A Connie and Luke Story

Zuri, Robbie, Luke, Jesse, Emma

Disclaimer: I do not own Jesse or any of its characters.

Summary: He used to hide from her as a kid and now…He moves next door to a hot blonde. Luke is going through a tuff time can a certain blonde heal his pain or will pain come to her?

The Girl Next Door

Chapter One: Moving On

"Luke?" The all too familiar voice called. "Yeah I'm in here." He replied adjusting the bow tie.

"Hey, you actually look like an actual human being for once." Zuri said with laugh. "Do I really have to wear this?" He whined.

"Uh duh, Emma will have a heart attack if she sees you come to her wedding with a T-shirt and jeans!" Zuri exclaimed.

"But this tux is itching me and it's so uncomfortable, I haven't worn one since I was like twelve." Luke complained.

"Luke I think you look just marvelous in that tux!" Robbie praised, coming from out of nowhere. "Jeez, I just hope the reception is short so I don't have to wear this thing for too long." Luke stated. "Well I got to go, Emma just told me to check up on you so that you won't mess up her fairytale wedding." Zuri said, existing the room.

"Emma will be happy that you're wearing the tux, big brother." Robbie said. "Yeah, yeah I know I don't know why she's even making a big deal about this thing. I mean its only marriage; what's so special about that, people do it all the time." Luke said exasperated.

"I am making a big deal about it because this is special to me and simply because I can." Emma said while storming in the room with her white dress. "Uh, Sis you sure you want go walking around grass in six inch heels in a white dress?" Luke asked.

"Luke, please I have been wearing heels for like ever so I think I will be fine." She said with a smile. "Oh Emma you look beautiful." A feminine voice said, entering the room.

"Mom? Omg your here! I thought you said you and Dad could not make it." Emma stated embracing her mom.

"Oh well your dad and I finished the movie a little earlier than expected so we came here! We weren't sure if we would be able to make it so we did not make it official because we didn't want to get your hopes up." Mrs. Ross explained. Emma nodded knowingly. "Well where's dad? He has to walk me down the aisle soon." Emma stated.

"Em chill, everything will be fine." Luke said with a smile. "Yeah I believe, when we were younger you guys used to say take a chill pill." Robbie said while making weird hand gestures.

Emma rolled her eyes and giggled. "Thanks guys, I'm glad you guys could make it." She said with tears in her eyes. "Oh honey, don't cry you will ruin your make up." Mrs. Ross said while taking out a handkerchief and wiping the corner of her eyes.

This time Luke rolled his eyes. "Okay just go get Dad Em so I can get out of this tux." Luke said pleadingly and with that they left.

"Well I should go to I have to check on Mr. Kipling." Robbie said and left leaving Luke all alone. "Finally some peace and quiet." He mumbled to himself pulling out his portable music player and headphones, and sitting on the white couch. "This wedding is way too expensive." Luke mumbled to himself drifting off into a slumber.

"Luke? Luke are you in here?" A female voice said. The female stopped in the middle of the room once she got a glimpse of him sleeping peacefully. The woman smiled at the sight.

She walked over him and shook him softly. "Luke, you have to wake up Emma's wedding is going to start in a couple of minutes." She whispered in his hear.

Luke opened his eyes slowly and blinked a couple times to adjust to the lighting. "Jesse?" He asked staring at her. "Yes Luke it's me. How have you been?" She asked with a smile.

Luke stood up straight from the couch and went to the full length mirror fixing his tux again. "Hello Luke I asked, how are you?" Jesse asked with a laugh. Luke looked over his shoulder and scoffed before going back to straightening his tux.

"Luke I know your hurt about-." Before the brunette could finish Luke cut her off.

"Ha Jesse, please I'm not that same sixteen year old you cheated on and left in the middle of the street! Yes I would admit I was hurt at first but now I am pissed! So just leave me the hell alone!" He yelled. Jesse stood there silent in complete and utter shock.

"I-I am-." She started only to be cut off again. "You're what? Sorry? Really Jesse, do you honestly think I want your apologies now? Well I don't! Dammit Jesse I loved you!" He yelled.

Again Jesse stayed silent with tears going down her face. He said love as in past tense. She thought. "Then again I should have been smarter. I was young and you took advantage of that. I was a sixteen year old boy who would have gone above and beyond for you and you cheated on me with Tony." He said with a bitter laugh.

"What do you want me to do? I can't change the past Luke!" She yelled. "Oh how I know that because if I could I would make sure that our relationship went beyond you being my nanny." He said coldly walking past her and bumping shoulders with her.

"Luke wait." She whispered gripping his wrist tightly. He kept his head down and waited there, but didn't pull away. "I am really sorry. I should not have-." Again she was cut off by Luke. "I know you are sorry but I can't forgive you just yet. I just can't, something in me won't let myself forgive you but, I don't hate you." He said softly pulling away from her grip with ease.

Jesse fell down to her knees and burst out into tears, watching through her blurry eyes Luke leave.

Once out of the tent Luke went straight to Emma's tent. "Emma…" He bit out which made Emma turn around. "Hey Luke- are you crying?" She asked looking at him.

"Why did you invite her? I asked you not to invite her." He said ignoring her last question.

"Invite who? You mean Jesse? Oh come on Luke it's been four years already! Besides I want her here, so if you don't like it then too mad." She said with a huff crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh so it's like that I see, well you know what Em if you want to be like that then, I will just leave and not attend your 'fairytale wedding'." He said storming out the room.

"I told you not invite Jesse but no 'they could fall in love all over again' was that, not what you said?" Zuri asked coming from out of the bathroom. "I thought that…" Emma started. "Emma come on Jesse really hurt him and you knew that, but yet you invited her anyways knowing something like this would happen." Zuri said while shaking her head.

"Okay you don't have to rub it in Zuri." Emma said angrily. "You know he's not coming back here, right?" She asked. Emma sighed before saying. "Yeah I know…"

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