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Mission Impossible: A Photo Of Derek

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"What are you wearing?" Danny asked in a flat voice as he looked at Stiles. "And you do know this is a gay club, right?"

"Something sexy." Stiles replied to him and rolled his eyes. "I'm not an idiot."

"You mean slutty." Danny told him. His eyes glancing down briefly at Stiles dark red short shorts before rising up to look at Stiles red hoodie and looking him straight in the eyes. "And honestly of all the colors…You picked red."

"Hey, I looked up on Google and it says this is the best way to get attention." Stiles stated calmly and Danny sighs deeply. "What?"

"Are you straight or gay? It's not cool teasing."

"I might be bisexual." Stiles replied to him and stretched his arms up. "I had a pretty freaky dream last night."

"I don't want to know about it."

"There was a male and a female. They both wanted to fuck m-"

"Going now." Danny informed him and walked away while shaking his head. Stiles rolled his eyes, sat down, and ordered a soda. This time he didn't have to pay for his own drink. Stiles drinks were paid for by the same guy. The total of sodas was six.

"I'm so tired." Stiles groaned and yawned loudly.

"Want me to take you home?" The guy asked calmly while keeping his eyes to the teen's face.

"My dad always said don't go into a car with a stranger. Besides, I'm sure my friend can pick me up." Stiles told him while rubbing his eyes and pulled out his cell phone. He called Scott, but it went to voice mail. "I better get going. Thanks for paying for my drinks."

Stiles got off the chair, but started to fall for his legs felt as if they were made of jelly and he would have fallen on his face. However the guy caught him.

"Wow there red riding hood. Be careful." The guy commented and his arms wrapped around Stiles hips.

"Funny. Are you suppose to be the big bad wolf?" Stiles asked slowly and he pinched himself to stay awake for a little longer. "Man, I feel so tired."

"I might be the big bad wolf or the hunter that kills said wolf." The guy stated calmly. "What do you think red riding hood?"

"My name is Stiles Stilinski. You can call me, Stiles."

"Wait….Is your dad the Sheriff for Beacon County?"


"Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Huh?" Stiles asked in confusion and blinked his eyes.

"I got to go." The guy replied and placed him down onto a chair. "Goodbye, Stiles. Thank god I didn't tell him my name. Too bad his dad is the Sheriff."

"What the hell?" Stiles asked himself, he placed his head down, and decided to take a nap. However his shoulder was grabbed and he look blurrily into Danny's eyes. "Huh?"

"Not a good idea to fall asleep at a club." Danny stated while shaking his head.

"I'm tired and my best friend has his damn cell turned off. Is it a crime I want to sleep?" Stiles complained.

"I'll take you home and I still do not find you attractive." Danny informed him and Stiles fell asleep. He tried to wake Stiles up, but it was useless and Danny decided 'Screw it, I'll carry him'. Stiles was light, skinny, and to be honest Danny prefers his guys to be built along with looking sexy as hell…not pretty and innocent looking like red riding hood.

"In every club there will always be a big bad wolf or several." Danny muttered and Stiles totally owes him. Maybe Stiles can get that sexy cousin of his to be shirtless again. To be honest he has no idea how the heck Stiles can have such a sexy and built cousin. His cheeks flushed as he recalled Stile's shirtless cousin those abs were amazing…

"Wake up. Your home now." Danny stated while pinching Stiles arms.


"You owe me. I want to see your cousin."

'What cousin? Oh yeah….I almost forgot.' Stiles thought and he leaned against his front door. 'I don't think Derek will agree to see Danny. Derek was pretty pissed he basically gave a strip show...Not like he took off his pants or anything so he shouldn't have gotten that pissed.'

"I might be able to get a few photos…You know what they say a picture lasts longer and its easier to masturbate to a photo than imaging somebody." Stiles said causally and Danny stared at him. Stiles hoped that Derek wouldn't kill him, but yeah Derek was pretty pissed when he found out what Stiles had done.

"You are horrible."

"I know, Danny. It keeps me up at night. I'll do my best to get some photos, but I make no promises." Stiles told him, he unlocked his door, and walked inside. Danny walked away and he prayed that Stiles will be able to get some photos.

Stiles slowly made his way to the kitchen and saw his dad looking over some kind of file.

"Stiles, What is wrong and what are you wearing?" Stiles father asked him in concern.

"Had six sodas and some dude paid for them." Stiles replied sleepily and rubbed his eyes. "I feel so tired."

"Stiles, Did you make sure to keep an eye on your sodas?"

"No not really. Why?" Stiles asked his dad. Stiles father groaned and rubbed his forehead.

"Who was the guy? What did he look like? Do you know his name? Did he touch you?"

"I don't know and he didn't touch me expect to keep me from falling. He asked if he could take me home. Oh yeah, He freaked out when I told him my name and he raced away." Stiles said while yawning and leaned against the wall. "I told him yes about you being a sheriff and stuff."

"I'm glad you are okay and nothing happened to you, Stiles." Stiles father told him and hugged him. "I'm glad you were smart enough not to go with that man."

Stiles went to bed and when his first thought in the morning was 'How the hell am I going to be able to take a photo of Derek?'.

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