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Last but not least is Sailor Pluto! How has she been doing since we last met her?

Things to look for:

Foundation day: One of the four main holidays during the calendar year. One reflects on the establishment of Japan and love for the nation at this day.

Aomori: A city that is at the northern part of the main island Honshu. It is a very old city that has been settled since prehistoric times.

Kami: Japanese for 'God'.

Kanji: A set of characters imported from Chinese and one of the three scripts used in Japan. Is often used for nouns, adjectives or names.

Chapter eight: The sailor of revolution.

"I'm home!" I called as I entered the apartment I lived in. A small meowing sound could be heard as my black cat Chibi approached me. "Hello there Chibi" I greeted as I removed my clothes. Today was the last working day before the weekend, which would be extra long due to the Foundation day on Monday. A sigh escaped my lips as I turned on the radio music channel and entered the bathroom. I turned on the radio while I was there (I enjoy listening to music when I shower or bath) while I made the bath ready.

Aomori was a bit cold at this time of the year and a warm bath or visiting the local hot spring was that I truly enjoyed. 'Hm…which one should I pick?' I wondered as I looked at the different bathing foam. I decided for the one that smelled like orange mixed with a bit of cinnamon in it. Suddenly, I remember that I had not checked the mail.

I then picked up the envelopes that laid in my messenger bag. 'Electricity bill…magazine…another bill…some lame commercial…huh?'. I raised a dark green eyebrow in confusion when I saw the blue envelope with some spidery writing on it. Once I got back in my apartment, I opened up the letter. The content appeared to be a charcoal gray card with some lavender kanji on it. 'Thank you for the birthday gift Setsuna-senpai! Haruka' read the print on the inside. A small smile appeared at my face; her birthday had been for just two weeks ago.

'They're all getting older by the day…' I thought as I looked at the picture at the wall. It was a picture of all the sailor soldiers as well as the sailor starlights that had been taken fifteen years ago. All of the inner soldiers had grown up, finished their education plus having children. Haruka and Michuru lived together in Hamamatsu while Hotaru worked as a nurse in Toyohashi. It felt weird that they were adults now…the time where we transformed into sailor soldiers was not so long in the distance.

Rini went back home when we had defeated Galaxia. It felt quite weird for me because I had been a sort of second guardian to her (all though Usagi did a very good job on it). It felt a bit sad, but this gave me a bit more time to focus on my college studies. But I still remained a guardian for Hotaru because her father was in therapy. He was only allowed to see her during the weekends plus the major holidays. Me as well as Haruka and Michuru had to take care of her until the rehab center gave him the green light. One of the issues we had to solve was a new birth certificate that matched her current age. Luckily, Haruka had some contacts that were lawyers who fixed that for us. I attended PTA's plus other school events when I could since I was her guardian. Thank Kami that I lived with two people who had a good economy or else it would have been more difficult. Michuru gave her private music lessons while Haruka took her to the swimming hall, skating rink plus other sport places. My interest for fashion meant that Hotaru got a lot of custom-made clothes as well. Some of them were a bit horrendous (I still cringe when I remember that midi skirt I made for her) while others became quite a success. I enjoyed taking care of her since I actually had a somewhat strong maternal instinct.

But I still had to think about my studies; I was a sophomore student in physics at that time. To be a guardian as well as a student was not easy despite that Hotaru was not an infant. I did not want to burden Michuru or Haruka either since they were four years younger than me (not chronologically, mind you). There were a number of evenings or mornings where I worked with my coursework before Hotaru woke up or after she had fallen asleep. I was glad that Michuru and Haruka took her out sometimes or played with her when I was busy. My social life suffered a bit, but I could manage. Being the guardian of time was not a job that meant that you could hang out with friends. We did not spend much time with the inner scout after we had defeated Galaxia. It was not because we hated them, but we just did not have much in common apart from being sailor soldiers. The house we lived in was in a different ward plus that we attended different schools. I was even a level above them in the latter case. When I reached my junior year, I told my supervisor that I had to become a part-time student. It turned out to be a smart decision; I got less coursework plus that I could spend a bit more time with Hotaru. Haruka and Michuru did not mind that I cleaned up the house once a week either.

Things changed eight months later when I had to meet the therapist who worked with Souichi Tomoe. It appeared that he had made a full recovery and would most likely become able to care for his daughter in a couple months. A part of me felt a bit sad since I had taken care of her for so long, but I was happy as well. Hotaru would be able to spend time with her parent now while I could focus at my studies. I still remember the look that Haruka as well as Michuru had at their faces when I told them this. The former had a look that still makes me laugh (Haruka has always been good at making unintentionally funny faces) while the other had sincere joy in her eyes. The little girl was sent to her father three months later and I could continue as a full time student when this year was over. Despite being a fashion fan, I have always loved how practical physics are. I am after all guarding something that can be measure in some degree. Souichi then offered to pay my tuition for the remaining time of my studies plus half of the rent on the apartment I rented with a classmate. I was quite flustered, but the doctor said it was the least thing he could do. He had been a poor college student himself plus that I had been a guardian for his daughter for two years now.

I decided to apply for an internship while hoping that time as well as luck was at my side (pun intended). After I had sent out some applications, I got replies from a couple of companies. I then decided to work with a company who needed lab technicians. Working in a laboratory is something that I really liked and I decided to go with my gut feeling. The latter was something I had learned as a sailor soldier. There were not many women there, but I got a female advisor named Chiyo who had worked there for about seven years. She was quite a nice woman plus that she told me to just give her a call if something happened. I have to admit that it happen a couple of times; I still remember the incident about the odd sample that turned out to be a cell mixed with snot gunk. Not to mention the time where I accidentally got a lab coat that belonged to my male colleague. I did not find out until someone started to call me Hitoshi instead of Setsuna. But we did a lot of good things too; I was allowed to participate in some exciting experiments that involved sound waves for instance. My role here was to check the frequency in the sounds before comparing them with the decibel. It was a very intriguing experiment and working in a team was a useful experience. Not to mention that working with things like these was something I had wanted to do for a lifetime.

One of the major projects I participated in was one that involved different plants. This was an experiment that a leading company that worked in the food industry wanted us to test out. I felt a bit nervous since this experiment could provide some important funding for the company that I worked for. Chiyo and I got the roles of installing equipment such as thermostats prior to the experiments. Afterwards, I had to assist three of the scientists in their observations. This job was harder than I thought because it required keen eyes to see the changes that could be seen before and after the process. Last but not least was the job of proofreading some of the reports that the scientists had written down. It was clear that Japanese was not their strongest subject; many of the reports had a number of typos as well as incomplete sentences in them. Let's just say that I drank quite a bit of coffee during that time in order to stay awake. Thank Kami that we had some computers with spellcheckers at my job or else I would have died. I felt like a dead woman at the end of the period, but my colleagues praised me for the work. Not to mention that the company was very happy with the job we had done and gave us a nice check. I was happy as well; it felt quite good to be a part of a project like that.

During the summer break, I decided to catch up with some theory. Some days were spent at the library reading books while I had some small experiment reviews at other days. But I got time to go on a vacation to Taiwan in the midst of all this. I had never been there and I was quite excited when the airplane landed at the airport. The vacation was mostly a sightseeing one, but I was not a person who really loved to party. I had been to a number of countries earlier in my life (some of them had even changed their name) and I was happy to have visited a nation like Taiwan. They had been occupied a number of times in the history, which had put its mark on the island. Reality hit me when I got back to Tokyo. I would be at school half of the time while the other half would be spent at the company. My second year at the internship became harder because I got more responsibility at the lab. I had to assist the scientists in more complex experiments plus being one of the main contributors to easier ones. This process was slightly hard to adjust to, but I was happy that I had spent my summer reading up. It would have been significantly harder if I had not prepared myself. The lectures at school were a bit of a relief since they provided me with information I could use later on.

But attending university consisted of more than internships and lessons. I joined the fashion club at our school in my second year and I was often in some of the districts in Tokyo that had quite odd fashion styles. We then tried to recreate some of the clothes, but adding our own twist into the mix. Due to my height of 5'6", I was often chosen to be one of the models. I did not mind this since I liked to display what we had made. A special event then came up during my senior year when the fashion clubs at different universities decided to have a fashion week. I was chosen to design an evening dress with a design of my choice. My mind was racing around a lot due to the upcoming exams and I found it hard to focus. But I then got some inspiration when I looked at the photograph we had taken after the defeat of Galaxia. I then decided to make a sleeveless dress that had all the elements of the sailor soldiers in it. The main colour of dress would be white, but it had straps that had rhinestones in five different colours. Those colours were a mix of scarlet red, cerulean blue, emerald green as well as tangerine orange. I then decided to use a dip dye technique at the bottom of the dress.. The four inches at the bottom now had a blend of pale sapphire blue, sea foam green as well as lavender purple in it. I did not see the point in adding black because I would model the dress myself. It turned out to be a success; a lot of people commented on how creative it looked. I was happy to hear that…the sailor soldiers had been my inspiration after all.

My senior year was coming to an end and I decided to apply for internships all over Japan. So far, I had two references. One from my intern company that told what I had done plus one from Souchi that told that I was a responsible person. I did not have much that held me back in Tokyo; Haruka as well as Michuru had moved to Hokkaido to continue their education. Hotaru was in middle school and had a healthy father who could take care of her. All of the sailor soldiers had started at their internships or were busy with their university degrees. The replies from the companies arrived a couple weeks later. Most of them were stationed in larger cities such as Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto as well as Chiba. But the one that I was most interested in was a company that was in Aomori. I knew that the living costs there were lower than in the larger cities plus that I have had enough of multi-million metropolises like Tokyo. One week later, I went to Aomori for an interview. The company worked with physics related to the nature and thought my internship could be related. I agreed and they told me that they would contact me within a week. Five days later, they told me that I had gotten a job. I was thrilled since this was something I had wanted to do for a while. My company gave me some advices on where to find a place to live and I decided on a small terraced house at the north end. The person who had lived there earlier had now been hospitalized. Later on, I adopted a cat because it was a bit lonely to live alone in a house. I decided to name her Chibi after Chibi-chibi moon.

The song that played at the radio changed its melody a bit and shook me out of my reverie. I put the card from Haruka at the shelf where I displayed cards that the sailor soldiers had sent me. 'Oh…I better check the bath' I thought as Chibi let out a yawn. I entered the bathroom, but the tub was not as full as I had initially feared.

My hand turned off the tap before I closed the door. To let my pet into the bathroom was a recipe for disaster since she did not like to bath. I removed all of my clothing and stepped into the warm water. A sigh escaped my lips as I lowered myself into the warm water that now had a lot of orange foam in it. The radio then switched its tune to some relaxing jazz song that some American musician had made. I was not a huge fan of jazz, but I usually listened to songs like that when I needed to relax. This was exactly how I felt about how it was at present. My job was secure, I had a steady income, there was not war going on in Japan (let's just say that the samurai era in Japan was quite tough), the child I had taken care of was now an adult, all the sailor soldiers had good lives with family as well as children plus that it was the start of a new year. A new year always brings new beginnings and opportunities with it. I know that it sounds cheesy, but I should know this. I have lived through several centuries after all.

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