it! Y-you'll die." The smaller teen started shaking trying to suppress tears. Benny pulled Ethan into his lap wrapping him in a hug.

"Shh," he muttered rocking them back and forth stroking Ethan's hair comfortingly. "I'll make sure I won't die then, won't I?" Ethan sniffed and wrapped his arms tight around Benny's neck and buried his head into his chest.

"You better not," Ethan muttered sleepily. Benny gave a sloppy lop-sided grin.

"I won't," he said tightening his grip. "I promise." Ethan yawned and snuggled into closer.

"Good," he muttered relaxing into Benny's grip drifting off to sleep. Outside Ethan's widow perched in a tree two bright yellow eyes watched the scene play out narrowing in anger.