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Mission Impossible: A Photo Of Derek

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Stiles do you take me for a moron?" Danny asked flatly, his arms crossed, and looking at Stiles with narrowed eyes.

"Nope." Stiles replied calmly and he has a feeling that Danny can tell this isn't Derek.

"I can tell this isn't a photo of your cousin. These abs do not belong your cousin along with everything else. These abs are not the ones I had seen that day. The abs on your cousin were blessed by the gods while these abs are cursed with the suck by vampires." Danny stated firmly to him. "Don't screw with me."

"I wouldn't screw with you, Danny. Also you don't screw with me. You are too big for me and it would hurt too much." Stiles said innocently and after a moment laughed to himself. Danny rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry I wouldn't screw with you even if you paid me." Danny informed him. "Plus you are too skinny and I would end up breaking you. I prefer my men to have amazing abs, a strong body, and being sexy as hell."

"Good to know you are not a prostitute, Danny. Anyway I'll keep on trying to get a photo of my cousin. He hates having his picture taken by anyone. So I have to have some serious ninja skills."

"I'll never get a photo of your cousin."

"So little faith, Danny boy. Don't worry pretty soon you will be able to jack off to a photo of him."

"You are a horrible person."

"Yep and this horrible person is going to take a photo of your dreams. Everyone can be a horrible person from time to time, but that's only natural for we are only human. I bet you had a couple of wet dreams of my dear sexy as hell cousin." Stiles commented causally and Danny sighed to himself for it is true. "See you later and I will get a photo of my cousin to prove you wrong about my amazing ninja skills."

Scott blinked his eyes in confusion and decided to ask his best friend some questions.

"Hey, Stiles."

"Holy hell, dude. When did you get here?"

"I heard everything. I didn't know you have a cousin."

"Well...Danny had came over that one day, Derek was there, and I lied about Derek being my cousin. Of course I didn't tell Danny his real name."

"So...You basically promised Danny that you would get a photo of Derek."

"Yeah pretty much Scott."

"Are you insane, Stiles? Do you seriously have a death wish?" Scott whispered firmly and Stiles looked at him in the eyes. "Derek will be completely pissed off if he finds out about your plan of taking his photo and giving said photo to Danny."

"Will you help me, Scott?"

"Of course. I'll keep him from hurting you, Stiles."


"No problem. After all you are my best friend, Stiles."

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