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Chapter 7: Newborn Gods

The situation outside the Old Chateau had gone from bad to worse. Ash and the others had learned the full truth of Dusk's troubled past. They did not fully believe that Dusk could see and hear the spirits of the dead, or perhaps did not want to believe it, but it did seem true that Dusk had somehow become lost in the Distortion World at the tender age of three. And Giratina, the Distortion World's mythical guardian, had returned her home. The evidence of this seemed to be confirmed, as Dusk had summoned Giratina to battle.

"Impossible!" Ash exclaimed. "There's no way you could've captured Giratina back then!"

"Huh? Oh, this isn't the Giratina that helped bring me home." Dusk revealed. "I got this one when it was a baby."

"A baby?" Misty repeated with a look of confusion. "But how?"

"It was back when I was in Johto with my sister, Diane, and Professor Rowan." Dusk began. "At the time we were outside and Diane and the professor were studying the ruins we were at…"

In a mountainous part of the Johto Region a young Dusk was standing outside of a snowy temple wearing a black coat and pants. Standing a few feet away from her was a girl that was identical in appearance to herself and Dawn; only she was wearing glasses along with a light-blue coat and a white scarf. This girl was busy studying the engravings on a stone pillar when Dusk suddenly heard a noise sounding like a chime coming from the temple.

"Diane, I think I heard something." Dusk told the girl.

"Not now Dusk, I'm trying to translate these inscriptions." Diane replied, not once taking her eyes off the pillar she was examining.

"But I think I really heard something." Dusk said again.

"I said not now!" Diane scolded.

"How come you never listen to me?" Dusk asked with a hurt expression.

"Hmm… if this inscription says what I think it does… I think I should get Professor Rowan." Diane said to herself. "Dusk, you stay here while I get the professor."

With that, Diane quickly walked off. Left alone, Dusk decided to investigate the noise coming from the temple. Moments later Dusk had entered the ancient structure. The inside was vast and contained nothing but a triangular design on the floor. Suddenly there was a magnificent flash of golden light. When the light faded standing in its places was a large creature with a horse-like body, though its head looked nothing like a horse. It was covered in white fur and had a dark-grey face and underside. Its hooves were golden and around its midsection was a golden cross-like wheel. Dusk stood in awe before the magnificent creature.

"Be no afraid child." The being said in a gentle but echoing voice. "Come, step forward."

"Who are you?" Dusk asked. "Are you a Pokemon?"

"That I am." The creature replied. "I am Arceus, the Original One. What is thy name, child?"

"I'm Dusk." The blue-haired girl answered. "What brings you here Mr. Arceus?"

"At times I come to this stage to think." Arceus replied. "Perhaps it is no coincidence that we have met. Why hast thou come to this temple?"

"Well I'm here with my sister Diane and Professor Rowan." Dusk explained. "They came to study the ruins."

"And does that interest thee as well?" Arecus asked.

"Well, not really." Dusk admitted. "They dragged me along with them because they think I can't be left alone. I can see things that other people can't, but nobody believes me. They think I'm crazy I guess."

"Hmm… so thou can see into the worlds beyond this one." Arceus observed. "It is a heavy burden for one to bare."

"One of the worst parts is that the people I can see are usually so sad." Dusk told him. "I wish there was something I could do for them."

"Perhaps I can give thee a gift to ease thy burden." Arceus revealed. "Stand in that circle on the corner of the stage."

After a moment Dusk did as Arceus suggested. The moment she stood on the circle the sky outside went dark and the wind picked up. Arceus began to glow with a bright golden aura, and suddenly several tiny lights came together into a ball of orange light that hovered above the divine Pokemon. Dusk heard a noise that sound like an egg cracking open. The ball of orange light then hit Dusk, and as the sky outside returned to normal she found that she was holding a glittering Pokeball that was orange on top and white on the bottom.

"That ball contains a newborn Giratina, a Pokemon I created a long, long time ago to protect one of the worlds beyond this one." Arceus explained. "It holds an orb that allows it to assume the form it takes in that world. Somehow I sensed that thou had a bond with the Giratina of the world I speak, which is why I am giving thee this newborn. Perhaps with this Pokemon, thou may finally be able to make a difference. Go forth young Dusk, and see where thy path leads."

"...After that I snuck away, taking a Pokedex and a few Pokeballs with me." Dusk continued. "I've been traveling ever since."

"Oh man, that's nuts!" Bolt exclaimed.

"Now then, who wants to play with me and Giratina?" Dusk asked.

"What are we going to do?" Lisa asked the others. "I don't think even Ho-Oh or Darkrai can fight Giratina."

"I could try using Kyogre." Misty suggested.

"I'll handle this." Dawn said with a determined expression as she suddenly stepped forward.

"I was hoping it would be you Dawn." Dusk told her. "So what Pokemon are you going to use?"

"This one." Dawn replied simply as she pulled out a sparkling Pokeball that was pink and white. "Go… Palkia!"

Emerging from Dawn's Pokeball was a large almost light-purple dragon standing on two legs. It had well developed arms, with its forearms covered in armored scales that gave one the impression of gauntlets. Embedded in the armor on each shoulder was a large pink pearl, and on parts of its body were purple stripes. On the back of its long neck was a fin-like crest that extended down to wings on its back.

"How did…?" a surprised Dusk began to ask.

"You're not the only one who met Arceus at the Sinjoh Ruins in Johto." Dawn revealed. "A few months after you disappeared I was in Johto and I decided to visit the ruins myself to find out what happened to you. I went into the same temple that you did and Arceus showed up like he did with you. I asked him if he knew what happened to you, but he didn't say anything. Instead he gave me a newborn Palkia. So sis, you still want to play?"

Dusk simply smiled and quickly jumped onto Girtatina's tail. Quickly Dusk ran up until she was on Giratina's back.

"Catch us if you can!" Dusk called as she and Giratina flew up into the sky.

Dawn and Piplup quickly got onto Plakia's back and flew up after them. Ash and the others stayed on the ground and watched as the two dragons prepared to face off.

"Shouldn't we back Dawn up?" Bolt asked.

"Trust me, it's best to stay out of the way when those dragons fight." Ash told him. Back up in the air, Palkia and Giratina hovered facing each other.

"Plakia, use Spacial Rend!" Dawn commanded.

The pink pearl in Palkia's right shoulder began to glow and its forearm began to glow with a pink light. With a swing of its arm, Palkia sent a crescent-shaped blade of pink energy at Giratina.

"Shadow Force!" Dusk commanded.

Seconds before Palkia's attack hit, Giratina shimmered and disappeared with Dusk. The energy blade kept going until it hit a gathering of trees until a large hill with an old rode. A section of the trees were destroyed, revealing an old rusty turned over car. Meanwhile back up in the air, Dawn, Piplup, and Palkia were looking for Giratina. But in moments a massive black shadow appeared right behind them and struck Palkia in the back. The shadow turned back into Giratina and Dusk. Dusk was giggling at the mischief they have caused.

"Dammit Dusk, this isn't funny!" Dawn scolded. Meanwhile Dusk glanced down at the ground and noticed the car that had been revealed by Palkia's attack.

"Oh, so that's what happened!" Dusk exclaimed. "We'll have to finish this another time sister. Giratina, go get that car!"

The ghostly dragon quickly swooped down and grabbed the upturned car with the blades on its upper body. It then quickly flew off back towards the Old Chateau. Over the courtyard of the decrepit mansion, Giratina gently set down the rusted old vehicle. Ash and the others quickly came to look, as did Dawn on Palkia. The old car contained three human skeletons, one in the driver's seat wearing a chafer's uniform, and two more in the back, one wearing a suit and the other a tattered dress.

"What's going on?" Misty asked.

"Clare, Mr. Franklin, come on out!" Dusk called into the mansion.

In moments ghostly apparitions of the little girl and the old butler Misty had seen the night before appeared in front of the mansion. Lisa fainted at the appearance of the two spirits, causing Marie and Entei to become concerned. Menawhile, the ghost of the little girl floated forward a bit with an expression of surprise on her face.

"Is that… my parent's car?" the ghost girl asked.

"I found it under some trees by a hill." Dusk explained. "I think on their way home their car crashed and they died."

"But… they were coming home, right?" the ghost girl asked with a hopeful expression.

"Yes, but now they're waiting for you to come home." Dusk told her. "So you should go to them."

"Thank you." The ghost girl said with a smile before vanishing. The butler smiled and nodded at Dusk before vanishing himself a second later.

"What was that about?" Bolt asked.

"I'm not just a simple Pokemon Trainer you know. I also do my best to comfort the spirits of the dead." Dusk explained. "And if I can I help them cross over to the other side. You wouldn't believe what I had to do to help the ghost of Maiden's Peak in Kanto. It turned out the spirit of her lover didn't know he was dead, and he and his fellow soldiers were fighting the same battle over and over again."

"So you were here trying to help the ghosts of the Old Chateau." Ash realized. "Why did you play all those trick on us then?"

"As I said before, I couldn't resist." Dusk said with a shrug. "Plus I needed to relieve a little stress. I'm sorry I got so carried away."

"Well it's time to come home." Dawn told Dusk.

"Draco Meteor." Dusk commanded Griatina with a playful smirk.

The plates on Giratina's face began to glow with a blue light. The ghostly dragon then raised its head up and fired a ball of orange light into the sky. Moments later there was an explosion and several small meteors rained down. Palkia and Ho-Oh quickly reacted by blocking the attack to protect the others. When the smoke cleared, Dusk and Giratina were gone.

A few hours later that gang had gathered at the Eterna City Pokemon Center. Lisa and Marie were sitting on a couch in the waiting room while Dawn sat in a chair and Bolt leaned against the wall tuning his guitar. Ash and Misty soon walked into the room.

"Well, I checked with some friends of mine." Ash told the others. "It turns out that the day Dusk first disappeared there was some crazy scientist in the area toying with some machine that would let him see into other dimensions. Apparently that machine exploded and that's what probably sucked Dusk into the Distortion World."

"What about Dusk's unusual… gift?" Marie asked.

"Who knows?" Ash shrugged. "Maybe it was a side effect of the explosion. We'll probably never know."

"Maybe if I had believed Dusk about what happened to her none of this would've happened." Dawn sighed.

"Hey, don't be so hard on yourself." Bolt told her. "I mean it is a pretty whacked out story."

"Still, if just one person had believed my sister she wouldn't be so warped." Dusk pointed out. "I wonder if I'll ever see her again?"

"I'm sure one day you'll be able to patch things up with Dusk." Ash assured her.

"I hope you're right." Dawn said as she got up. "Well, I need to be going if I want to make it to the next Pokemon Contest. I hope I'll see you all again."

"Same here." Misty replied, and with that Dawn left with Piplup.

"I should be going too if I want to make it to my gig on time." Bolt spoke up. "Don't want to keep the fans waiting."

"We'll see you later then." Ash replied. Bolt waved and then walked off.

"Marie and I we'll be going too." Lisa said as she and her girlfriend got up. "We're going to hang around the city for awhile before heading to Unova."

"Take care." Misty said to them.

"You too." Marie replied as she and Lisa left.

"Well, should we get back to that project Professor Oak wanted us to do?" Ash asked Misty.

"Yeah, but let's do it tomorrow." Misty told him. "I think we need a break from Eterna Forest. Let's go have lunch, I'm starving."

Ash nodded in agreement, and in moments the couple left with Pikachu and Lucario. Unbeknownst to them, Dusk and Giratina were watching them from above.

"I sure did like meeting Ash and Misty." Dusk told the ghostly dragon. "We should play with them again some time. But for now we should go."

Giratina growled in agreement, and with that the two flew off for parts unknown.


Author's Note: Well, there you have it. I'm not sure if this story contained the amount of horror that I wanted, but it was fun to write. The way Dawn and Dusk ended up with Palkia and Giratina is based on the special event in HeartGold and SoulSilver involving Arceus. There was also a reference to the anime episode, The Ghost of Maiden's Peak, in this chapter. It's an old episode, but a fairly good one. Anyway, as the ending implied, Dusk will probably be back in my future stories. In fact I have an idea for a sequel to this story. But I'm going to put that on hold for a bit and do the story of Ash's encounter with Team Galactic (the revised version). So thank you for reading and stay tuned.

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