The Sailor Soldiers future – where are they now?

I have been a fan of Sailor Moon since I was 14-15, which will make it nine years this year. Before you ask me why I was not a fan as a child…we did not have the anime in my country. The first time I heard about them was when I visited a girl named Fiona in Spain in 2003 (whoa – can't believe how long it has been! It feels like yesterday). She showed me a poster of them, I got back to my home country, googled it up and voila! I became a fan overnight.

These stories are mostly based on the sequel "Parallel Sailor Moon" where we meet the Sailor Soldiers children. Hotaru and Sailor Mini Moon/Chibi Moon/Rini are in high school there as well. I decided to set it roughly at present since the inner soldiers should be 33-34 years old in 2012 (they were borne in 1978 according to the bios). Haruka/Amara and Michuru/Michelle on the other hand will be 36-37 whereas Hotaru's age is approximately 25. I KNOW she is probably borne earlier but she was reborn and all that. She appeared to be about seven-eight years old after the first growth spurt in Stars, which should find place in 1994-1995 since the inner sailors are 16 years old. I changed the names on the sailor's daughters since they had the same names as their mothers in the manga.

Things to look out for:

Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Soka university, Toita Women's college, Le Cordon Bleu and Bunkyo Gakuin university: Universities, women's college and culinary school based in Tokyo.

Naha: The "capital" of the Okinawan islands (kind of like Honolulu in Hawaii).

Osaka Central hospital and Kosei Nenkin hospital: Hospitals in Osaka.

First up in our series is Ami Mizuno! What has happened in her life since we left the sailors in the Star season?

Chapter one: The sailor of water and knowledge.

"Thank you doctor Mizuno!" stated the middle-aged woman as she left the office. "You are welcome Maeda-san" I replied with a smile when my patient left. Once the door closed, I let out a small sigh. Today had been a relatively busy day at the hospital I worked at. Osaka Central hospital was a rather large institution, but it was less stressing than Tokyo was.

'I wonder what time it is' I thought as I looked over at the clock. The numbers told me that the current time was 07:50 PM. My eyes widened slightly as I realized that I was off my shift in just ten minutes. One of my colleagues had called in sick, so I volunteered to take his appointments that evening. 'Maybe I should just pack my stuff now' I thought as I looked around. Most of the office was quite clean since I was quite a neat freak sometimes. So much for being a Virgo with A as my blood type I suppose. Rain was pelting down from the skies, hitting the window pane that provided me with a decent view of Osaka city center. I enjoyed living in Osaka despite that there were rumors saying that it was a bit of an un-classy city compared to Tokyo.

My office was not that big but it contained some of the most important items. First was a bed of some sort that stood in the back of the room. A couple anatomy posters hung at the wall while the model of a skeleton stood in a corner. A white computer as well as a small printer stood at my desk. There was also a small photo collage there with four photographs. One of them was of me and my boyfriend while another was of my two children. A third one was of me with my parents on my university graduation. Last but not least was a photo of me on my high school graduation.

A small wave of nostalgia hit me as I looked at the photo I had placed on my desk. It had been taken on my high school graduation day. I stood at the far right of the picture right next to Usagi, Makoto, Minako as well as Rei. All of the memories connected to that photo were still fresh even though it was almost twenty years old.

Rini went back home a couple months after we had defeated Galaxia; she had now finished her training as a sailor soldier. There had been few to no missions for the sailor soldiers after Galaxia had been defeated as well. Most of us found that to be a good thing since we only had two years left to prepare ourselves for university. I could relax a bit more now and my nerves were not as high as earlier. My mother signed me up for university preparation classes twice a week but I also joined a couple clubs at my school. Those clubs were the swimming club as well as the book club. A smile formed at my face as I remembered the time I spent discussing books such as "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" or swum laps in the pool with the other girls. Not to mention all the time I spent with the other girls. We had slumber parties (which were not interrupted by some creep who stole star seeds), went clubbing, sung karaoke plus many more things that teenagers did.

When I was about to graduate in 1997, I applied for a total of five top-notch schools that offered medicine degrees. That period of my life was really tough since the entrance exams were extremely hard. At the top of that, I still had to take care of myself. My mother was worried that I did not get enough food that period since I lost nearly three kilograms (AN: About 6 – 6,5 Ibs.) due to stress. But on the positive side, I got into nearly all the schools I had applied for. I did not get into Tokyo University however since they were limiting the number of students that year. But one university that had really caught my eye was Tokyo Medical and Dental University. The reason for that was their slogan: "Cultivating professionals with knowledge and humanity". All of my adventures as a sailor soldier had taught me that a heart of gold was just as valuable as a sharp mind. My mother was ecstatic when I told her that I had decided to accept the offer from that university. I called my father the next day to tell him about the news (he was in Paris at that moment) and he was over the moon. To make everything better, I received a scholarship that paid my first two years at university. All of the girls had a graduation party shortly after that since everyone had gotten into university or college. Minako had been accepted at Soka university, Usagi was attending Toita Women's college, Makoto would start at Le Cordon Bleu while Rei's academic career would continue at Bunkyo Gakuin university.

It became clear to me that medical school was quite competitive. We had two years of normal schooling first where we had subjects such as English or humanities. Those years were a bit hard for me since humanities were never my strongest subject. Even though my grades were not that bad, I was delighted when we started with more medical-oriented subjects during my third year onwards. We had biology, anatomy plus many more courses. Those years were probably my best during my whole education since I could now do subjects that I truly had an interest in. Not to mention that I met my current husband Kenichi Shimizu during my fourth year. We were both partners during a class where we had to dissect a lung. He was a bit of the quiet just like I was. Unlike me, Kenichi was taking a major in biomedical laboratory sciences. The reason for this was because he had an intense passion for biology as well as making stuff in the lab. Kenichi was not as cocky like some of the guys in my class but he seemed to have an inner strength of some sort (maybe he had a nice star seed?). He took me to a book bar in Tokyo on our first date for instance since we were both bookworms. We both agreed that school would have a bigger role than least most of the time. I remember that we tried to go on at least two single dates (they were often in the library or a cheap cafeteria nearby) or two group dates a month.

But once I had completed my fourth year, the people in my year started to receive letters from various hospitals that wanted us to apply for a job there. I felt a bit lost since I got five offers in total that all sounded exciting. A part of me wanted to move out of Tokyo however for some variation. The Japanese capital was not bad by any means, but I had lived here for more than twenty years now. I did not have much time to think about it since the qualification exam was two years away. After some research, I was tied between two hospitals. My candidates were Osaka Central hospital in Osaka and Yokohama City University hospital in Yokohama. I went to both of the hospitals after I had finished my fifth year to see how it was.

Both of them gave me a warm welcome upon the arrival. Some of the major factors I had to consider would be where I would work as well as the shifts. My mother had warned me that many doctors had little variation in their work plus taking others shifts in small hospitals or clinics. So applying at a large hospital would not be a bad idea since you would have plenty of colleagues as well as variation in your work load. After some assessment, I decided to apply for a job as a doctor at the Osaka Central hospital. Those in my year would then start on our practice period at the university hospital. We got a number of cases on our hands; it was everything from people who had been in car crashes to tourists with sunburn. But that period was extremely interesting since I got to see so many different cases.

The best part however was the feeling I had after I had helped someone. A ten-year old girl who have had surgery actually made me a drawing since I were one of the people responsible for the post-operation care. My sixth year then approached and so did the certification exam. When I was told that I had passed the exam, I was overwhelmed with a number of emotions. Most of them were positive since this meant that I could now call myself a doctor. This was something I had wanted to be for most of my life. But it also meant that I would now take on one of the most responsible-filled professions there was. Osaka Central hospital was happy for me as well and helped me to find an apartment. Since I had been dating Kenichi for only two years, we thought it was a little early to move in with each other.

My one-room apartment was a single one-room apartment at the third floor. The apartment complex was near the hospital and had been made about five years earlier. It was relatively modest with a small corridor, a small bathroom with an ofuro (AN: Japanese bathtub where you have to squat) plus a Japanese style shower, an average-sized bedroom with a Western-style bed, a nicely sized kitchen that was joined with the living room. I was happy for the ofuro since I still enjoyed bathing. Since the rent was not that high (it only had the most basic furniture in it), I decided to save up some money so I could move in with Kenichi a little later. We had both agreed to move in with each other if our relationship remained stable for at least five years. Neither of us wanted to rush into anything since both of us were 'divorcee children'. My boyfriend's parents had divorced when he was in kindergarten, but they were on relatively good terms since they had their own lives now.

But this changed three years later when I suddenly started to feel really dizzy at times. Being the worried person I was (I knew a number of illnesses that could cause dizziness after all), I got an appointment at Kosei Nenkin hospital. My test results arrived in my mailbox four days later since I had a former study buddy who now worked at the lab. When it read that I was four weeks pregnant, a shock wave went through my body. I HAD talked with Kenichi about having a baby since I had wanted one for a while. Not to mention that it was only a little more than three years left until I turned thirty. My boyfriend was just as shocked as I was, so we decided to discuss the opportunities. We both had well-paid jobs that were stable plus that we both wanted the baby to grow up with both parents present. But this meant that we had to find a larger apartment or a small house to live in.

I felt a bit uncomfortable about telling my boss about my pregnancy; I had only been a doctor for three years or so. My boss was fortunately not that angry since I told him this in the start of my pregnancy. He told me that he would start to look for a substitute right away so I could have a guilt-free maternity leave. I was not the only one who was pregnant however…it was almost like a sailor scout baby boom. We decided to have a sailor baby bash on the 5th of May since that was children's day. At that date, Usagi was a month pregnant, Minako and I were three months on the way, Rei was six months pregnant while Makoto only had about a month left. Both Rei and Makoto were a bit stressed out since they were in executive positions at their job. Minako as well as Usagi were calmer about this since they both had wanted babies for a while. It was not a surprise in Usagi's case since she had partially raised Rini for two years.

I then went to visit Makoto during the summer holidays when she had given birth to her daughter Masami. She was a beautiful baby girl with the same smile as her mother, but her body built was a bit slight. It did however made a bit of sense since the baby father was a whopping 178 cm (AN: 5'10". Average height for a Japanese man is about 5'7") tall rake thin man. According to my friend, he had a high metabolism. Makoto said that the birth had not been complicated or long thanks to the doctors and nurses. I could not help but to laugh when the former sailor scout suggested that the baby wanted to get out because it was probably sick of all the eggs she had eaten for breakfast. Both of us then went back to Tokyo to visit Rei three weeks after she had given birth to her child. It was a baby girl as well, which was a bit of a surprise. The former fiery soldier joked that we would probably give birth to a new generation of sailor soldiers. Her baby girl had been named Eiko; she had the same energetic eyes as her mother had. The new mother had given birth two weeks earlier than the presumed date (she blamed her boyfriend since he had been borne almost a month early). Plus that the birth had taken a total of ten hours. I felt a little nervous, but I was happy to see that my friend was doing fine. Everyone who was a friend of Rei knew that she was not the type of person who would give up easily.

Things then took a turn for the worse when I fainted at work due to severe lack of iron when I was six months pregnant. It was a good thing that I passed out near the staff room where a couple of the E.R. nurses were having their lunch. They gave me an iron injection before they told me to take it easy for a couple of days. Which was a bit easier said than done since I still had not found a larger place to live. I called Kenichi later that day to hear how the house hunting status was (I had not asked him for a week since we were both busier than normal). He was tied between a small house in the outskirts of the city or an apartment near a large park. I told him that we could take a look at both in two days. The house was rather charming three bedroom house that had been made for just fifteen years ago. It had a nicely sized kitchen, living room plus a small room that could serve as an office or guest bedroom. There was a small lawn outside plus that the neighborhood was quite safe. The apartment however was at the fifth floor with an elevator that was under repair. We decided to go for the house since most of the people in the apartment complex were seniors or single people. We moved into the house just a week before I went into labor. It happened during the morning when Kenichi had gone to work, so I had to call the ambulance myself while I tried to stay calm. The ambulance was fortunately quite fast since it was only 9 AM and I got into the hospital quite fast.

It took about eight hours until I got to hold my baby. My eyes closed as I replayed the memory in my brain. "Congratulations Mizuno-san. It's a healthy baby girl" echoed the quiet voice of the nurse. Kenichi was over the moon when he found out and we called our parents two days later. We decided to call the baby Aimi since that had been my maternal grandmother's name. Aimi was a relatively calm baby but she hated the cold. This was a bit unfortunate since she had been borne in the middle of November. I went back into work nine months later, but I was only working half-time until I had stopped breast feeding Aimi. I found the breast feeding a bit uncomfortable in the start since my breasts were quite sore; it improved after three weeks fortunately. Aimi cried quite a lot for the first two months and I decided to take her to a pediatrician. It turned out that she got gas in her stomach quite easy, so he told me to drink a special herbal tea plus giving Aimi some gripe water. Everything worked out quite well despite some small relapses. Thank God that Kenichi had been allowed to stay home for the first month or else things would have been worse. My parents adored her; she was their first grandchild after all. I visited my mother in Tokyo during the holidays while my father met me in Naha when he was there on business. He had now started working in a museum there to get a more stable income, which I appreciated. Plus that I enjoyed having a break on the tropical Okinawan islands too…maybe it was something to do with my affiliation with the water as a former sailor scout?

My workload was then increased to 50% while Kenichi worked 75% to cover the bills. When nearly another year had passed, I started thinking if I should have another baby. I knew how lonely it was to grow up as an only child and had always envied Usagi a bit for having a brother. Kenichi supported my suggestion due to the fact that he had an older half-brother himself. He did consider him as a brother however because they had lived in the same house for so long.

Our income was able to handle another baby as well, so we decided to give it another go. It took about three months until I had the dizziness spells again. The tests came out positive, which meant that I would have a new baby due in the end of June. Since things were not going so well at the hospital, I was only allowed eight months off this time. A part of me secretly hoped my baby would be borne at June 30th so it would share birthday with Usagi. I got my wish granted when my baby son decided to enter the world during the evening at June 29th. Since I was home when the contractions took place, Kenichi managed to drive me to hospital right away. The nurses handed me the baby nine hours later and told me that I was now the mother of a healthy son. We decided to name our baby Shuji after Kenichi's father. Aimi was quite happy about receiving a younger brother to care for, especially since he did not have the stomach troubles that she have had.

I got back to work nine months later and started working 50% right away. Kenichi and I had to co-ordinate our shifts a bit more careful because Aimi was in kindergarten now. Time went by quite quickly; Shuji started at the kindergarten just six months before Aimi started at school. I felt a little sad when I followed her to school, but she had been looking forward to it. She already knew the basic katakana plus that she could count to 50. A part of me was happy that my little girl had not inherited all of my 'genius genes' as Kenichi called them. I did not want her to get bullied or left out like I was at her age.

Since Aimi was in school now, I increased my workload to 75% so I could be able to pay my share of the bills. Kenichi was grateful but told me to take a day or two off every week so I could spend some time with the children. I tried to follow up his advice, but I have to admit that I failed a number of times due to the importance of my job. Not to mention that I loved my job…I had worked at least half of my life to get there. But my children are fortunately good at telling me when they missing me. Especially little Shuji since I spend less time at home than what I did when Aimi was little.

My cell phone suddenly started to vibrate in my messenger bag. I picked it up; it was a text message from Aimi. 'Me, Shuji-kun and daddy are going to pick you up at work. We have a surprise for you ' said the SMS. I smiled; what kind of surprise could it be? "Have a good evening Mizuno-senpai" greeted the nurse who sat behind the reception desk. "Have a good evening too Hokushima-san" I replied with a polite voice. My eyes looked for our family's dark gray Suzuki car. "MOMMY!" yelled a pair of familiar voices from the left. I spun around and saw my children standing on the pavement with huge smiles plastered on their faces. "Shuji-kun! Aimi-chan!" I exclaimed before I gave them a hug.

"Let's sing now" stated my son. "One-two three!" counted my daughter. "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear mommy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" sung both of my children. "What-is it really my birthday!?" I stuttered as I looked down at my cell phone. Turned out that my children were right; it was September 10th. "Happy birthday sweetie" said Kenichi as he appeared from behind the children with a smile. "We're going to celebrate your birthday at home. I've made your favorite sandwiches plus that Makoto-san was nice enough to send a free cake to our house" told my husband as we walked back together to the car. "Thank you Kenichi" I answered, my cheeks pink. "Aaaw! It's raining!" whined Aimi. "Let's get into the car then" I urged as Kenichi unlocked the doors. I was quite happy with how my life had turned out. Yes, it could be stressful at times to be a doctor as well as the mother of two. But I had I job I loved plus a family I loved more. The power of Mercury's knowledge had given me the knowledge to choose correctly all along…which I could not have lived without.