A/N: I know under any real circumstance that a school would NOT agree to this; but I'm just playing around with an idea here =) That's why they call it fanfiction=)

Bay walked up the stairs to Daphne and Regina's place after school. She knocked on the door and then walked in. Nobody was in the living room.


Bay walked around the house and to Daphne's bedroom. She was lying on the bed reading a book. Bay sat on the bed next to her. Daphne sat up.

"Hi." Daphne said.

"Hi." Bay replied. "I, uh, I came up here to ask you something."


"I was wondering if you ever wondered what our lives would have been like if we wouldn't have been switched at birth?" Bay asked. Daphne nodded.

"Well, first off, I wish we didn't live in the spot light because we were switched at birth. Even though, I think that Kathryn's book is going to be good. But I have wondered ever since I found out that we were switched. I thought about how different my life would have been. Would I be able to hear?" Daphne paused. "I grew up in a bad neighborhood and then when we moved into your house I wondered what if I had the kind of life- the memories- that you and Toby have." Regina walked into Daphne's bedroom.

"Oh hi Bay. Want to stay for dinner?" Regina asked. Bay nodded.

"I should probably go home. Mom has this entire dinner planned."

"Okay." Regina smiled. "Maybe next time." She looked at Daphne. 'I was coming to see if you wanted to go out this evening or if you have plans with Emmett?" Daphne looked at Bay and then back at Regina.

"I thought Bay and I might have plans."

"Oh good! I'm glad you two are getting along. Well, I'll go make dinner." Regina left.

"What where you saying Bay?"

"I think you and I could switch places to get out of this rut. You could have been Bay Kennish and I could have been Daphne Vasquez."

"Well, we can't change what happened." Daphne shrugged.

"I know that. But we can change places for a week. I'll go to Carlton for a while for you and you can go to Buckner Hall for me." Daphne sighed.

"What do you think Kathryn and John will say?"

"Probably the same thing as your mom."

"I think it's a great idea." Regina said. Bay looked at her.

"You do?" Regina nodded.

"What?" Daphne asked. Bay looked at her.

"Your mom likes the idea." Bay signed. Daphne looked at her mom.

"You do?" Regina nodded again.


"Wow, we won your mom quickly. Let's run it by J and K." Bay signed. Bay and Daphne stood up.

"Where are you guys going?"

"My house."

"Daphne, be home for dinner." Regina signed. Daphne and Bay walked down to the Kennish house. Kathryn was in the kitchen.

"Hi Bay, Daphne." Kathryn said sweetly.

"Hey mom."

"Hi Kathryn." Daphne responded.

"What's going on? Are you staying for dinner Daphne?" Daphne shook her head.

"Mom has something made for us already." Daphne replied. Kathryn nodded. Bay put her hands on the back of the chair at the counter.

"Mom?" Kathryn looked up at her from over her glasses.

"Yes?" Bay looked at Daphne.

"Daphne and I were talking about what it would be life if we hadn't been switched." Day signed for Daphne and said aloud for Kathryn. She just looked between her two girls.

"Bay thought it would be a good idea to switch for a week."

"Yeah, I can go to Carlton as Daphne and she can go to Buckner for me."

"You guys aren't six year old twins. I don't think that will work." Kathryn stated putting her glasses on top of her head.

"Mom, it'll work. I think it will be a good idea." Bay responded excitedly. Kathryn sighed.

"I don't mind if Regina and both schools don't care." Bay jumped up and down.

"Yes!" She hugged Daphne. Daphne laughed. Then she looked back at her mom. "Regina loves the idea." She turned back to Daphne with a huge smile on her face. "The switch is about to begin!"