Summary: He used to hide from her as a kid and now…He moves next door to a hot blonde. Luke is going through a tuff time can a certain blonde heal his pain or will pain come to her?

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The girl next door

Chapter Three: Organizing and Personal Talks

"So, how long have you lived here?" Luke asked attempting to start a conversation. "Oh, I have been living here for two years." Connie replied with a polite smile.

"That's cool..." He said lamely while running a hand through his hair. "So, was that girl really your sister or are you guys just really close friends and call each other that?" She asked while stepping inside the elevator.

"Yeah she is I have four other siblings." He said with a smile. Connie raised an eyebrow. "Sounds like a big family." She said with a smile. "Yeah we have some family. Do you have any siblings?" He asked while looking at her. The blonde laughed loudly and almost snorted but she slapped her hand over her mouth in attempt to hide it, but he still heard it. "Ha-ha you snort when you laugh!" He said teasingly. "Shut up!" She said playfully with a smile. Luke faked mocked hurt and placed a hand on over his heart. "Oh my gosh how you wounded me, Connie!" He exclaimed with a smile.

"Oh I really am sorry Luke I would never want to hurt you." She said with a laugh.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

The pair stepped out of the elevator and walked to his penthouse.

"You live on the twelfth floor?" She asked curiously. "Yup I like the view of the city. Why are you scared of heights?" He asked. "No I actually live on the twelfth floor too." She mumbled. "Oh, really? What room apartment?" He asked. "1241-" She was cut off by Luke. "No way! Really?" He asked. "Yeah, why?" She asked. "I live at 1242." He said with a large grin.

"Looks like we're neighbors." She said with a smile. Luke starred at her, watching her smile and smiled back softly. "Yeah looks like it." He said while opening the door. "Here we are my...home." He said proudly.

"Wow, you have a lot of stuff." She said while looking at all of the boxes. Luke scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "Yeah is that going to be a problem? I understand if you don't want to help me with everything." He said. Connie turned around to face him. "No its okay I agreed to help you so I will." She said dismissively.

"So where should we begin?" She asked turning her attention to the boxes. "Uh...How about my clothes first?" He asked. "Works for me." She said with a shrug and opening a box.

Xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xooX

Connie wiped a beat of sweat on her forehead with her backhand and sighed. "Okay done with his room." She said with a sigh. Man I never have seen a guy with so much clothes like Luke. She thought with a laugh.

"Hey Connie I brought-" He was went silent when he saw his room. She color coordinated his clothes and fixed put his bed spring and mattress on the frame, along with the bedspread. She sat up the dresser with the mirror. There were scented candles on the dresser and two more on the nightstand that made the bedroom smell nice and homey. Not mention everything was so neat, not even when Bertram cleaned and organized was his room this nice. "What? Do you not like it?" She asked nervously while fiddling with her fingers cutely.

He shook his head and snapped out of his stupor. "No I just don't know how long it's going to last like this so I'm just savoring the moment." He said with a laugh. "How did you finish so fast? I was gone for like forty- five minutes." He said. "Yeah but I have been working on this room for three hours, it would have been faster but I didn't know how you wanted your room to look like so I kind of just designed it at like I would have wanted mine to be." She said standing up and stretching.

"So, what should we do next?" Connie asked. Luke gave her an incredulous look. "Are you serious? You still want to un-pack?" He asked with a groan. "Well we still have a lot to do…" She said under her breath.

"Well uh…in that case. Why don't we un-pack my extra stuff for my room?" He asked her hopefully. She smiled and nodded.

Connie went to open and unlabeled box. "Ugh this thing won't open. It's really taped up." She grunted out. Finally she pulled out her key chain and got her pocket knife opening the box easily. The blonde opened the box slowly and took out some items. There was nothing in particular that was out in the ordinary just the essentials: deodorant, shampoo, cologne, and all of that good stuff. Then at the very bottom there was this thick black book.

Connie took it out the box and was about to open it but stepped away and placed it on the dresser. No I can't invade Luke's privacy! That is just wrong. No matter how tempting it might be…She thought while looking over her shoulder and glanced at the book.

"Hey Connie-." Luke stopped in mid-speech when he saw the book. He looked up at her with a look she could not determine. "Oh yeah I didn't know where you wanted the book to go so I just set it on the dresser." She said while getting the box from his hands and opening it and taking some more contents out and placing them in the closet.

When Connie came back she saw Luke still frozen and silent. His large hand traced the black book and he smiled faintly. Connie shrugged and went to go grab another box when Luke grabbed her arm. Connie was a little shocked at the sudden action but said nothing. She looked up at him waiting for him to say something but he just traced the book until he opened it finally. A photo album I should have known. She thought.

Connie's eyes shot down to the picture and she smiled at the sight. There was a picture of a family most likely Luke's. It was a picture of Zuri-who she met earlier- and three other people around his age. Under the picture in cursive handwriting read: Fishing trip of 2016. "This is…?" Connie drifted. "My siblings." He said with a sigh.

"The one with black hair and the biggest smile is my brother Ravi, the third. The other one with brown hair holding the fish is the youngest, Robbie. You already know Zuri she is the fourth." He was about to turn the page but Connie noticed he forgot a sibling. She put her hand on his to stop him from turning the page. He looked down at her with a slight frown.

"Who's the blonde?" She asked softly. He sighed and ran a hand over his face. "Oh so you noticed her, Emma is my older sister." He said with a frown. Connie wanted to ask why he seemed to be upset with his sister but decided against it and replied "Oh…okay."

He turned the page and more pictures of the group with different dates and events. Then there was one other picture that caught her attention but this one he skipped immediately or at least tried. The blonde swatted his hand away and removed his hand of the page covering the picture.

She kept one hand on his so he won't try to skip the page again. She smiled softly again at the picture. In her opinion that there was nothing wrong with the photo. He was a way younger than the other pictures that was for sure, about the age of fourteen. There were two adults one older male with a goofy smile on his face and beside him was a beautiful blonde woman. They both were about in their early forties.

Then she scanned the rest of the picture. The kids were lined up in order, Emma, Luke, Ravi, Zuri and finally a small Robbie. Then at the end of the line was a teenager who had big auburn curls and a warming smile. Under the picture it read: Family picture of 2014. "Why don't you like this picture?" She asked softly. She felt his hand clench under her hand and saw his jaw tighten.

"I just hate that picture…" He said simply with a shrug. Connie nodded hesitantly and turned the page. Luke started getting older in the pictures and she noticed that Luke tensed when she was about to turn the page. Slowly she turned the page and saw him and a girl kissing his cheek while smiling. No it can't be, right? She thought. Connie put her finger to mark the page and quickly skimmed back to the old family picture.

It is! That's the same girl. She thought. Who is she? The blonde thought curiously. Then her eyes darted to the little caption at the bottom of the picture, that read: Summer of 2016 Luke and Jessie football game. "This was four years ago…" She mumbled. "Hey Luke, who is-?" She didn't get to finish her sentence when the book got slammed on her hand.

"Ow that hurt Luke!" She yelled. Luke turned to her with fire in his eyes but when he saw her clutching her hand to her chest his eyes widened. "I- oh Connie I am so sorry! I swear I didn't mean to-I was just really mad and- I really-." He stuttered out. Connie laughed shaking her head making blonde locks fly everywhere. "Luke stopped freaking out I was just messing." She said with a kind smile.

"Yeah but I'm still sorry for…well you know slamming the book on your hand." He said turning his back to her. Connie sighed and touched his shoulder gently. Luke was tense at first but then relaxed into it.

"Luke I should not have asked about your personal life I mean we barely know each other…so it's cool and I understand." The blonde said kindly. Luke looked over his shoulder and gave her a small smile. "No I mean if I saw some picture of guy and you kissing him I would be curious so it was only natural for you to ask but…you see Jessie or the girl you saw in the picture…well she and I had a bad break up and the subject is still a hard one to discuss." He explained.

"Oh, well what happened-." Then the blonde stopped in mid-sentence and shaking her head 'no'. "You know what I don't know why I would ask that when you just said it was a sensitive subject, my bad." She said while taking her hand off of his shoulder and going to another box. Luke smiled at the blonde's behavior. It was something about her that made him want to spill his guts to her, her eyes made him want to tell her everything about Jessie and he needed no- wanted to talk to someone about her. But was he ready? What if he cried in front of her? Well that sure would me embarrassing. Luke thought while shaking his head.

When Luke snapped out of his little daze and he looked back at Connie who was currently putting the dishes and utensils away in the drawers and cupboards. Feeling eyes on her Connie turned around subconsciously. "Yes, Luke is there something wrong?" She asked. Luke contemplated for a while not saying a word for a while. "Connie…do you really want to know about Jessie and me?" He asked seriously.

"Yea-I mean only if you want to talk about it." She said with a kind smile. "Well I mean I need to get this off my chest so…you know if-." He was cut off by Connie pulling him to the couch in the living room.

Once they sat on the soft cushion Connie relaxed and smiled. "So, what exactly between you and this Jessie chick?" She asked politely. "Well first I should tell you we weren't even allowed to date at the very begging." He stated with a wince.

"Oh,", She paused and thought on this momentarily before continuing, "how old were you when you met her?"

Luke winced inwardly. Here we go., he thought.


"Oh so you guys knew each other since you were, little that's cute."

Luke sighed and turned and faced Connie. "Well Connie you see the thing is I was twelve when I met her she was…sixteen." He mumbled.

"What! You have to be kidding me. Well that's…new. Uh where did you meet her?" She asked still shocked at the age difference.

"She was my nanny." He mumbled with his head bowed in shame.

"Excuse me I didn't catch that." She said and Luke sighed and stated more clearly, "She was my nanny." Connie smile dropped and her beautiful features changed into pure and utter shock and her face was white as a ghost. Here it comes. Luke thought with his head bowed and he could practically see her disapproving gaze. "Oh." Were her lack of words which shocked him but then she continued, "Well you guys must have waited long for that to happen." She finished. He lifted his head and met her warm cerulean eyes. She had a soft smile that made him feel comfortable.

She didn't judge him for liking his nanny. She didn't tease him at least yet anyway. She didn't even look a little disgusted. She said 'oh' which was the nicest thing anyone had ever said about the subject and well it felt nice to have someone be nice. She was nice.

"Well I off it was just an innocent crush ya, know?", At this she nodded, "I did the waiting while she did the dating." He said with a nervous laugh and scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. "What made her change her mind?" She asked curiously.

"Huh, my abs came in that's what and well I started dating, so about my junior year in high school." He replied with a laugh and at this Connie frowned. "Really?" She asked. "Nahh but that's what I thought of it." He stated with a sigh and the blonde smiled sadly at him.

"Yeah I know how you feel." She replied playing with the ends of her long hair.

Luke gave her a confused look. Who on earth would reject Connie?, He thought. Before he could stop himself Luke spoke, "Well whoever this guy was I'm sure he didn't deserve you." He stated harshly. The blonde's head snapped up at the harshness of his tone but then her face molded back into the friendly smile that he had grown so accustomed to.

"Okay enough of the sad stuff we need to finish this unpacking!" Connie said cheerily. Luke looked at her with a shocked expression and then gave her a small smile. "Then let's get to it!" He replied with a groan. He didn't know why but Luke was glad that he had bumped into her and that she invited herself to help pack.

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