The truth behind the pictures

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It was a sunny evening. Lenalee, Krory and Miranda were walking thru a small country town. In truth, it was a bit smaller than the one at the old headquarters, and that was saying something since that too was a rather small town.

They arrived two days ago after getting reports of akuma. Sure enough, there were around 10 level 1 and a few level 2 akumas. Krory was so satisfied after feasting, he said he wouldn't be hungry for at least one week or so.

They had another day at their disposal, because Allen was gone and no gates could be made, they had to take a train, and the only available train was the next day. So they decided to look around and enjoy a free day.

After serving breakfast, they wandered around, aimlessly for a few hours until they came across an old lady struggling with some luggage. Lenalee, as the kind-hearted girl she was, couldn't just ignore the poor woman and offered to help her carry some of the, what she could now identify as groceries, to her house.

The woman was so grateful that she invited them to stay the night. At first they wanted to refuse, thinking they'd probably be in the way, but upon arriving at what seemed to probably be the biggest house in the town, a mansion never the less, they gladly accepted her offer.

"It's a beautiful mansion!" Lenalee told the elder woman they now knew was named Larae.

"Thank you very much. You should have seen it back in the day, when the young master was around. It was quite a lively mansion…" The old woman spaced out, drifting in the memories of the past before turning around and looking at them and their confused faces.

"So… this mansion is abandoned?" Krory spoke up to justify their reaction "You don't live here by yourself do you? I believe such a huge mansion needs more personnel to be kept in such a good state."

"No, there are more people living here, although most of them are away for now. It's the holyday you see. I believe they are now with their families. They should return in three days time."

As the day passed, Lenalee was wondering around looking inside the rooms. She found two libraries and some five common rooms. She was about to enter another room but was taken aback by the locked door. Just before thinking of asking Miss Larae about the room, she heard the respective woman call them to dinner.

It was a feast to say the least. The woman was obviously an exceptional cook. The food was so good it could be compared to Jerry's. As they ate, Lenalee looked up from her plate to the old woman and worked up the courage to ask "Miss Larae? Could I bother you with a question?"

The elder woman looked at the girl and nodded in response.

"Well, first of all, it is a beautiful mansion! And I was wondering what happened to the master of the house?"

The woman was surprised to see she was interested in the 'young master' and smiled in response "He was a gentle man, bless his soul. He would make the the grass grow with his smile." The woman looked at all of her guests "The young master lost his parents when he was small, but with some help he became quite the gentleman." Lenalee was smiling brightly, seeing as the 'young master' seemed so much like their Allen. "What was his name? If you don't mind?" Miranda asked shyly. "His name… was Allen." The three guests gasped at hearing the all-so-familiar name.

Lenalee was looking curiously at the old woman. This person acted the same and had the same name as their Allen. It was such a bizarre coincidence.

As Larae saw their faces, she escaped a small laugh before talking again "Would you like to see some pictures? I believe I still have a small collection of pictures of him" After a moment of hesitation Lenalee nodded.

After cleaning the table, the old woman went to the locked room with a key, and came out with a book. She called the three guests and they all sat on some couches, next to a small table, where Larae placed the book. Upon opening it, the first thing they saw was a picture of a small three year old boy with sparkling blue-almost gray eyes and brown (slightly red) hair." So cute!" Lenalee said at the small boy who was holding a teddy bear in his mouth. Larae smiled and flipped to the next page.

Again the boy, this time a few years later was smiling at the camera, next to him were two other boys, probably the same age. They didn't ask who they were and kept looking at the pictures. At one point, after tens of cute and adorable pictures of the small children, Lenalee gasped and stopped the old woman from turning the page "This looks like Allen!" Miranda and Krory looked closely at the picture the girl was pointing at, and sure enough, the now 15 year old boy in the picture was a perfect image of their friend, except of course the cursed mark and white hair. After a few more moments of staring, they allowed the elder woman to flip more pages, until she stopped. The last picture was bigger. It showed the handsome young man, with his long hair tied in a ponytail, smiling, holding hands with a young lady. The two were sitting on a chair, she was in his lap.

Lenalle was looking at the boy thinking about the huge resemblance between this young man and Allen when she heard Kroky mention how the girl resembled the Noah, Road. She looked at the girl, and indeed she was exactly like Road, just a bit taller and with longer hair.

"Excuse me," Lenalee started looking up at the woman "What happened to … to Allen?" The woman thought about how to answer and said "Well, 35 years ago, he along with his two friends disappeared. He came home, covered in blood and panting, we were worried sick and offered to get him a doctor, but he refused saying 'I don't have much time, I need you all to forget about me. Things have gotten rather complicated haha… I'm sorry for this, but I must leave.' And that was the last time we saw him. Most of the staff has left, but we can't just forget him."

Lenalee stayed quiet a moment before asking permission to "borrow" the book with the pictures. The woman was taken aback by the question but gave it to them saying she still had other pictures.

The next day, they thanked the old woman and boarded a train going to another town. After arriving there, they used the gate to get to headquarters. Lenalee wasted no time and activated her innocence to get to her brother faster. Upon entering the room, she saw Komui and Reever arguing, probably about work or the mess. "LENALEE! YOU'RE BACK!" She skillfully dodged the hug her brother was planning on giving her and looked at him "Brother, I have something important I need to show you!"

Komui quickly went back to his desk and threw everything on it on the floor, thus pissing Reever even more. Lenalee put the book in front of her brother and flipped it to the pictures where the boy was starting to look like Allen. "This boy looks exactly like Allen! Isn't it strange!? And the old woman who showed it to us said the last time she saw the boy was 35 years ago, that's when most of the Noah except the Earl and Road were killed by Neah! And look," she flipped to another picture of the boy and his two frieds "This boy right here looks a lot like the Noah Tikky Mikk. And here" she flipped again to the very end "The girl he's holding hands with, she looks just like Road!"

Komui was speechless. What could he say? The boy was the split image of Allen. THEIR Allen!

Reever looked at the picture closely and asked where she found the book. Lenalee told them about the lady they helped and the huge mansion. She also told them the story of the boy's last day.

Komui looked at the last picture and asked his sister "How old is he in this picture?" Lenalee was glad she also asked the same question and so, knew the answer "The old lady sayd he was 21" "And the girl?" Komui asked again "About 19… even thought she doesn't look like it." Komui nodded to show he was listening "Well," he started "Noah don't age, and we know for a fact that Road was the only survivor of the Noah massacre 35 years ago… So this is quite possibly the same Road."

"But then, what about the boy?"

Komui started flipping the pages of the book, looking at more pages "He definitely looks like Allen" He was still looking at more photos when he stopped and took one out. "Is this… Cross!?" "Huh?" Lenalee and Reever both took the picture and stared at the crimson haired boy. He looked to be about 9 to 10 years old (He was in fact 8) and was holding hands with the 14 year-old 'Allen'. Next to them were one boy and another that looked like a smaller version of Tikky.

"What's going on here" Were Komui's last words before he remembered to ask how the rest of the mission went. Putting the photos inside a drawer, noting to himself to look into this matter.

To be continued…? Probably not.

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