A/N:This story was based on this prompt given to me on tumblr: "do a crappey drabble about horses".

Lots of Other Captains

"This was nice, Skip," Arhthur said as they rode the horses back to the stable. "Horses are brilliant."

"Arthur," Martin scolded lightly, jumping down off his mare, "I told you to call me Martin. Here, let me help you down."

Arthur beamed and stuck out his arms and let his weight fall into Martin's. "Thanks. But I like calling you Skip." They set to work getting their horses back in the stalls. "It's my special name for you."

"But there are lots of other captains out there."

"Not for me."

Martin blushed, causing Arthur's smile to grow wider. Then he felt himself be wrapped in a tight hug (Arthur did give the best hugs, after all) and then a warm kiss was placed on his lips. Their noses pressed together awkwardly and his arms were locked at his sides, but it was exactly what he wanted.