A/N:This story was based on this prompt given to me on tumblr: "Drabble prompt: Cabin Pressure, Douglas/Martin, and, what the hell, I'm gonna go with cuddling. Because it's".

Come Over Here

Martin laid straight and stiff as a board. He wasn't used to sleeping in anyone else's bed, nor one so comfortable, so he was unsure how to act.

He heard the shower stop and wondered if he really should have stayed. He'd been dating Douglas for just a few weeks and, although he'd insisted on keeping Martin here through the night, maybe it wasn't acceptable this early in a relationship.

A sudden shift in weight on the bed brought Martin out of his thoughts. "Martin, why are you all the way at the edge of the bed, hmm? Come over here."

"B-but…" Martin stopped, not even sure what he'd been planning to ask.

Douglas signed and brought himself closer to Martin, closing his arms around him and pulling him further into the center of the bed. "That's better."

"Erm… what are you doing?"

"I know you don't have as much experience in this area as I do, but surely you're familiar with cuddling."

"Cuddling? You want to cuddle with m-me?"

Douglas smiled slyly. "I'd like to do a bit more than that, but this is what I want right now." He waited only a second for a light smile to appear on Martin's lips before leaning in to kiss him softly.

Martin closed his eyes and slid an arm around Douglas's waist. When the kiss ended he rested his head on his first officer's chest, letting its warmth and that of the arms around him lure him to sleep.