All right guys! This is going to be the second last chapter in my story. I decided to give Haruka and Michuru a special chapter for two reasons. One: They have been a couple from the beginning to the end of their appearances in the anime. Two: They were one of the first same-gender couples in anime (which is quite unique considering that Sailor Moon was one of the first animes to be shown in the U.S).

Their story will be a bit different because they can't have babies the natural way plus that they are a bit older than the others. I hope they are not too out of character. Note: Haruka and Michuru will refer to each other as girlfriends during the story. I will not post anything graphic, but there will be mentions of kissing for example. Don't read if you are not fine with that. This story is longer since this is about two people instead of one.

Things to look for:

Minato and Meguro: Two wards in central Tokyo.

Hokkaido: The northern most island of Japan. Some of the famous cities there are Sapporo and Hakodate.

Asturias: A violin piece originally written for a piano. The piece was written by Isaac Albeniz.

Au Clair De La Lune: A French folk song. It is a violin piece for beginners.

Hamamatsu: A city in the Shizuoka prefecture. The city has been famous for it's industry, particularly in cars as well as musical instruments. Both Yamaha and Suzuki have their headquarters here. Honda was actually founded in this city.

Now is the time for letting Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune tell their story! What have they been up to for the last years?

Chapter seven: The sailors of flight and affinity.

'Aaaaah. This is lovely' I thought as I sat in the back of the concert hall. The classical music soothed my nerves a bit, which had been a bit tense for the last couple days. My girlfriend had been selected to play Tchaikovsky's Violin concerto in D major along with the top fourteen violinists in Japan that were below 50 years old. I applauded for the pianist who had just played a famous piece by Chopin before I sat down again. "Up next is Tchaikovsky's Violin concerto in D major that will be performed by the top fifteen violinists in Japan! Give them a warm welcome" told a host for TV Tokyo. A smile formed at my face…I had forgotten that this show would be sent live on television. This was a good thing since people who were not here got a chance to listen to the music.

I applauded while I tried to spot Michuru in the crowd. My eyes then caught the sight of the familiar head of sea foam green hair that sat at the middle row. They started playing and I could not help but to be in awe of their performance. Hearing her play violin was nothing new; I had heard her play that instruments hundreds of times for the twenty years I had known her. But Michuru had practiced quite a bit more during the last couple weeks and had even had a private lesson with a Dutch music teacher. I leaned back while I looked at some people who were sitting in front of me. My eyes spotted five young women in their best dresses. The first one was wearing a cobalt blue number, the second girl had a pale tangerine dress, girl number three's dress was cream white, the fourth member had chosen a scarlet one and the last dress was emerald green. That colour combination made me think of a very special girl gang I met in my early high school years…

Not much happened after we had defeated Galaxia. Our youngest soldier Rini went back home because she had completed her sailor scout training. We were both sad despite that we did not know her that well. The number of missions after we defeated Galaxia rapidly decreased to none. We were both attending Tokyo Gakuen High school after Mugen had been demolished a year earlier. This had originally been a boy's school, so quite a number of guys suspected me to be one of them. I did not mind that but I did not like that they were drooling over Michuru.

Setsuna had been appointed as a guardian for Hotaru while her father was in therapy. We allowed them to live in our house because we had plenty of room. Neither of us talked with the other sailor soldiers that much after the fight with Galaxia. Not because we did not wanted to, but we simply did not meet each other that often. We went to different schools and lived in different wards. All of the inner sailor soldiers lived in the Minato ward while we resided in the Meguro ward. Both of us were in our second year of high school and it was time to decide what we wanted afterwards. I had thought about becoming a car engineer or something along those lines. Practical subjects like mathematics or physics were my stronger side plus that I liked to fix cars. But the downside was that I wanted to go to university and the competition was quite fierce. Both Nagoya as well as Hiroshima had limited places. The only school left laid in Hokkaido, but what about Michuru?

Michuru had plans on taking on a degree in education and play music at the side. It fit her quite well because she was very good with people of most ages. The fact that Hotaru lived with us for two years contributed to that. We gave her some private lessons (mostly in music), made sure she had everything she had plus attending a couple PTA's from time to time. But there was one issue…Hotaru's mismatched age. Her birth certificate stated she was borne at 6th January 1981 but she was not more than six years old or so. I decided to contact some of my father's friends who worked at a lawyer office. We got a new birth certification after some negotiation combined with a couple white lies. The new certificate now stated that Hotaru was borne at 6th January 1988 instead.

I still kept my membership to the track and field club while my girlfriend was an avid member of the music club. She later became one of the executives during our last year while I opted to train some of the freshmen instead. I have to admit that I was not the kindest coach (I made the girls run outside when it was raining sometimes) but it paid off. Our school ranked number seven in one of the Tokyo high school championships. Considering the fact that there were 26 schools competing, I was quite pleased with the result. My girlfriend however managed to get a spot in some music competitions where musicians all over Tokyo could compete. The competition was rough; there were several skilled musicians in their teens. She managed to get to the quarterfinals right before her eighteenth birthday but lost in the semifinals. I was very happy for her though since she had done a terrific job. A funny thing was that the semifinal found place just two weeks after my running championship. We celebrated by buying some shoes we had always wanted. I bought a pair of low-heel leather shoes (I am 5'9" after all) while my girlfriend bought a pair of sparkly lavender pumps.

We were both still a part of the socialite scene in Tokyo and participated a couple times. I remember one New Year's Eve where we both were playing a musical piece as a part of a concert for some European business people. We got standing ovations when the concert was over plus that we had a great time. It sadly reminded me that both of us had some practicing to do when it came to our English skills as well. I decided to sign up for cram school in English, physics as well as mathematics to make sure that I could get into university. It was a bit tough but it was a plus that Michuru was in my English classes. My grades did not become much better despite that my understanding for the subject had increased. I then decided to do a bit more revising, which did the trick. My grades were far from the top five in the class but at least I was in the top 15. This was not bad because we were 35 students in our class.

Next up was the entrance exams for our universities. I had to take three; one in mathematics, one in physics plus one in English. Michuru had English, society knowledge as well as Japanese. We studied quite a bit in advance since we had somewhat different schedules. Our exams were spread over two weeks in total, usually with two or three days in between. My feelings were a bit haywire since this could actually decide my future. We got our results five weeks later. I had gotten a surprisingly good grade in physics, a not so bad result in mathematics and a nice result in English. Michuru had done great at her Japanese exam and had done better than me in English. Her scores on her society knowledge exam however were lower than expected.

Our next part of our journey in university meant that we had to move to Hokkaido. I had only been there a couple times on skiing holidays while my girlfriend had some relatives living in Hakodate. We decided to sell our house in Tokyo to a group of friends who invested in property. Michuru contacted her cousin and asked him if he knew about anyone who sold apartments. He did not, so both of us then tried to find an apartment we could live in. A house would be too big since Hotaru and Setsuna did not live with us any longer. Both of them had now moved to the mansion that the Tomoe family lived in. It took a while until we found an apartment that suited our tastes. It happened to be located on the top floor on a five story building not too far away from the university. The apartment had two bedrooms; we probably needed a guest bedroom just in case. We were quite fond of the living room since it had a nice view. It was perfect for a creative soul like Michuru. The kitchen as well as the bath was a little small but we were only two people. Not to mention that this place would be MUCH cheaper to live in than the house we had in Tokyo.

University turned out to be a nice experience for both of us. The majority of the students on my course were men, but it did not mind me that much. I did look quite a lot like them after all. My girlfriend on the other hand had the opposite situation at her course. A majority of her classmates were female. She did however assure me that most of the girls there did not catch her eye. And many of them were most likely straight anyways. The engineering studies were not a walk in the park though; I had to do quite a bit of work. It was not unusual for me to get to school at 8 AM and not be home before 5 PM in the afternoon after some exercising. I'm the type of person who gets the stress out by running or strenuous exercise. My girlfriend on the other hand preferred to take out her stress in the pool or on her violin. Let's just say that I will NEVER associate "Asturias" with anything not remotely connected to school papers or exams ever again!

One of the positive sides was that I did not have as much assignments because we had so long days at school. Michuru on the other hand had written assignments nearly twice a month since she had a smaller timetable. Making time for romance was a bit hard and I remember that we had some arguments from a time to another. We managed to work it out eventually…I did not wanted to lose my girlfriend because we were studying for different university degrees. We decided to make a deal: both of us decided to work as hard as we could during the school week and had downtime during the weekend. It turned out to be a good idea except from the weeks we studied for our exams. We were a bit skeptical about having an open relationship since we had received some nasty comments in the past. The inner sailor soldiers had been surprisingly mature about the case, but that did not apply to some of our former classmates. I still get a bit angry when I remember the girls making gagging noises when we were close or guys asking us to kiss each other.

Both of us joined a number of clubs during our time at university. I joined the track and field club while my girlfriend signed up for the school orchestra. Both of us decided to join the dance club since we wanted to do something together. I still smile when I remember how I struggled to do the swing or foxtrot while Michuru seemed to be a borne dancer. But I knew how clueless it was when it came to fixing things…I still laugh when she tries to read the computer manual. I'm glad we have a good insurance since Michuru has nearly killed parts of her Dell laptop sometimes. Some of the highlights during my university years were the trips we had with our clubs to other cities such as Nagasaki and Aomori. Both of us had been to a number of countries all over the world like France or Australia, but domestic trips were just as nice. I then had to apply for internships in Japan after three years to show that I could do my job. My school contacted me after two months and I had gotten an intern job at a company that made car parts for various car brands. Michuru had applied for internships too and had gotten a job at a local high school. The only bad part was that it was at the opposite end of the city. But we were both happy…things were looking good now.

I was ecstatic when I got the internship at that company since they had a rather good reputation. But my colleagues could have been a bit better. One of my coworkers was a conservative woman in her forties who thought I looked too manly for her tastes. Another was a man who had a somewhat old fashioned vision of women. Granted, he was in his late fifties but I still did not like it. I tried to not respond back and decided to pay attention to what I was there for. Michuru had gotten an internship as an English and music teacher at a local high school. She did not face any of those problems since most of her coworkers were below the age of 45. But my girlfriend admitted that teaching basic music notes to uninterested 16 year olds was a challenge. I decided to ask her for advice about the work situation because I could not hold it any longer. My girlfriend was a bit sad to hear this, but told me that I should try to record what they told me. A part of me was a bit confused about this until she told me that I could show those records to my boss. It was not right to be treated like that by my coworkers as long as I had not upset them and did my job. I was not guilty on either of those, so I decided to give it a go. I went to work next day with a hidden recorder inside my jacket. But I soon found out that it would be more practical if I hid the recorder in my backpacker so I could work unhindered. My colleagues kept teasing me, but I decided to stay calm. All they did was to feed my recorder after all.

I got the evidence I needed and gave my recordings to my boss six weeks later. He was furious when he heard what his two employees said (I still remember how his face looked like). Both of them had to apologize to me and I did not get any snide comments or rude remarks later on. Michuru had a good time at her school as an English and music teacher. She got better around with her students thanks to some work on her "cool" persona. A couple of her students had even seen her at TV and asked her if she could perform for them. My girlfriend decided to use this to her advantage. She told them that she could do a small concert after the Christmas mid-terms if they did their best during her lessons. That trick straightened out their behavior a bit, but there were still a couple students who acted up. Her English classes were a bit trickier because the language is different from Japanese. Michuru then told me that a majority of her students struggled quite a bit with pronunciation. I then asked her if there were some things they were interested in such as TV series or fashion. She told me that many of them liked popular music or drama shows. I suggested that she could teach the kids about how they should pronounce English sounds by learning them songs or discuss what happened at their favorite drama shows. It turned out to be a great idea; most of the kids apparently improved their pronunciation a bit by singing. The singing gave them a better sentence melody while the discussions made them less shy about talking.

Both of us had a rather tough time during our second year of our internship. I was given more responsibility at work while my girlfriend had to teach more 'challenged' classes. When I mean 'challenged', I mean classes where some students should not under any circumstances be given caffeine and/or sugar. My work day usually started at 8:30 AM and ended at 6:30 PM. If it had not been for the care Michuru gave me, I would probably have starved to death during my last year. She had shorter days than me but still had a good amount of work to do. We promised each other to go on a well-deserved vacation when we got our internships approved. I decided to search for a job right away when I was working for the company so I did not have to worry. Fortunately, there were a number to choose from since Japan had a number of car companies. I then landed a job in Hamamatsu at a company that worked with Suzuki motors. Michuru was happy for me and tried to find jobs in the same city or one that was close. However, the job market turned out to be a bit tougher than she had realized. She eventually got a job as a music teacher at a music school in a suburb in Hamamatsu, which was good. We got our internships approved and booked a trip to Fiji. Both of us had wanted to go there, so we enjoyed our vacation quite a lot. It was an exotic place with white beaches as well as bright blue water. We did some diving plus that we participated in a small treasure hunt with the other tourists.

But one thing became clear when we came back to Hokkaido. We had to find a place in Hamamatsu and sell our apartment (or rent it out). Fortunately, both of us had done some research at the renting market prior to our vacation. I found a nice one-room apartment that was not too far away from my girlfriend's school and it was relatively new. We had a lot of people who wanted to rent our apartment but not all of them were that reliable. Some of them were teenagers or people in their early twenties that had just moved away from home. Others were people who appeared a bit shady (one smelled suspiciously of something I had seen in the chemistry lab). We decided to rent out our apartment to a couple of responsible-looking exchange students from Korea who were in their early twenties. Both of them were in their last year of their bachelor and were opting for a master. We managed to find an apartment in Hamamatsu that suited our needs quite well. It took two weeks longer than we thought since we had to pack down some of the furniture when we left.

At the first day of my job, I was introduced to my team of work mates. There were three men and one woman at my team excluding myself. Our senior was a man in his late thirties who had just been promoted to a senior engineer. Michuru on the other hand had gotten two jobs. The first one was a music teacher at a high-profile music academy while her second job was a 50% teaching job at a senior high school. I enjoyed my job at the company; it was great to make car parts that would be useful. One of my fondest memories is when we had done some major improvement to a type of car brakes. The brakes would be able to handle more stress plus that they would last a bit longer. We earned some good newspaper coverage plus that we got a bonus to our pay. One of the fondest moments Michuru has was when five of her students were performing "Au Clair De La Lune" on a Christmas concert. She had taught all five of them this song and was so proud when they played it in front of their parents. I remember watching the concert; it was actually quite a joy to see the children perform. The Korean students moved out three years later and we decided to sell it so we could buy something in Hamamatsu. It took a while until Michuru got a phone call from a friend of hers. A colleague of this friend needed a place to live because she had divorced. She got the house, but it was too big for her. We decided to meet this woman so we could see how she was. The woman turned out to be in her mid-thirties and had a stable job in an advertising company. She bought the apartment, which meant that we could buy one in Hamamatsu. We had lived there for nearly three years after all plus that we had steady jobs. I spoke to the person who rented us the apartment and asked if there was a chance we could buy it. He was a bit skeptical first since we were only 26 years old, but I managed to convince him. Michuru was over the moon to hear this since she had wanted to settle.

But there was also another issue to be addressed…children. We had both talked a bit about this since we had been together for nearly ten years. There were not many options since none of us was a guy. One was to adopt, but I was a bit in doubt due to our same-sex relationship. Another possibility could be that Michuru or I could get something from a sperm donor. But a third possibility then presented itself a year later when Michuru had to talk with the director of the musical school she worked at. The director wondered if she was interested in being support contact for one of her students. Her student's parents had just divorced and the father got the custody right because the mother had moved to another city. He had contacted Michuru because she had been his music teacher for three years. She said yes, which meant that we would have a nine year old named Yahiko visiting us two days per week. This would last up until he turned 18. Yahiko turned out to be an average boy and I was happy to have him there. He was a bit cheeky however; I remember that he once wrapped some of my tools in toilet paper. But we had a lot of fun together as well. We went to the zoo or to the cinema if we did not spend the evening back home. I smile when I remember the time we went to the bowling alley…that little boy crushed us with two strikes plus several spares. We then agreed that being a support contact for Yahiko was enough for us since having a child would be a bit too stressful for us.

Both of us got more challenges at our job at that time; I got more difficult tasks while my girlfriend was given more challenging classes. We both liked it since it felt good to earn our own money. Even though we were a part of the upper class family back home in Tokyo, we did not want to waste anything. Yahiko soon became a part of our weird family since he spent most Thursdays and Fridays with us. I remember when he asked us about what girls liked when he started at lower secondary school. I was a bit of a loss, but I luckily had Michuru to explain him that. Let's just say that he got himself a wonderful girlfriend named Eiko when he turned 14. Both of us tried to learn Yahiko on how to treat his girlfriend as well as focusing on his school work. When he turned 15, he graduated from middle school. I and Michuru were proud of him since he had gotten good grades as well as getting into a good high school. He wanted to study chemistry on university, so he wanted to get at least decent grades at high school. Both of us felt a bit bad since we were not extremely skilled in chemistry. I was then promoted at my job as a senior engineer, which was awesome. Michuru got a higher position at her job too in the form of a nice pay rise. We spoke to Yahiko's father and told that we would pay some of his cramming school lessons. He was a bit emotional after that; it was tough to be a single parent despite that he had a decent job. We sent in a couple of applications for various cramming schools my girlfriend recommended and Yahiko got accepted into one of them. It was the third best cramming school, so we knew that he would do well. Both of us were at a comfortable position at our job now since we had been employed for eight years or so. But we only have a little more than a year left until Yahiko starts at university…that will be so weird.

The concert was over and I went down to the entrance hall with Yahiko. "What do you think of Michuru?" I inquired. "Not too bad. But it was not my taste" replied the boy. I smiled as we entered the crowded room. The musicians would be here soon after the press coverage. "Are you thirsty?" I inquired after I had noticed the small bar. "Yeah…a sake or beer would be nice" said Yahiko. I sent him a sharp stare. "You won't get any alcohol tonight mister" I answered. The teenager scowled a little, but muttered something about a Coke. I went towards the bar and ordered a shot of sake plus two Cokes. "Here you go!" told the cheery bartender. "Thanks" I replied as I handed her the money. "Thanks Haruka…it's really warm in here" sighed the male after I had given him the glass. "You're welcome Yahiko-kun. Oh, there's Michuru" I informed as I saw her coming towards us. "Thanks for showing up tonight" she said before kissing my cheek. "You're welcome. Here's your sake" I told as I handed her the shot glass. Her sapphire blue eyes brightened as she took the shot glass.

We then left the building so we could drop of Yahiko. His grandmother was visiting, so he had to get home earlier than usual. "Bye Yahiko! Have a nice weekend" I told after parking the car outside the apartment complex. "Bye Haruka and Michuru. Thanks for taking me to the concert" replied the guy and left the car. We then drove to a Japanese sushi restaurant since I knew that Michuru loved sashimi. I ordered a chicken teriyaki with lots of salad at the side before we drove back home. "Home sweet home" I muttered as I entered the dark apartment. "I just need to take my clothes off first. Could you please prepare the food?" inquired my girlfriend. "Sure" I replied before entering the kitchen. I took the food out of the bag and poured it onto the dinner plate. It did not take long until Michuru exited the bathroom; she was wearing her pajamas but had no makeup. I smiled; my life had become quite a bit different since my sailor days. I had a fantastic job, a girlfriend who I loved plus that I lived in a nice city where we took care of a teenager boy who would soon graduate high school. Seems like the vast skies and oceans can create wonderful things when they meet…