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Holmes and his guest soon arrived at 221B Baker Street, Sherlock holding open the door for Ms. Cunning. The two were about to make their way upstairs when the housekeeper swooped in on them like a hawk.

"Oh, I see you've brought a guest, Mr. Holmes." she said sending a warm smile towards Elise and shooting the man narrowed eyes. "Shall put the kettle on for you dear?"

"That would be wonderful, thank you." Elise said with a nod before Holmes started hauling her up the stairs.

"Count me out of it, Nanny!" he yelled down the stairs at the woman. Mrs. Hudson only rolled her eyes at him as he slammed the door.

Dr. Watson sat across the cluttered room in a leather chair reading the paper. He flicked his eyes up to acknowledge Holmes and glanced up again soon after he noticed their guest's presence.

"I'm amazed Holmes," he said folding up what he was reading as he stood to approach them, "I never expected you to bring home a woman."

Elise turned her head with a hand on her cheek, Sherlock figuring she was trying to hide a blush.

"Oh, but the surprise falls on you, my dear Watson," Holmes said walking towards the window and gazing down at the street below, "Ms. Cunning actually requested to follow me home."

She followed the detective and stood a few paces behind him, continuously shooting glances out of the window. "Please, call me Elise." she requested in a high voice. The more she talked, Holmes began noticing something about that voice.

Elise ignored the two men as they now engaged in a talk of recent events, now fully moving her interest to the window. She was scanning the whereabouts of everything that was going on, from the ground and the bustling of people there to the buildings surrounding them. But she was particularly intrigued with the rooftop a little below the detectives' residence, green eyes staring intently at its chimney.

A body moved out from behind it, Elise immediately went into action. "Holmes, look out!" she called to him in a voice deeper than her former one. The woman barreled into him, crying out in pain, she sent them both sprawling to the ground.

He only knew this woman's name, and the fact that she wasn't all that she seemed, and she was already taking a bullet for him. If she was expecting anything intimate from Sherlock Holmes she was going to have some explaining to do...

"Watson, get this bloody bullet out of my damned shoulder!" she was ordering the doctor around with that same deeper voice she had yelled to Sherlock in, obviously not caring about her cover anymore.

The man complied, skillfully retracting a good-sized piece of metal from her right shoulder. Then Elise climbed off of Holmes, turning to face the window. The man was looking at her and his eyes quickly returned to his scope as he lined up to take a kill shot. But Elise was too fast for him. She retched down the front of her dress and pulled out a gun, raising it to the window with her wounded arm. One pull of the trigger and the bullet flew at the opposite rooftop.

"No way that could have made it..." Watson gasped as the man fell to the ground, dead. A single hole in the center of his forehead.

"Lucky shot," Holmes said as he rose from the floor, dusting himself off, "Now you have a lot of explaining to do, madam..."

Just then Mrs. Hudson walked in, quickly taking note of the mess and shattered glass that would have to be righted by her later, when Sherlock wasn't there for her to play "Nanny" for. "Your tea is ready, Ms. Cunning."

"Thank you," Elise said, permanently sticking with the deeper voice, which Holmes concluded to be her normal one, while taking in the scene of the room, "But I think we'll need something a little stronger. Some brandy perhaps?"