I finally finished this! I just got so lazy. In fact, this idea came up about a month ago. I was just stuck with writing. I was on a roll today, though! Enjoy!:)


Some random time after the fight with Daemon Spadeā€¦

Our pineapple-haired illusionist was causing some mischief. Now who could that be? Well currently, Mukuro was planning to annoy the Vongola Cloud guardian and proud Namimori disciplinary, Hibari Kyoya. And as always said teen in question was on Namimori Middle's rooftop.

"Hello, Hibari," Mukuro greeted with a sly smile.

Suddenly it was tonfa against trident; Hibari had quickly lashed out at the pineapple-haired illusionist. "Pineapple herbivore."

"Kufufufu. I wouldn't try that, Skylark."

"Fight me, herbivore.," Hibari replied monotonously, not paying attention to Mukuro's statements.

Mukuro blocked another blow with his trident. "Oya, oya. No need to be so hotheaded, Hibari. This time I know you'll lose."

"Pineapple herbivore, I don't lose!" Hibari's swings became stronger, but the illusionist wasn't stupid enough to stop dodging.

"Oya, oya. You shouldn't even bother. You know why? Because I know your secret!" Hibari hesitated for a moment and raised an eyebrow. Mukuro spun his trident dramatically before saying, "You're gay, aren't you?"

This only served to make Hibari angrier. "Say that again, and I'll bite you to death, pineapple."

Mukuro sighed. "You don't have to be scared to admit it! Think about it. When you fought that Shimon girl, you were practically fighting an army of giant boobs without getting a nosebleed. What straight man could do that? Also you have an obsession with animals. Especially the small cutesy ones. Let's not even mention the Bucking Bronco. Just admit it, Hibari-san*. You're definitely gay!"

Hibari stayed still, silently enraged. Then he opened his mouth and said, "Cambio Forma."


"Pineapple herbivore, for your horrific thoughts, I will bite you to death!"

No one could stop Hibari in his rage that day. Mukuro was finally bitten to death and Dino cried about how his student wasn't gay like he was.

Grilled pineapples anyone?

I can't believe how many crack fanfic ideas I have. I forget that people tell me I'm funny.

*I imagine Mukuro calling him that to piss him off.

*This is Roll's line.

A bit of onesided D18 at the end there. Purely for comedic purposes. No anti-pairings or pairings at all in this story.